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Monday, May 30, 2011

Grimmy doll contest 2 days to enter!!!

Grimmy made a boom boom but on to the blog!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that I will be announcing the winner of the OOAK Grimmy doll contest on June 1st!!! You still have today and tomorrow to enter! I upped the contest some! If you go to my home page and click register at the top right of the page that will sign you up for my newsletter! 5 entries for that one people! Post right here 1 entry. Share on Facebook 3 more entries! I am actually really organized about this lol! So join, post, share whatever you would like to do today and tomorrow. I NEVER DO THIS so enter now!

The lucky winner will be announced on JUNE 1st so you might want to follow my blog!
 I hope your Memorial day is wonderful and God bless all those who served and are serving now!
Also God bless all of the new friends I have met online. You always bring a smile or a giggle to my day!
Gotta go change Grimmy's monster pants now...ick! Oh wait, he doesn't wear pants! Double ICK!

Giant monster hugs,
Grimmy Reaper and
Carmen Ellis

Friday, May 20, 2011

Win a Grimmy doll reminder!

Hey hey hey! I thought I would send a reminder that June 1st the winner of the Grimmy doll contest will be posted! You still have time!

 All you need to do is post a comment right here at the blog. If you share this on facebook you get 2 extra entries!
Go to my home page and click register at the top right of the page to sign up for my newsletters and get 3 extra entries!!

The winner of the contest will win a totally original Grimmy art doll! What is cool about this is the winner can request something special about their doll. A custom Grimmy so to speak! I never ever give away an art doll so take advantage of this contest! Now start posting and sharing! Watch for the winner on June 1st! Have a spootacular day!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So you wanna illustrate!

I made a post on facebook of the picture above telling folks to practice their art! Then I thought, Hey why not blog about it so here I am!
Just some ideas and items I use to create my characters.
OK, some things that really help

Say you make a character and it turned out awesome. You might not be able to create him the exact way you did before. Place the paper with your character on the light box...put the new paper on top and trace!

If you like you can trace a completed illustration so if you sell one you still basically have it if you want to recreate it. There are tons of uses for a light box. Google it for lots of other ideas.

Never EVER copy someone else's work. That is just simple ethics. Protect your work! Get a copyright and I also upload every art piece to copyright deposit. It was the best money I ever spent.   I even have the name Grimmy protected! I do lol!

Good lighting! I use like 3 lamps at once lol. I need really good light when I draw. I have my eye on a wonderful artist lamp. If you can afford it go to Walmart and buy and art desk. You can adjust it so it tips just right when you draw.


An art friend told me about Pigma Micron pens. BUY SOME! They are ultra fine archival ink. Permanent and never bleed. You can buy them online or Walmart even carries some!
I have them in all colors and sizes. I also use vintage and even antique quill and fountain pens with good old fashioned ink. These are really fun to work with once you know how to keep them from smearing. I use India Ink.


The best pencils to use are your basic number 2 lead pencils. Very easy to erase leaving no annoying pencil lines.


I use gummy erasers. They are my fave but Hi polymer erasers are just a good. They are usually white in color. I use these because they leave no smudge marks. All very cheap!


My faves are Faber Castell and pigma. I use these for cartoons more the illustrations. You will be spending a bit of money on these but they are worth it.


My fave is thick Strathmore watercolor paper. Great for ink and watercolor illustrations.

I use Velum paper for the use of pigma markers and of course you need some tracing paper.

If I am making a new character I get a piece of watercolor paper. Doodle him in pencil and then trace the doodle in ink. Erase the pencil and color him in. It's fun and addicting try it lol. Some people really get exact with this. They draw the image on regular paper. Put it on the light box. Trace it using tracing paper and then put the tracing paper under the new paper and trace again. This is way too much work for me!

When done get your camera and put it on the macro setting. Take a pic and there ya go! Great for prints!

Come up with your own unique style. Something only you can do! If you want to get a book published trust me they want totally original work.
Pick up some how to books. There are tons out there and I found mine on Amazon and ebay.
You can even buy some videos with instructions and techniques. Never stop learning!

Practice at least once a week. Pick up some old children's book and really study techniques.
If you are not sure how to draw a body position like someone waving use google images. Find a similar position for reference. Another trick is to hide the character behind something. Let's say you can't make feet. Hide him behind a bush lol!

Keep a library of ideas and references. Magazine photos, things like that. Let's say you want to draw a frog but you can't seem to do it from memory. Trust me not many people can! Find a page with a frog..cut it out and keep it in a folder.

These are just a few Ideas I have about illustration.
I am self taught with some art classes under my belt so I am sure there are may tips and tricks I don't even know about, but when it comes to basics...

sketch book

There ya go now go draw something!!!
Carmen Ellis

Please excuse any typos you may find. I can't find my glasses lol!