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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm back.......

After 3 days of confusion I finally was able to log into this blogger. See what happens when you neglect it lol! 

I wanted to post a few things that I have finished Halloween related! Also I am doing the happy dance because yesterday I sold My new Spooky Hollow
 painting number 20 in the series! The photo of  My sold painting is below...No worries I made wonderful Prints of it to sell In Etsy and Ebay!

The pic to the left is one of the prints!

I also have number 19 listed in my Etsy Store! 

Right now I am working on Spooky Hollow 21! My new characters this year are Nostrocuteness..the green Vampire and Grimmy Reaper....The little cute reaper guy. Grimmy is the son of GRIM..
Don't ask I am wierd like that!

More stuff I have finished are really pretty Halloween jewelry! Check out the slide show!
It is on the side bar of this blog!

I feel pretty bad about neglecting this blog so I promise to post at least 3 times per week if not daily.

Oh and let me share with you the new Etsy Team I joined!

I have gone to the dark side...ETSY DARK SIDE! Amazing Halloween artists! I am still very new there and learning what I need to do with the Team..but you gotta check out the awesome Halloween Creations!

Until tomorrow..this is folkartist C. E signing off. <-- I need to go paint!

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Witch Hollow Primitives said...

Yea!!! you found me, I found you too. I was over at your etsy shop, hearted ya of course. I love your work, very inspiring to say the least. Welcome to the blog world lol!