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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spooky Goodies New Winner & Ghost Hunter happiness!

( Yes I know the pumpkin guy up there is ugly! Just wait until I paint him and give him a little hat heheheheheh! )

Hey all wassssup??
My week has been so busy! I have been working on some paper mache projects, trying to finish a few paintings and making charm bracelets and something new for spooky Hollow Charm Necklaces! I am going to place a big 30 by 40 mm bubble cab an antiqued setting as the focal and put little charms and spooky beads around the necklace! When I am done I will show you a picture of course and list it for sale! I am just not sure where to get antiqued brass chain that is a bit larger for charms...Can anyone guide me on that one?

Also A big thank you to a wonderful new customer and Friend Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International. He actually took the time to write me a wonderful customer review! How cool is he?

"The first time I saw Carmen's art, I loved it. For me, when I see Spooky Hollow art, it instantly brightens my day. The fun, the whimsy, and the good spirit that the art emits will make it a permanent fixture in my home. Thanks Carmen! -Robb Demarest Lead Investigator of the SyFy channel program: Ghost Hunters International --------------------
He is sooo nice! Most folks being in the public eye like he is wouldn't
give you the time of day! The man has good Karma lol!

Ok after I announce yet another winner in the Spooky Hollow Scarefest Contest I will post some pics of stuff I am working on, need to list or have for sale...

AND THE 3rd Winner of a Spooky Hollow OOAK gift is........Drum roll pleassssseeeeee.........

I just love her work! Please email me at with your home addy!

Want to enter my contest and win some great prizes that are all OOAK Spooky Hollow? Just leave me a post! You can also scroll down to the contest post and see what you can win!

Now onto a few pictures!

Ok when I am not painting or something I am messing with my doll house. Yes I am a big baby!!

This painting is forsale in my Ebay as an auction. Here is the link...CLICK HERE

This is one I am still working on obviously! There will be some folk art snow man and things added!
Jewlery and little Doll House portraits I need to list!

Paper Mache guys a pumpkin ( ugly so far lol ) and an owl who in this pic was still Juicy hehe!


A face only a mother could luv huh?

Juicy Hoot owl lol

I took this over the weekend early in the foggy morning! Love this one!

Ok I better get some work done! I am also going to upload a ton of pics to my flickr now.
Have a great day and dont forget to enter our contest!

Your Ghost Host,
C. Ellis SPooky

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ANother Winner New Paintings Ghost stories!

First off I would like to show you a new painting I finished called, "000ps my head fell off." I did it on a stretched canvas frame using acrylics, Russian opaque water colors & ink.

This painting will be for sale sometime this weekend! I will post the link when I am done listing it..

I also wanted to let folks know that yesterdays blog post turned into some darn good ghost stories.
As I said in yesterdays post I am going to write things down as they happen in this house that may or may not be paranormal. It does seem like something little happens daily..
Nothing yet today but we are having some work done to the house this weekend and if there is something here maybe it will stir em up!
( Look at me I want a ghost lol )
So please scroll down to yesterdays blog post to read about stuff that has happened in our house and stuff other readers posted about spooks and such!

I posted lots of creepy pictures to my facebook yesterday and today! I took lots of photos of our 100 yr old barn...inside and out.
It was really dark in there when I took the pics and the camera flash was really the only light I had in some places. I also took my digital recorder hoping to get an evp...I WISH! I havent had time to listen yet so who knows....

I got lots of photos with orby looking things in them but a friend on facebook told me they are more then likely dust balls...sigh. If you would like to see the pics you can go here

Would love to read your comments!

Below is one pic of the inside of the barn. I call it the wall O hatchets! There are hundreds of them! How creepy is that?

Now for the Spooky Hollow Spooktacular Sneak Attack Winner of the day!!!

( I pick a winner by closing my eyes and placing my finger on the pc screen where folks have posted lol....)

So Let me close my eyes and do that now hehehehehehehe....brb....

