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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Contest & Grimmy!

HEY Everyone! Guess what happened to me today? I got up....sat in the livingroom with my cup O coffee and kept hearing this tiny whistling sound. I thought it was our cat Snoring. I kept hearing it and could not figure out where it was coming from. Finally I realized it was under the couch. I peak under and low and behold my FAT cat Nutmeg was there with 5 fuzzy new babies! She would have them UNDER the couch! FREE KITTENS!!!! They are so so cute and really long haired! Anyway.
On to the Christmas Contest!! There will only be ONE WINNER! To enter all you have to do is Follow my blog or Become a Fan Of Spooky Hollow FOlk art on Facebook! To the right of this page is a big old face book fan banner. You can be a fan by clicking it. One think I love about having a fan page is it lets me send updates to all the folks who follow. You can also goof around on the discussion boards but I havent figured that all out yet lol! I will though!!
What can you win??? I have a photo posted with the prizes. One person will win 2 signed ACEO prints in Hard cover sleeves, One cute Spooky Hollow Christmas ornament that you can hang or place on a table like a picture frame, One Yankee Candle Tart Christmas scent, One little sweet Angel doll, A pair of handmade Santa Earrings and a sweet little frog ball pendant! There will also be a surprise in the gift bag! If you tell a friend about Spooky Hollow and email me the name of the person you got to either Follow the Blog or Be a Face Book fan you get another entry! So you can enter as many times as you like by referring friends! My email is Please send the info there if you are referring friends who join!
I will announce the winner in 2 weeks! Good luck!

So as always here are some pictures for you to looksie and and please have a wonderful day!
Oh and btw, since my pc is giving me fits I didnt get some of the auctions up yet but will either today or tommorrow. I also have new Spooky Hollow Ornaments / pendants. You can either hang them on a tree or wear them on a chain! They will be listed as soon as possible.

Here be the pics!!

New Spooky Hollow Ornaments / pendants. hang them or wear them! You can even remove the tassels if you like!

The new Nightmare before Christmas Charm Bracelet I am listing in my Ebay store!

New Grimmy Elf Pendant Necklace! I will be listing this also

I am going to try to get away from the pc today and take a listing break. I am in the mood to play with clay and I have a few little ornaments to finish up. Have fun today and come play with my on facebook! I normally have it on all day!

Carmen aka

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hurry 2 hours left!!! Christmas Goodies!

The painting above is in my ebay shop auction style and ending in 2 hours! U can still grab it if you win!

( I have 3 ebay auctions ending in 2 hours!!! ) Click here to get to my Ebay store!

Helllloooo! It is a beautiful cold morning here in Indiana! I have already snuck out to the back porch with my coffee and watched the worlds largest woodpecker at the bird feeder! When we moved to this farm we moved about an hour away and it just amazes me how the wild life has changed in a rather small distance. When we lived in Indy I never saw a flying squirrel and rarely saw deer. The birds here are even different. The woodpeckers are like gigantic and we have these little birds with bright blue bodies and white heads that hop all over the place. I have said it before and I will say it again...I LOVE IT HERE! I can't wait for spring though. If my family can't find me I am sure I will be in the greenhouse lol. I am thinking about growing some lavendar and some flowers & veggies. My little boy told me we need a goat so we can make goat milk lavender soap lol! Hmmmmmm.....I wouldnt mind having a few chickens either! Hey this blog so far is so not about Christmas art huh??? Sorry I rambled on. <----I am very good at that!

Back to folk art and Christmas I have been working my bootie off finishing pieces and listing them in my shops. Most of my paper mache Christmas work is in my Etsy shop here.

Then you can go to my Ebay shop and find Paintings, Prints, charm bracelets and earrings and so much more! My Ebay shop is here!

So much to do so little time! Right now I am finishing up another larger Christmas painting starring Grimmy, working on another Nightmare before Christmas Charm Bracelet because the one I listed sold the same day! I do have 2 more charm bracelets left in my ebay store so lets get to the photos shall we??? Yes we shall!!!!

Frog ball hugger earrings! Click here

Loaded Antiqued Brass Charm Bracelet click here! Click here for the Gold Bracelet!
These are the new pretty gift bags I got in!!!

