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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrate 365 Spooky Hollow photos!

Hey there! I just wanted to share some photos from Celebrate 365 magazine that Spooky Hollow is in. In the first photo you will find my haunted house ornament with the Spooky Hollow gang peeking out! It even lights up! In the second photo you will find my Vincent ornament. I am honored to be in Connie's magazine! When I received it I was thrilled. The magazine is filled with Halloween art from amazing and talented artists. The magazine is beautiful with full color photos.
The cover art was made by Scott Smith and when I first saw it I said WOW out loud. ( I was by myself at the time! ) Yes I talk to myself and often! :)~
If you would like a signed copy just email me at
If you would like to subscribe to the magazine or buy issues directly from Connie Porcher just go here.
You have to see this magazine if you are a Halloween lover like me!
When you are done reading this post scroll down for the Halloween stories and how to win a Spooky Hollow coffee table book!
Have a spooktacular day!
Carmen & Grimmy Ellis
You can find Vincent in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tell your worst & best Halloween stories! mine is disgusting beware

Hey everyone! I wanted to do something different. Obviously I love Halloween! I thought it would be fun to share your best or worst Halloween experiences. I will be brave and start.


When I was in 4th grade we didn't have a lot of money so my mom pulled whatever she could find around the house to make me a costume for my school Halloween party. My dads old flannel shirt, straw from the garden, an old Halloween mask, a big floppy hat ...with this mish mush of finds she made me into a Scarecrow. I was dropped off at the Halloween party ( I was in the 4th Grade ) and I saw all these really cool expensive costumes. Then there was a contest for best and scariest costumes. I WON! To me that was the best thing ever. I got a ribbon and some Halloween candy shaped like an eyeball. To me that was the best Halloween ever. This was also a great Halloween because this boy, Willie Bear ( yes that was his name ) Came up to me and made fun of my costume. I sneezed in his face. This was not intentional but effective. He was so grossed out his mom had to come pick him up. I had a cold at the time that is all I'm going to say about that lol! BEST Halloween...willie Bear got slimmed. Later Willie Bear became my little boyfriend but he cheated on me with Jane Schmitke. He got both of us cracker jack rings but that is another story! ( Willie Bear also said his uncle was Evil Kenevil and he had a talking squirrel. ) Hmmmm.

Now the worst.

I think I was in 6th grade. We went to a friend of my parents house for a Halloween party. That year I was a witch again mostly made from things around the house excluding the hat. We sat in the dark while one of the adults told a scary story passing around bowls of disgusting things.

The eyes were peeled grapes, the brains were spaghetti noodles, the severed fingers were peeled carrots and so on. Being in 6th grade I had no idea what these really were and was terrified. After this oh so yucky but spooky fun game we bobbed for apples. When it was my turn...I bobbed..nothing...bobbed nothing...

3rd bob....I puked in the barrel of apples. I wanted to die. Come to find out the next day I had a fever. I never bobbed for apples again. Then it happened...the nickname,

Charmin Carmen because that is what they handed me after the incident...that name stuck for at least a year...Charmin Carmen don't squeeze the Charmin! Whenever I saw Mr. Whipple I would run to my room.

Ok that is my most embarrassing and life altering ( hehe) Halloween worst moment.

I want to read yours! If you aren't SCARED..Post some to the blog! Awe come on do it! I did!

( excuse my typos I cant find my glasses...again. )

Carmen Ellis

Carmen Charmin

sigh...and Grimmy

btw don't forget to win a signed Spooky Hollow the best of Grimmy Book! Just scroll down to read the post!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's here! Win one!

It's finally here! Just in time for Halloween! We have been working on this for what seems like forever! It was really hard to stay quiet about! Before I say what it is I want one of you to win one! Spooky Hollow finally has a little hardback Coffee table book filled with my art and the best of Grimmy! 50 full color pages! It is like having lots of little prints of my work. The book measures 7 by 7 and will be available in soft or hardcover! Some of my very favorite Spooky Hollow pieces of art are inside! Big eyed Grimmy had to be on the cover! Tomorrow I will tell you more about it and how to purchase one. I can also sell you a signed copy if you like but for now I want to give away one hard covered signed book! All you have to do is post here on the blog or face book. In a few weeks I will announce the winner. It may not be a huge book but it sure is pretty lol! I will also show you some pages in my next post. Look for more info tomorrow and thanks for reading my book post!

There is another surprise about Spooky Hollow but you will have to read it in the book for now!

I have been truly blessed this year and all my buyers and collectors ROCK!

Carmen and Grimmy Ellis


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween & Unexplained events in my home

I'll start with my new art items..Then the events in my home.

Every year I make an Ugly Pumpkin guy! This is number 3 since I started making them...This is my ugliest yet lol!
You can find him and new Grimmy Christmas cards in my ebay shop!

Ugly JOL link

Here are The Grimmy Christmas cards..or Halloween lol! You get 10 matte recycled cards with envelopes.

Watch for A new Grimmy Nodder tree topper and
a new guy SCARDEECAT! The other nodder sold last week.

These guys will be finished tomorrow.
Halloween season has hit already for me and everything clay I have listed has sold. Seriously if you see something you like you might want to get it soon. I am not saying that to get sales....They are really going fast. I am trying to keep up with making new dolls and clay!

I listed 4 dolls last weekend...they all sold but like I said I have new items I am completing almost daily. Most are going to be listed in Ebay. I cut my store down due to fees so I can list the new items without getting slammed with fees. I also have art dolls that I wont list until closer to Halloween. There are lots of items in my Etsy shop also. You can find my shop to the right of this post.

I am also making a very limited amount of Halloween bracelets.

In my next blog I have new spooky house things to tell you! farm ghost stories are real things that are happening in our house...ghost or no ghost the last event scared me. I am still freaked out.

Oh heck I will tell you now...about a week after the closet episode I was going to bed and honest to goodness I felt my hair lift and drop. I have long hair. This scared me big time. I was standing in my room with nothing but the ceiling above me. I didn't open my closet door since the day it happened until today. I have had it barricaded with a large suit case lol...You would too! If you missed it it was about 5 am and I was doing my hair in my bedroom..I heard scratching in my closet and then the door opened about 2 inches. The sweater I had hanging on the door started to sway back and forth. It is a heavy knit sweater that belonged to my dad. The scratching sounded like a dog pawing at the door. Today I searched for any holes where an animal could get through and found nothing. The cat food was untouched and there were no animal droppings. You tell me what scratched the door and opened it. No cats were in the room...Then My hair being pulled up and dropped. What caused that I don't know but it scared me so badly I slept with the light on. I was so freaked I called a ghost hunter friend today to get his opinion and he thinks I do have a ghost. I always think twice about posting this because of people thinking I am nuts or lying...its true and I cant explain either event. I am not looking forward to sleeping tonight but my rational mind says do it. Last night I had a really bad dream. The kind of dream that you know you are dreaming but can't move. It was very realistic and scared me to death. It was so real I had to sit up for about an hour with the lights on again. I am too embarrassed to tell it to the world but it was the most frightening dream I have ever had in my life. My mind keeps trying to find a rational reason for all the things that are happening and I could until now. I hope the dream was just a dream. Ok now that I freaked myself out subject lol If someone else told this story I probably would not believe them until it happened to me.

( btw the barn ghost video was me being silly. The story above really happened. )

On a lighter note,

I'll be back for some very cool Spooky Hollow Surprises One little cool thing is everyone who shops Spooky Hollow for Halloween gets a little spooky present with each sale!

More later!!
Carmen Ellis and Grimmy Reaper