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Thursday, August 13, 2009

HI and an update!

above is a winter scene I am working on for Christmas listings

Hey everyone I am so sorry I havent posted much lately. As many of you know my main pc finally bit the dust. It looks like a new hard drive will save it but I need to wait until payday to get it..Needless to say getting anything done online has been rough since I only have this mini laptop. Very glad I bought it though! I have been working away on lots of Halloween jewelry I will be listing very very soon including scrabble tile necklaces, anitque brass pendants with little fine art bubble cabs and of course amazing charm bracelets. I have all my Halloween beads back! The owls that folks love, the crystal cut orange, yellow and black beads, swavorski crystals and new lampwork Halloween guys you havent even seen yet! I also will be listing about 3 or 4 paintings very soon. I will have all my Halloween goodies up Sept 1st including the Haunted Doll house I built! This doll house will come with countless minis, spooks, lights the works! Even a creepy skeleton in a miniature wood coffin. The coffin is of amazing quality even has a metal thing with wheels and a lid. So as you can see I have so much to post online and hopefully I will get my main pc back soon. I am typing this on my mini laptop and I know there will be tons of typos. I need baby fingers to type lol!

I am also going to have a contest in Sept...One lucky person will win A spooky Lampwork Halloween Jewelry set! So please check back often! Here are a few pics of just some goodies I have done but need to list!
Have an amazing day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

.99 cent owl necklace auction & bracelets are up!

Hey Folks I told you I would post when I got the 2 Halloween/owl charm bracelets up so here they are in my Ebay store! I also listed a .99 free shipping owl necklace auction! Here is my store link

I listed the vintage brass charm bracelet and the silver one. Both are totally unique and loaded with adorable Halloween lampwork beads and charms! Don't forget whoever buys these gets the Owl and black crow charm freebies I showed you yesterday!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my buddy Bob! Bob congrats on being on Ghost adventures!! I am so very happy for you and NO one deserves it more!

Have a great day everyone!

Spooky Hollow Folk Art

Ps, If you would like to buy a Altered Art Halloween & owl Charm bracelet you can email me for a custom one where you pic the characters, findings and more!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Freebie w sale of Charm bracelet HOOT owl pendant & Black crow!!

Hey everyone! I have been going absolutely nuts because my main pc with everything I need has crashed big time. I knew it was coming because it sounds like a sick cricket. It took me almost all day to edit these photos and get them posted to the web. I am mainly using my mini laptop and that is not easy. So here are a bunch of photos of....

2 new charm bracelets that I am listing in EBAY tomorrow

1 is antique bronze oxidized settings and I finally have my orangle and black crystal cut glass beads back in. I also got in the big fat lampwork bead owl charms and some new guys...I LOVE THESE NEW GUYS!

I have these amazing HEAVY realistic Owl and Black crow Charms but A very limited supply.

If you purchase either of these charm bracelets that I am going to show you EMAIL me and I will give you one of the new OWL and Black Crow charms for your bracelet!

They will be listed some time tomorrow in my Ebay store or if you don't want to wait EMAIL me with CHARM bracelet in the subject line at


The price on each bracelet is $55. There are times I cant keep any in stock so first come first serve. There is only one antiqued and one Silver. These have the best of my beads and charms and characters!!

I noticed yesterday at Micheals that all the Halloween stuff is out so I better take a day or 2 and totally dedicate them to my bracelets!!

So anywho I am also listing Ghost Cat tomorrow and some other goodies like Scrabble tile pendants. They have really been selling well lately on Etsy!

So here are the pics have fun peeking at bracelets, haunted doll house...OH about the Haunted Doll house! I found this old creepy doll house organ and placed it in the living room behind the guy in the coffin! I will take a pic tomorrow for you! This is just about done and I will be selling it very soon!

What else did I show you?? Oh hand made character bubble charms, MY puppy and Jerry the black cat snuggling lol....Oh heck and stuff!

Have a great day!! Monday I will be a busy bee listing the goodies I am showing you! I will make a quick post when they are up and in my shops!

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