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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of new goodies in Etsy!

I listed a lot of new goodies in my Spooky Hollow Etsy store just now so I thought I would give folks a heads up...I will post a sneak peek of some things listed and some I haven't gotten to yet. 
There is a pay it forward listing in my shop also. Wonder if someone will see? LOL...

Ok...Sneak peek!

Ok that is all the peeks you get. If you wanna go see some of the new stuff please go here:

Oh and I am gonna announce a Contest winner for the Bracelet on FRIDAY!!!!!

If you want to know more about the contest scroll down please..

I already have another contest waiting to start!!!!

See ya all tomorrow...I think. I might end up painting all day tomorrow!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Grab a banner if you like!

Here are a few banners and you can link them to....


If you link me I will link ya back! TY!

My FirstBlog Award and Myspace!

Weeeeeeee I got an award today from my Fellow artist and Friend Sarah! She has a must see blog here...

Now I am gonna pass this award on! To those of you I give it too you need to do what it says below! Just write over the 7 things I love and add it to your blog!...

List 7 things your love.-

Put a link to the one who picked you.-

Choose others to pass the award to.- Notify them of the award.

Seven more things I love..
1. Thunderstorms! I wish we had one daily lol
2. A good ghost story! Book, movie doesnt matter as long as it has something to do with a haunting!
3. Halloween Beads! I collect them from all over the world!
4. Playing my guitar. I am not great yet but not too bad either!
5. Crafting...Omgosh I craft daily be it painting, charm making, crocheting..LUVS IT!
6. Oh Bath and Body Jasmine Vanilla Hair products. The smell stays for days! Whatever happened to the shampoo Gee your hair smells terrific that is what I wanna know!
7. Having my entire family home goofing around and eating! I have 1 grown son, 1 18 yr old daughter, 13 yr old son and my surprise a boy who is 6!

I will send this one off to...

They are all amazing talented artists!!!

Hey I made a myspace and would love to invite folks to friend me!

Here is my myspace URL

Come friend me!!

Off to take some pics, finish up a few surprises and check for Contest entires!

Don't forget to refer your friends to my blog and try to win! Scroll down a bit for the contest post!!!

Have a wonderful Monday if that is possible!!!! HEH!

Carmen Aka Spooky Hollow

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Guest Spot Light WovenLotus!!! Amazing spooky Photographer and graphic artist!

Hey Peeps and Minions lol!
Today I would love to introduce you to an amazing Spooky photographer I met on Etsy! She is the one who made my too cute to spook Banner that is in black and white.  Her Etsy name is MadHouseMauly. I asked her to send something to me talking about herself..this is her quote.

"My obsession is my photography; i roam the countryside looking for abandoned, haunted, creepy, morbid looking places. My grandfather was a photographer as is my mother. My mother started me out young visiting cemeteries, historical landmarks and abandoned places. I strive to capture the feeling of each place a visit in each photograph.
100% of profits go towards my charity ~ WovenLotus. Created to help comfort survivors of sexual violence. We can do it with your help!"

Please check out her NON PROFIT website above and her Etsy store here!
I am totally in love with her photography! I wish I could take her to a local cemetary here in Indianapolis. It is out in the country and very old. The stones are so Gothic and aged. I know she would capture the surreal beauty of it!

Here are few of her photographs that she sent me...ENJOY! 
She just started making custom graphics for folks so please give her a visit and tell her Carmen from Spooky Hollow sent ya!

Hey and don't forget about my win a Goth Charm bracelet contest..Just scroll down and tell your friends! Thanks so much for helping me get the word out about Spooky and Spooky Hollow Etsy!
BTW PLEASE READ! I am getting lots of new followers for the CONTEST but I need to know who is referring them. That way I can pick the winner soon. So if you are following and were sent here or referred to my blog would you please email me here and tell me who referred you??? Thank you!

The contest rules are below btw
Good luck and thank you so much!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today is the Grand Opening of my new ETSY SHOP SPOOKY HOLLOW!  
All of my Spooky Hollow Character items like paintings, prints, altered art jewelry will be placed there!
You will also find Hand made Halloween Gothic Jewelry there!  I have been listing this and that today and hope to get the store nice and filled up by tomorrow. My other Etsy shop will be for non Halloween and or goth items. In th
ere you will find some beads, bead kits, animal jewelry, charms and other goodies that are non spooky.

I would like to run a contest for my SPOOKY HOLLOW GRAND OPENING!
All you have to do is get a friend to follow this blog!

The contest will be over when we get 15 new followers.

The person with the most follower referals will win.......

A Halloween Goth Charm Bracelet valued between 45-60 dollars!

It will look similar to this one, ( I also added a pic of the pretty bag it comes in )

What you do is tell your friends about my blog. This is the link.....

If your friends click to follow this blog just email me with the names of the friends that are following and your blog name.

So again the person with the most friends who click follow this blog will win!  As soon as we get 15 new followers I will announce the winner and ship it out!

I totally hand make all my charm bracelets with unique charms and beads from all over the world and include a hand made charm of my Spooky Hollow guys!  Each charm bracelet comes in a beautiful orange gift bag with gold stars!

Good luck!!!

So on your mark...get set.....TELL YOUR FRIENDS LOL! 
My email is :

Please put contest in the subject line! 

For Etsy store peeps! Charm photo choices!

As seen in my Etsy Listing here:

Here are some photos of my Spooky Hollow original painting prints.
You can pick any photo you like for your custom charm.

Tomorrow I will feature my new friend in the blog! She is the amazing spooky photographer!

Here are the photos for charm choices and have a great Day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My little guys are finally done!

I finally got my little ghost and reaper sculptures done. Now I need to do the witch and vampire. They still need some touching up! Also here are some finished charm bracelets that I am listing in my Etsy store asap!  Oh but first.........KITTEN UPDATES! If you see something in my blog you like please email me! I forgot to mention yesterday that I can also make charms out of my old Spooky Hollow paintings! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Sign our lonely guest book ok? LOL