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Monday, May 31, 2010

Spooky Hollow Free Ecards & Membership!

I have been working on my home page most of the morning and wanted to let you know about some fun goodies I added! First off you can go to my home page and send free Spooky Hollow Ecards! You can pick for 20 different photos of my art and choose backgrounds, occasions you name it!

ALso if you go to my home page you can become a Spooky Hollow Member! Members get to see new art pieces FIRST...get special email updates...contest chances and some discounts! To become a member go to my home page here,,,

Look at the upper right hand of the page and you will see Log in with facebook or register.

If you have a facebook account all you can join that way! I think that is a really cool feature. I also added chat at the very bottom of my pages. I plan on adding more fun stuff so keep checking.

Right now at the home page I made a free desktop wallpaper for you!
This week I will be bringing back the Cafe Press store so you can buy Spooky Hollow Tshirts and things!

Some please come play at my homepage and Have a happy special Memorial day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spooky Hollow Story book Plus!

Hey yall! We I finally made a definite decision to do a Spooky Hollow children's story book! I have a zillion ideas floating around so this week I am going to really focus on the book. Hopefully it will be good enough to get published but you just never know. Wish me lots of luck on this project please!
Also today at my Ebay store a little clay ghost nodder is ending! It has lots of watchers so if you like please go check it out!
Click here for the auction...btw it is OOAK I never use molds!

I will be starting a new auction later today!

Also this week I finished a project that frankly I am very proud of! His name is
Luke AT Da Lightning bug and he is a 3rd cousin twice removed of Grimmy Reaper!
( How the undead is related to a bug I have no clue! ) hehe

Luke is 16 inches high, OOAK sculpted out of paper clay and other materials. If you turn him around his bootay lights up lol! He has a green silicone bulb that glows so pretty at night! He stands on a wooden base, is somewhat aged and of course signed and dated. He is a new Spooky Hollow Character and a FIRST EDITION! If you would like to see him or purchase him please CLICK HERE for the Etsy store listing!

Luke and some of my Alice in Wonderland ornies Might be in the summer Issue of 365!!!

I also have some Halloween ornies that I need to list that might make it into the Halloween 365 Edition! WEEEEE LOL!

Ok, Here are some photos of some illustrations ( ink and watercolor paintings) I finished yesterday.
Uncle Grimmy will be turned into 4th of July ornies today along with some other characters and FARMER GRIMMY will be up for sale as prints today in my shops.

If you ever want to really keep up on what is new Art wise your best bet is to follow Spooky Hollow on face book. I post there almost daily and Even Grimmy has his own fan page! He is such a flirt with the ladies!

My facebook user name and page is!/spookyhollow

Grimmy Reapers fan page is!/pages/Grimmy-Reaper/121735364503253

Here are some photos of finished illustrations and paintings and some almost complete!

Almost done need to do ink work and fix some boo boo's!

The size of the painting above is 11 by 15

This is Farmer Grimmy! Pretty sure this is part of the story book I am writing! This is done in Inks and watercolors on Strathmore cold press paper 140 lb weight and measures 11 by 15

You knew I had to do a barn right lol! This is basically our barn with a face!

Uncle Grimmy! This piece will be a card and I will also turn the illustration into chenille 4th of July ornies with embellishments. When Done I will post them for you!

Later today I will make prints of this available in both my Etsy and Ebay shops. I am not ready to sell the original just yet!

Well I have lots to finish...lots to work on and a ton or ornies to make~!

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and God Bless

Carmen Ellis


( btw My website has some boo boos on it I need to fix so ignore the spaces lol! )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winner & Golden Grimmy award!

First I would like to announce the winner of a Block Head Grimmy ornament! The winner is a new follower of Grimmy Reaper and her name was picked randomly from the followers list...

COngrats goes to....Rayana Karina Martins!!!

Rayanna please send me or Grimmy your address so we can mail it out to you!!!

Email me at

Also BOB LEE is the first winner of the Golden GRIMMY AWARD...
( This coveted award is for Cool Human artists who do good art. ) Those are Grimmy's words not mine...cough.

Bob Lee please grab the golden Grimmy photo and watch for a package with a little golden Grimmy for your mantel..Cough lol..

or you can place it in the back of your closet!

Ok that was a quick post for today but posting again tomorrow to show folks my new ornies and goodies! I did finally get the ALICE piece done and am including a pic of that!

So before I go..
If you have a blog or home page...even a myspace, you are a HUMAN artist who does good art...
You might just get a golden Grimmy award!!

Carmen & Grimmy