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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's day and Spooky Hollow coffee table book!

Spooky Hollow coffee table book!

I forgot all about my self published coffee table book! This is NOT the story book that is being published by a publishing company next year. This book is filled with color photos of my art. You can buy it as a hard cover or soft cover with other options available or you can buy it from me signed. The book is beautiful!  Just click on the little book/banner below to buy it from Blurb and peek at some pages. Other than that happy Father's day! I hope you have a fun special day with your family! My next blog post will be about a new contest so be sure to watch out for it!
Also before I go if you would like to keep up with our crazy haunted house evidence videos please subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you do you see new videos right away. One video has almost 2,000 hits. My channel has about 18,000 hits! It's my way of showing friends and family what is going on in my home and it helps me deal with it in away. It is also very interesting and total proof of the paranormal.  Here is the link.

My haunted house youtube channel. Please subscribe!

Just click the link above.

You can also read about my haunted home in my other blog called Extreme Haunting. Here is that link.

Have a boo-ti-ful day!
Carmen and Grimmy Reaper!

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