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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spooky Hollow debut at the Halloween Queens Bootique July 1st!

I am so excited! July 1st (tomorrow) Is Spooky Hollow's debut at the Halloween Queen's BOOTIQUE! It is a shopping Blog with some of the best Halloween artist there are! I am super proud to be a member of such an amazing group of artists! Please come to my very first update tomorrow at the Bootique! Come see what surprises I will have on my Bootique Page! ( Hint ) 2 OOAK pieces in clay and cloth! You won't be able to find them anywhere else!
Here is the link
Halloween Queens BooTique Click me

Here is a sneak peek at what you will find on my sale page!

So come see Amazing artists work and My OOAK Halloween art pieces and come shoppin!!
Your excited Halloween art woman,
Carmen Ellis

Monday, June 28, 2010

Praying for our Country

I have a wonderful friend that many of you know or have heard of, Flora Thompson of Bone Head Studios.
She is putting together a prayer group with the main purpose of praying for our country. I told her that I would love to help find people who would like to participate. The post below was written by Flora. She is a wonderful woman wanting wonderful things for our country and I am proud to help pass this on. Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless you!

Below is the message from Flora,

"I am anxious to do this, to get this going, so I will send out emails today
informing those that emailed in private and am now posting for those that commented here and on FaceBook.
I am setting the time for July 1st at about 7:00 pm for our moment of prayer,each day for a week. This is Central time, so make sure to set your clocks accordingly for those of you who are on different time zones.
A very kind, new FaceBook friend of mine figured out the times zones for everyone, how sweet was that?!!!!So here they are below

If it is 7pm central time, it will be 8pm eastern time, 3pm pacific time, and 5pm mountain time.
Thank you Leslie!!!!

We can state our intentions prior to saying our prayers, which is for America's healing and to guide our leaders to make the right decisions for the good of it's people.

To my Christian friends I am suggesting to use " The Lords Prayer" if you are familiar with it.
Because I have many friends, not all of whom are Christians, who have stated that they would still like to participate. I think that as long as your prayers are of good will and healing please use them.
This was also suggested by a friend of mine ,for the conclusion of our prayers

May the lord bless you and keep you and may his light shine on you always,Amen

So I am going to offer it to y'all too,
Maybe we could even do this one week every month...or add this intention to our daily/nightly prayers too?
Please email me with any suggestions you might have, we do have time to add something extra, so if the spirit moves you please let me know about it so that
I can offer it? "

This is a link to Flora's Blog

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lightning storm video!

this is really worth watching. I filmed it the other night during our storm. I honestly had never seen this much lightning before. I added some music so you couldnt hear a few tiny curse words when I got scared lol! Yes I stood outside LIKE AN idiot to film this! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iddy Biddy Creepy & Blogger FIX

I have no idea why but this past week I had the urge to sew. This is NOT normal for me at all lol. After poking my fingers 20 times and re doing the legs about 20 times I came up with what I call Little bit Creepy. She is about 8 inches high and just weird looking lol! It was really fun though so today I am going to just try to sew a cute doll dress.
No I am not going totally prim on everyone but there has always been a little prim luving goin on in my world for years. A long time ago I would sew bunnies and cats for craft shows. ( GASP ) lol! We are talking at least 15 years ago!

Now onto Bloggers new TEMPLATES....

I HATE the new blogger designs. I found out the hard way that you don't hit the big orange button lol! By hitting the button that I think says add to blog I lost my old template. THANK goodness for facebook because the nice folks there gave me a link so I can fix it when I have more time. If you goofed too here is the help link!

Oh on a different subject,a funny thing happened to me this morning. While I was working in the yard a car pulled up filled with Jehovah's witnesses. They came up to me to give me some books and our black tom cat Jerry decided he liked this man so much he climbed up his leg and then jumped into his arms. The man was wearing what looked to be a very expensive suit!
I scolded Jerry but inside had to giggle because that is what you get when you don't call first to come over to my house heheh!