This sold right away but I am making a new Nightmare before Christmas bracelet this weekend!
If you like the Jack charms I have earrings to match click here !

This little pine cone orny is not listed yet!

The Santa is in my Etsy, so is the mouse and the victorian snowman is in my ebay!

Bid on him here! Click here

This painting is in my Ebay store Click here!
It is a large 20 by 16 canvas Frame!!! Ready to hang!

I am going to make some post card prints out of this painting and list them this week. If anyone is interested in a set of 10 let me know email me at
If you would like a custom Charm bracelet please let me know soon! I also do custom earrings and custom pendants this time of year. I have the sweetest Grimmy Elf pendant made I will list soon! So please do take the time to browse my 2 shops! Ebay and Etsy!
Tomorrow I will be back with another blog cause I have so much to show you and I have the goodies for the Christmas Contest ready. There will only be one winner and I will show you the prize tomorrow on Sunday!

Today I need to get some more goodies in my ebay store. I have a huge yarn lot to post, a wonderful miniature doll house lot and a sweet bratzs doll lot with brand new clothes in the package to list! Busy busy!

God bless your day and if you have time..go outside and look at all the beautiful nature God has made for us!

Carmen aka

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help? How do I get rid of spam comments?

I have been looking through the settings and I cant find how to remove a comment. It seems that lately my blog is getting spammed. I am going to moderate them to keep this from happening but I have no idea how to delete the ones that got through? HElp? LOL

Btw...I cant wait to show you guys some Christmas ornaments I am making. I am so so so happy with how they turned out! Ok..Thanks for your help in advance and have a beautiful day while I finish some goodies and list them in my shops!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Goodies and HEY!!!

My Christmas blog novel is under all the pictures. I couldnt get cut and paste to work lol! I need pc help! Please read my comments after all the photos!!!

Doll house mini Santa!

Look for it this week in my Ebay store!

Elf Doll heads....Also in my ebay store this week!

Amazing beautiful Christopher Radko Christmas jewelry that will be listed in my store!

Some new guys! Paper mache Santa and snowman both with real antique rusty spring bases. The bobble!

I will be making and listing cool Nightmare before Christmas Charm bracelets and earrings!

These will be on a silver charm bracelet loaded with pretty beads!

A clip of my newest painting Spooky Hollow " All Dressed up for Christmas"
I will also be listing beautiful hand made charm bracelets as I make them! I have silver, gold and antiqued brass findings and chains

Grimmy Reaper and Nostrocuteness all elfy and such!

Craft goodies for the Christmas shop!

Ok now please read on lol.....

First off I want to say that I am so sorry it has been so long between blog posts. Between getting ready to open my Christmas shop, meetings at the school for my little boy and this stupid virus I got on my pc..things have been nuts. The pc virus is driving me nuts. I got it about a month ago while looking for knitting patterns. My husband downloaded adware and another program but nothing helps. What this virus does is bombs me with pop ups. It takes me 2 tries to load a page and facebook is near impossible for me to even log on to. Needless to say I want this virus gone and I am upset about it! I also wanted to ask that if any of the Halloween winners DID NOT GET your prize please email me your home addy at I think I got everyone but not sure!

This week I will be adding lots of Christmas goodies to my Ebay store and a few to my etsy shop. I have new paintings, new paper mache goodies, new Christmas charm bracelets and even toys, handmade ornaments and some vintage items. I am also going to list some crafty items in my store this year like yarn, rusty springs, rusty angel wings things like that. So keep watching my Ebay shop for lots of goodies! Even doll house miniatures! I am cleanning out my closets and listing listing listing lol.

So here are some photos of goodies I have done and I promise to blog weekly virus or not! If anyone knows how I can get rid of this pop up virus from heck please HELP ME!

Ps..Today I finished up some Spooky Hollow Christmas guy chenille ornaments and will list them this week. I will post a new blog with all the links to my new creations. I am also working on a paper mache Christmas mouse and little snow angel clay ornaments I hope you will like! I am also adding lots of cute Christmas beaded items to my shops! So please keep watching and again I am so sorry I took so long to blog!

Next blog will have a wonderful Christmas Contest!

Have fun and God Bless,

C. Ellis aka Spooky Hollow . net