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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Halloween Haunted Doll House update!

First I wanted to say I am so sorry that I am late on listing the Doll house for sale. We have been in the farm house for 3 nights now and I have been unpacking, putting together and making this house into our home. Tomorrow I am going to play catch up online so when I get the doll house listed and ready to go I will make a post letting you guys know! I also have lots of art to finish up for the month of october and do have the contest ready I just need to find time to post it! Please do come back often and check for an update! I also hope to show you photos of our farm with our goodies inside the house. I do have a funny Haunted Toilet story to post also lol! Yes we do seem to be hearing bumps in the night around here! So now I have to get ready because we have family coming over for one of my son's birthdays. I have only been in the house 3 days and company is coming...Can you say STRESS BALL! LOL. I dont even have all my pots and pans unpacked yet! I did walk around the property this morning and picked a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers. While walking in the woods alone this moring with my clipper and basket I thought to myself...are we allowed to be this happy? I can
t believe the beauty all around this place. I also heard a disturbing noise in the woods lol. It sounded like a 500 pound frog. I'll tell you what that was the loudest and deepest voice that I have ever heard coming from the woods! I walked back to the house a little more quickly loool!
So until tomorrow! Oh and October will be Spooky Hollow Fest all month long. I plan on adding lots of Halloween goodies and even some true ghost stories, photos and fun!
Have a blessed day!
Carmen aka Folk artist Chic!
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