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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meet the Ghosts!

Hey all! I made a new page to my website today so folks can meet the cast and characters of my Spooky Hollow world! I do hope you go give it a peek and don't forget about the free graphics page! i am adding a few new goodies to that tomorrow.

Here is the new page link!

Also on that page you can follow me on face book and twitter! Username SpookyHollow

Here is a breif lowdown of what I have to get done....ready?

Finish New Spooky Hollow Crystal ball painting

Finish 1 million bubble cab charms

make at least 4 new Spooky Hollow fine art charm bracelets

List a billion Spooky Hollow Scrabble tile pendants I have done

Work on my Art fire shop

Work on my Spooky Time Jingles pages

Finish one clay figure and one paper mache figure

Finish the Haunted Doll House

Add a store page to my website

Add stuff to my Ebay and Etsy

Cry from stress lol

Ship out 2 sold paintings

One sold charm braclet

One sold clay Sir boo a lot figure

Cry like a baby...hehe

I can do all this right after I do the dishes, mop the floors and finish laundry....

Oh almost forgot!

I need to order new supplies

ok so make, paint, make, ship, paint, sculpt, list, network, post on face book, twitter, plurk, myspace, flickr, ...

Take photos of all new jewelry items and paintings and sculptures,

upload photos on slow computer...

Make photos look purty

Upload photos to photo bucket

How do I get an assistant?? LOL

<---waves and walks away defeated lol


MarZel said... have been busy!!! What magical art you create. I am so tired right now and I cannot remember if I invited you to my blog for a tea party...a Mad one!! I would love for you to come. Lots of giveaways!! Smiles

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Well thank you for the invite I havent been to a tea party in ages lol! Plus I want to win stuff!!