{elevator music playing......Muskrat, Muskrat candle light...doin a jig and doin it right....Something like that....)

AND THE WINNER IS.....( the first time I picked my post looool )

Theresa Whitt Whitmore OF

Theresa Please email me at with your mailing addy!

I am feeling really generous this weekend so I just might pick another winner tomorrow!

For new folks how do you enter to win?

Just post a comment or Follow this blog!!!

Ok I think I covered everything....

Oh and don't forget to check out some ebay auctions of mine that are ending like today!

Have a great day!

Carmen E. You Ghost host........or something like that..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Todays Spooky Hollow SNEAK ATTACK WINNER IS.......

Congrats Katie! Please email me at with you
mailing address so I can send your Sneaky prize!

Folks, please watch my blog this weekend for another winner and pics of new paintings and goodies I have finished!

Oh and I got another sweet vintage Halloween blow mold I want to show you!
I also took some very creepy pictures of our old barn. It is just packed with old stuff and antiques!

So...who will our next sneak attack winner be?????

If you would like to be a Spooky HOllow Spookfest Sneak Attack contest winner all ya have to do is either follow or post to this blog!

Until the weekend then...


Oh and a ps...
My family will make fun of me for this post be I am really honestly wondering if we have a ghost in this house.
( Non ghost believers you can laugh ....NOW! ) heh
Here are a few things that are making me wonder and also when something happens I am going to keep track of it in this blog instead of a journal.
That way I can share it with you guys. that happened so far that make me wonder...

1. The Haunted Toilet? It was my first night alone in the house and I was unpacking. ( my 7 yr old was with me )
I had to use the bathroom and well....flushed lol.
I went into the kitchen and I thought I heard an old time radio show playing.
I was sure I turned something on in the bathroom causing the sound.
I went back into the bathroom and the toilet was still running but I could clearly hear a muffled mans he was on an old radio show.
I even searched for a radio and nothing.
I have a friend who is a paranormal investigater and he said that water can
make white noise that is said to help us hear spirit voices.
So did I hear a voice or the toilet running?? LOL.

2. Just minutes after that my little boy and I went into his room to unpack.
While up there we heard a LOUD bang. It sounded like someone hit a metal barrel hard.

There was nothing running that could have caused that noise. It sounded like it came from the basement. I couldnt find anything that fell or was out of place.
This happening after the Haunted Toilet actually made me feel a bit scared.

3. Our black puppy...he is about 5-6 months old? Will NOT go into the basement.
No matter what you do he will not follow not even for food or a toy.
Someone once told me that black pets are said to have a sense about spirits and things. How true this is I don't know.

4. The other night I went to bed upstairs. I was laying down for about 10 minutes and the door opened. I started calling out to my son thinking it was him being afraid of the old house. No one answered. I went downstairs and asked my husband and son if they came in the room and neither did. Ok how did the door open? When it closes it latches. Did I not close it all the way and it popped open>?

5. This has happened a few times. I swear I turn off the basement light..walk by the stair way and it is on.

6. The bangs! I hear these loud bangs that sound like they are coming from the basement and there is nothing down there to make the noise. Not the furnace, water heater, washer dryer..My son hears these too. I don't know what they are.

7. I didnt even tell my husband this one yet. Yesterday while being home alone I looked out the kitchen window towards the barn. For a brief second I thought I saw and older man standing there in a blue shirt...Checkered I think.

Bad eyes? My imagination?????
( Also right down the street is a very old cemetery)

It seems like something little happens daily. Usually after 11pm or early in the morning when it is still dark. A few mornings ago I heard a weird sound in the wall and the ceiling. It sounded like it was hailing outside but no hail.
A mouse?? squirrel?? But what go me was I heard it in the wall first and then the cat was even freaked out by it. It sounded like lots of things tapping not just one mouse or something. I can't explain that one either.

I am sure there is more but I can't think of them right now but everytime I experience something strange I will write it in the blog. I figured why not? Halloween is coming and it is kinda fun.

