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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tshirt winner & Ornie Giveaway!

HEY ALL! Ok...a few blog posts ago I had a little secret giveway inside. I wanted to see who really reads any of my blogs and I got lots of emails and posts here and on facebook! To those of you who actually read my blog and posted, I put all your names in a hat so to speak and the winner of the Spooky Hollow Tshirt is.....drum roll please..


Moriah please email me at The Tshirt I have in an XL white with a Spooky Hollow guy logo on the front! Tell me where to send it please!

I almost have my cafe press tshirt shop ready..please hang with me while I finish it up! When I do I will have a link here and at my home page so you can go buy Grimmy shirts and things! Now on to the contest!

The new giveaway is for a little clay chenille ornie! I have one listed in my ebay as an auction this week but this guy is going to go home with some lucky blog reader! How do you enter you ask??
Just post anything you like right here! In a week or so I will pull a new name from the "hat".
( btw my contests are never rigged. I actually pick very randomly lol )

A few more things today....I have 2 auctions in Ebay ending today! Hurry! One is for a Grimmy art doll and the other is for a larger painting I call wonderland. If you go here
You will find both auctions.

Tonight at 7 pm Eastern time a New
I will also have the pink Feather tree ornie man up for auction!

Not only are there new goodies in my Ebay store but I listed 3 new items in my Etsy shop!
I would love for you to go peek!
Click here to see my ETSY SHOP!

So before I go and let you go back to your Sunday relaxing here are some photos of the goodies
and a short HORRIBLE home made video of some of my finished work.
( I did notice near the end I think you can see a Chicken lips snowman and a Johanna Parker kitty! NOT MY WORK LOL! )

So have fun with the photos and God bless your Sunday!
Hugs and creepies,
Carmen Ellis

This painting is up for auction in my ebay shop ending very soon!

This Grimmy Auction will go live tonight at 7pm!

This Kitty is not forsale yet but the 2 ornaments with him are in my Etsy shop!

This new cutie is a Candy container / pull toy! You can find him in my Etsy shop!

This ornie is a new Ebay auction this week but also one like it is the contest prize!!

If you need help finding anything in my shops please email me!


KatHreN said...

I love your blog revamp!!! I wish I could do all that it looks wonderful!!!

meeyeehere said...

Super cute stuff!!!!!!!!! I like your style,it is much like my own!!!! I don't know many folks that like the cute and spooky! Ha! Yeah,um,I would love to win the ornie so please count me in.Thanks!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I always read your Blog even if I don't have time to comment :)

I love your new creations and have been a fan on Etsy. My favorite one right now is the Snowman pull toy...wonderful!

Wishing you a lovely evening,
LuLu Kellogg

Sammamish7 said...

Love your art Carmen ~ "Wizard Bunny" and "Sir Boo A Lot" say hello!

Sammamish7 said...

Love your art Carmen! "Wizard Bunny" and "Sir Boo A Lot" say "Hello"!

Back In Tyme Primitives said...

~~ I love your blog!! cute stuff....I would just love to win the ornie...

Prim Hugs