OK I'm off to finish some Halloween artsy things but here are some pics I took
this morning of my art. I went out to the barn and I was really happy
with how they turned out! Oh before that ....

Hey Don't forget that tomorrow I have 3 ebay auctions ending and I will announce the orny contest winner very soon. You still have time to post to win!
I also wanted to let everyone know that I will be selling on The Halloween Queens Selling blog! My first item will be listed in July! I can't wait to get started and just love the ladies I have met there!
I also wanted to say a special thank you to my PFATT sisters. They are amazing women and I am blessed to be in a group as special as PFATT!
It really restores my faith in people when I talk with these new friends I have made by joining a few groups. I forgot that kind, caring and GOOD folks do exist!
So hugs to my sis's in PFATT and AHQU!
ALso thank you to Lori for my wonderful new banners! I LOVE THEM!

( Done being mushy now! )

Have a beautiful weekend!
Carmen Ellis
Spooky Hollow Folk art

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tshirt winner & Ornie Giveaway!

HEY ALL! Ok...a few blog posts ago I had a little secret giveway inside. I wanted to see who really reads any of my blogs and I got lots of emails and posts here and on facebook! To those of you who actually read my blog and posted, I put all your names in a hat so to speak and the winner of the Spooky Hollow Tshirt is.....drum roll please..


Moriah please email me at The Tshirt I have in an XL white with a Spooky Hollow guy logo on the front! Tell me where to send it please!

I almost have my cafe press tshirt shop ready..please hang with me while I finish it up! When I do I will have a link here and at my home page so you can go buy Grimmy shirts and things! Now on to the contest!

The new giveaway is for a little clay chenille ornie! I have one listed in my ebay as an auction this week but this guy is going to go home with some lucky blog reader! How do you enter you ask??
Just post anything you like right here! In a week or so I will pull a new name from the "hat".
( btw my contests are never rigged. I actually pick very randomly lol )

A few more things today....I have 2 auctions in Ebay ending today! Hurry! One is for a Grimmy art doll and the other is for a larger painting I call wonderland. If you go here
You will find both auctions.

Tonight at 7 pm Eastern time a New
I will also have the pink Feather tree ornie man up for auction!

Not only are there new goodies in my Ebay store but I listed 3 new items in my Etsy shop!
I would love for you to go peek!
Click here to see my ETSY SHOP!

So before I go and let you go back to your Sunday relaxing here are some photos of the goodies
and a short HORRIBLE home made video of some of my finished work.
( I did notice near the end I think you can see a Chicken lips snowman and a Johanna Parker kitty! NOT MY WORK LOL! )

So have fun with the photos and God bless your Sunday!
Hugs and creepies,
Carmen Ellis

This painting is up for auction in my ebay shop ending very soon!

This Grimmy Auction will go live tonight at 7pm!

This Kitty is not forsale yet but the 2 ornaments with him are in my Etsy shop!

This new cutie is a Candy container / pull toy! You can find him in my Etsy shop!

This ornie is a new Ebay auction this week but also one like it is the contest prize!!

If you need help finding anything in my shops please email me!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey YOU!

Pssssttt......Yah you...the person drinking a soda wearing the big comfy tshirt! Keep an eye on my blog this weekend! There will be some new creepy cuties listed in my shops...a surprise winner about a contest you would only know about if you actually read my blog..hehe and an Ornie Give away!
Ok you can go back to playing games and chatting now! See ya this weekend!
Carmen Ellis
Weird Folk artist
Meet Mousiechen
'( My Oma called me that when I was little ) Hey I could have named him Potato toes! That is what my Opa called me because I got my toe stuck in the kitchen table legs!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ghost Feather Tree ornie- nodder

I so forgot to show you guys this ghosty listing. You get 2...TWo! OOAK hand sculpted feather tree ornies. One is 3 baby ghosts peeking out of a pumpkin on a little wooden wagon. The other ornie is mom with a rusty spring ( from our barn ) nodder type neck. Both ornies are made of paper clay and have antique brass findings so you can hang them on a tree or sit them on a shelf. They are sweet and one of a kind!
I listed them as a buy now in my Ebay shop and here is the linky dinky doo!