If we did have a ghost I would be thrilled. How strange am I ?LOL to you guys this weekend!!

Your insane blogger...hehe

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Halloween Spooktacular Sneak Attack Contest!

I finally got my contest prizes done and pictured! I have all kinds of goodies I will be giving away between now and Halloween! Some prizes aren't even pictured yet! How do you win one??? SO SO SO EASY! All you have to do to enter is Post something everytime I send a new blog update! The more times you post the more chances you have to win goodies. You can see if I posted by checking back here, following this blog, checking my FACEBOOK or even checking my twitter and myspace. When I blog I toss it everywhere I can lol! So once you click the new blog post link that day just leave me a comment. Below are pictures of the prizes and if you want to follow me on facebook look to the right side bar of this page. My twitter and myspace links are also on the right side bar if you scroll down or just click the links above! Trust me I will be watching the posts and will anounce winners randomly like a sneak attack! So here are some pictures and I have more goodies I still need to add to the prize table!

Table full of prizes for the Sneak Attack Contest! Everything you see excluding the light are prizes!
Grimmy Ring and Witch Necklace prizes

Custom Trinket box with cute cute necklace inside prize!

Front of trinket box

Little Jar filled with Puka Pod Pumpkins ...Skelley and owl print on the front!

Ok my little boy wanted to get in on this and he made this Sir Boo A lot charm! LOL

Here we have ACEO Canvas frame Hoot owl twins print on a tiny easel, The trinket box filled with Jewelry...all spooky Hollow btw!

A Beauitful 8 by 10 print of Big Guy Grimmy a sold painting!

A scrabble tile necklace of spooky future and a ghost necklace! The scrabble tile is vintage and the bail is silver plated! Most of these chains are 24 inch ball chains!

A hand made Vintage Halloween Pumpkin orny!

A pretty vintage basket filled with ACEO prints in plastic sleeves, a glossy 5 by 7 in a frame and a bag of Spooky Hollow altered art OOAK jewelry!

Here are some ghostie earrings I made that I am giving away!

A little toy plastic thing filled with various Halloween Beads!

A vintage PERFECT Yankee Candle Haunted House Tart Burner!

I also got a lot listed today in my Ebay store and Etsy Shop but still have so much more to do! My entire day tomorrow is finishing charm bracelets and then Monday Finishing up paintings!

So please check out my new goodies for sale and watch this blog close to win one of the many prizes!

Your ghost host,
Oh Don't forget the Haunted Doll House for sale on my STJ PAGE!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Goodies & Spook Fest Contest update!

( I have to talk like that now that I am a country gal again!) HEH
I wanted to show you some new goodies that I will be listing in my Etsy and Ebay shops and let you know that I am almost finished with the Spooky Hollow Spook Fest Contest prizes! I hope to get them done and pictured tomorrow for you.
Todays Spook Fest Spooky Link is......drum roll please......


( In honor of one of the nicest guys ever, Robb Demarist! )

Robb this one is for you lol!

Now onto some goodies I have done that need to be listed!

Enjoy the pics and Have a BOOOOTIFUL DAY!

Your Spook hostess,
Carmen E.

Witchy Necklace

Spooky Hollow Fine art Pendant!

Spooky Hollow Fine art Pendant!

Sir Boo Alot Fine art Pendant!
Hoot Owl Twins Fine art Pendant

Witchy Necklace!
Grimmy Reaper SOn of Grim Pendant!

Owl Painting on 100 yr old barn wood I need to finish

Spooky Hollow Character Fine Art Ring

Owl Fine art Scrabble tile necklace

Grimmy Fine art Scrabble tile Necklace!

Sir Boo A lot Clay Necklace!

Spooky Hollow Character Clay Necklace

Salem sign hand painted, aged and waxed on thick wood

Hoot owl Clay Necklace
Owl Fall color necklace
Owl Fall color necklace
Hoot Owl Twin Fine art Chunky Charm Braclet w antiqued brass settings

Please watch my Etsy shop for these listings and more!