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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Goodies and HEY!!!

My Christmas blog novel is under all the pictures. I couldnt get cut and paste to work lol! I need pc help! Please read my comments after all the photos!!!

Doll house mini Santa!

Look for it this week in my Ebay store!

Elf Doll heads....Also in my ebay store this week!

Amazing beautiful Christopher Radko Christmas jewelry that will be listed in my store!

Some new guys! Paper mache Santa and snowman both with real antique rusty spring bases. The bobble!

I will be making and listing cool Nightmare before Christmas Charm bracelets and earrings!

These will be on a silver charm bracelet loaded with pretty beads!

A clip of my newest painting Spooky Hollow " All Dressed up for Christmas"
I will also be listing beautiful hand made charm bracelets as I make them! I have silver, gold and antiqued brass findings and chains

Grimmy Reaper and Nostrocuteness all elfy and such!

Craft goodies for the Christmas shop!

Ok now please read on lol.....

First off I want to say that I am so sorry it has been so long between blog posts. Between getting ready to open my Christmas shop, meetings at the school for my little boy and this stupid virus I got on my pc..things have been nuts. The pc virus is driving me nuts. I got it about a month ago while looking for knitting patterns. My husband downloaded adware and another program but nothing helps. What this virus does is bombs me with pop ups. It takes me 2 tries to load a page and facebook is near impossible for me to even log on to. Needless to say I want this virus gone and I am upset about it! I also wanted to ask that if any of the Halloween winners DID NOT GET your prize please email me your home addy at I think I got everyone but not sure!

This week I will be adding lots of Christmas goodies to my Ebay store and a few to my etsy shop. I have new paintings, new paper mache goodies, new Christmas charm bracelets and even toys, handmade ornaments and some vintage items. I am also going to list some crafty items in my store this year like yarn, rusty springs, rusty angel wings things like that. So keep watching my Ebay shop for lots of goodies! Even doll house miniatures! I am cleanning out my closets and listing listing listing lol.

So here are some photos of goodies I have done and I promise to blog weekly virus or not! If anyone knows how I can get rid of this pop up virus from heck please HELP ME!

Ps..Today I finished up some Spooky Hollow Christmas guy chenille ornaments and will list them this week. I will post a new blog with all the links to my new creations. I am also working on a paper mache Christmas mouse and little snow angel clay ornaments I hope you will like! I am also adding lots of cute Christmas beaded items to my shops! So please keep watching and again I am so sorry I took so long to blog!

Next blog will have a wonderful Christmas Contest!

Have fun and God Bless,

C. Ellis aka Spooky Hollow . net


Demon Doll Maker said...

I LOVE YOUR PAINTING SO MUCH, It just screams cuteness lol. I just love your creatures from the paintings :D

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your Christmas characters! Sorry about your pc problems and hope it gets better.

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

I love your new painting. I just bought one of the Halloween one and I might have to add this one to my collection. I also love your new jewellery and paper mache guys (especially the snowman). Looking forward to seeing all your new creations. I know what you mean about the computer problems- I've been having a problem myself for about 6 weeks- I don't go on facebook much now either. I have to take my computer in to get fixed from a professional but i don't want to have to get rid of my computer to do it.

Whimsyfolkartist said...

You guys are so nice! Thanks so much for the nice words!! Caroline everything you make is just adorable!!!! I am now addicted to making Paper mache christmas ornaments. I cant wait to get them done and online! I LOVE CLAY LOL..oh and Tammy could you call Geek patrol??? I cant afford it. One thing I did is buy a small mini laptop for pc emergencies! I think I might have gotten rid of the virus crossing my fingers on that one. Oh and I am going to try to get my painting and snowman, santa listed tomorrow. When I do I will post a new blog with links. You guys JUST ROCK!

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