Ebay 2 ornie listing click here

There are lots of other goodies in my ebay shop so if you like look around!
It seems this week folks are having fun buying prints!
Also the secret contest still goes...if you read this blog you will be entered to win a spookyhollow tshirt! I hope they get there this week but when I get them the winner will get one. It will be white and size large.

Hey if anyone out there is really good with photo shop I need new banners and things!
Please email me if you have HIGH banner making skills loL! at ya very soon!
Carmen Ellis FOlk artist

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wonderland & who's payng attention? LOL

Hello Blogger friends! Oh my gosh I got so much done this week and today! I just listed 5 new art goodies in my Ebay shop! If you go look there is one new Larger painting that I honestly love called Wonderland. I did it with lots of different inks and my Opa's ( grandpas ) antique Russian Watercolors. I wish you could see it in person! I also got a little Grimmy Owl lover ACEO finished up and listed. The clay - paper mache Grimmy owl lover is all done and he is about 14 inches high! If you follow me or Grimmy Reaper on facebook you will recognize him because he married Alan Cunningham's beautiful Doll house doll he sent Grimmy as a gift and bride lol! There is also a clay Grimmy who is quoting Hamlet...he even holds poor Yorick in his little boney hands! Then you will find 2 ornaments in ONE auction! It is ghosty and her babies. Ghosty is a clay ornie nodder! Her neck is an antique spring from our barn. The babies and pumpkin are on a tiny wooden wagon. I think there is more but right now my brain is fried! When I wasn't finishing up art, shipping out art, making new art I was taking care of a sick child and pulling weeds until the cows come home. I HATE WEEDS! I think I lost 10 lbs just from pulling weeds! TRy it it works lol!
I also want to see who really reads my blog posts....So...
If you are reading this...make a little post about anything you like. Next Sunday I will pick one person and send them a free Spooky HOllow gift!
( very possibly a tshirt....unless I dont get them on time lol! )
Other then that there are some fun new things you can do at my website
There are free Spooky Hollow Ecards! If for some reason they don't load for you PLEASE TELL ME! There is also free Spooky Hollow wallpaper you can grab! ( to be used on your pc only not for reproduction in any way...) Fine print lol..
So basically what i am saying is...
Please use it as wallpaper not a pattern BHAHAHAHAHHAA!
Omgosh I'm tired!
While I am rambling due to tiredness....
I hope my groups are reading this..I feel so bad. I am horrible at posting to my groups. Especially since the garden was tilled lol.
I belong to PFATT, AHQU and MHA...So group friends please be patient with me!
I just stink at networking. Facebook is fun and easy for me but for some reason I get all confused with the Ebay groups. I find the posts confusing but then again in the 80's I used to bleach my hair a lot and I think it seeped into my brain.
Funny I just bought some bleach highlight stuff..maybe I shouldn't use it!
Ok..gonna shut up now, post some pictures of new work that is listed and then fall over!
God bless everyone!
Carmen Ellis

You can find many of these goodies in my EBAY and ETSY SHOPS! The links are to the right of this post somewhere lol!


Im up for auction in Ebay! Search PFATT!

For sale in my Ebay shoP!

This is the free illustration that goes with Hamlet Grimmy!

This will be in my Etsy shop it is 3d done on canvas with clay and paint!
All framed art are originals and for sale

Mama Nodder orny and babies! ( this is a set forsale in my Ebay shop )

ACEO in my Ebay shop!

Large 15 by 11 painting in my Ebay shop!
You can find my shops, fun stuff and loads of pics at my home page
Please visit and join my site!