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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 new Charm bracelets Listed! These took forever lol

Hi! Yesterday I got 2 new Spooky Hollow Character Charm bracelets done. I am making one or 2 more today. I put so much work into these you wouldnt believe. The charms alone took about a week to make. I included clay altered art pic charms and beautiful bubble cab charms in old silver and antiqued brass.
Each charm bracelet weighs about a pound lol!
You can see the listings in my Etsy Shop here

If you would like to meet the Spooky Hollow Characters please go here!

If anyone would like a custom charm braclet that would look like the ones I have pictured just give me a hollar

My email is

Oh and I also have some clay/paper mache guys I need to work on..

I have included some pics of the drying stage!

Have a great day!

The charms on this one are a big 20 mm! It is done in an aged silver and has an antique chain!

The little green ghost is Bertha lol

This bracelet is packed with lampwork beads and crystal cut glass beads, swavorski crystals!

This one is done in antiqued Brass. The main 3 charms are beautiful oxidized brass! These are really popular and I have a wonderful setting set with filigrees on the way!

I also loaded this bracelet with Clay hand made charms of my characters. The other vintage Halloween clay Charms were made by an amazing artist Cindy!

Ok this is a new Spooky Hollow Character. His name is Smeadly and he is a bed time ghost!
He is made of a light weight clay and will be hand painted and glazed.

This is a new little Spooky Hollow Character also. I don't have a name for him yet but for some reason I just had to make him a bootay! LOL! I don't know why!
He is made of paper mache and paper clay

This is salem The Vintage Halloween Kitty also made of Paper Mache and Paper clay...I need to paint and add Vintage halloween Hat and goodies!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Guy Grimmy Reaper sold today!

I waited so long to list this painting because frankly I love it. So I listed it in Etsy at a higher price not worried if it really sold or not but today...It sold. I feel like I have officially made it in the world of art and I couldnt be happier. I had to share!!

Here is the link to the painting'

My little boy said..."Mommy will you buy me a lego star wars wookie?" I said yes sweetie the wookie is yours!

I feel so blessed!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tons of new bubble cab charms for amazing fine art charm braclets!!

This week my main thing I want to get done are some new fine art charm bracelets. I have everything I need to make Totally OOAK amazing pieces. When I am finished I will post some photos here and on my website and will list them in Etsy and Ebay. I am seriously thinking of putting a little shopping page on my website too.
Here are new pics of bubble cab charms and things that I have in incase anyone would like a totally custom charm bracelet where you pic the characters! So here are the pics and if you need anything you can email me at
See all my new goodies at my home page

I am selling these as little Doll House paintings!

If you are interested in a custom Spooky Hollow Character and or Owl Fine art Charm bracelet loaded with charms email me with your favorite characters...Grimmy, Sir Boo A lot, Salem the cat, Skelly Skeleton, Nostrocuteness, Hoot Owl Twins, Edgar the Ghost Frog or whoever you see on these charms or the clay charms in a post below. Also let me know if you want Silver findings or Antique Brass. Got special requests? Just ask! If you would like to see a list of my Characters please go to my new web page here...

You can also look at my photo albums. I can make almost every photo you see into a custom clay charm or Bubble cab charm for you!

Photo Album

Home Page

Etsy shop

Ebay store

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet the Ghosts!

Hey all! I made a new page to my website today so folks can meet the cast and characters of my Spooky Hollow world! I do hope you go give it a peek and don't forget about the free graphics page! i am adding a few new goodies to that tomorrow.

Here is the new page link!

Also on that page you can follow me on face book and twitter! Username SpookyHollow

Here is a breif lowdown of what I have to get done....ready?

Finish New Spooky Hollow Crystal ball painting

Finish 1 million bubble cab charms

make at least 4 new Spooky Hollow fine art charm bracelets

List a billion Spooky Hollow Scrabble tile pendants I have done

Work on my Art fire shop

Work on my Spooky Time Jingles pages

Finish one clay figure and one paper mache figure

Finish the Haunted Doll House

Add a store page to my website

Add stuff to my Ebay and Etsy

Cry from stress lol

Ship out 2 sold paintings

One sold charm braclet

One sold clay Sir boo a lot figure

Cry like a baby...hehe

I can do all this right after I do the dishes, mop the floors and finish laundry....

Oh almost forgot!

I need to order new supplies

ok so make, paint, make, ship, paint, sculpt, list, network, post on face book, twitter, plurk, myspace, flickr, ...

Take photos of all new jewelry items and paintings and sculptures,

upload photos on slow computer...

Make photos look purty

Upload photos to photo bucket

How do I get an assistant?? LOL

<---waves and walks away defeated lol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clay charms and Finished Paintings!

I have been busy busy over here and wanted to give you a peek at some goodies I have done and almost done. I made a ton of fine art Clay charms and some scrabble tile charms. I still need to finish them but I wanted to give you peek. These are mainly for my charm bracelets that I just can't keep in stock! I made lots and lots of charms so I can offer a custom bracelet to folks. They can pick some of the charms. So here are some pics of what I have done and some painting that I am getting list by this weekend. The Spooky Hollow painting with Sir Boo a lot, Skelley and Grimmy just needs a little more detail before I list it. So here ya of new stuff! Have a great day!

You can always find my newest goodies at
or email me for a custom order at