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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Art Dolls & OOAK Art Cards listed in my Ebay shop!

Hey I got Grim in the box, Grimmy and wormy and the new years OOAK watercolor art card listed in my ebay shop! Each is an auction/ buy now. Take a peek and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We have our sparkling Grape Juice ready lol! ( Yah I live life on the wild side hehe ) Be safe and have fun!!!

Check out my goodies at my Ebay store here! You can also join my newsletter there so you don't miss out on new Creations!

Carmen Ellis

Monday, December 28, 2009

GRim in the box & Zig zag fun!

Usually when folks don't hear from me in a week or so they know I am coming up with new Spooky Hollow creations. Well this week I finished 2 larger pieces and some water color paintings turned into hand made cards. I am having lots of fun with the card making process since the other day I used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine by accident lol! Now I am zig zagging here...zig zagging there.....Zig Zagging Every Where!
Under the photos I will give you a description of the goodie and I will list all of it this week. If you see something you like before I list it just email me!
Here are the pics!

Finally done is Grim in the box! A paper clay creation standing 10 inches tall! I used an antique rusty spring and this guy wobbles all over the place. It is actually funny when he wobbles because LIKE ME he has this pathetic worried face and shivers lol!

See the little hand made card? I zig zagged that on my sewing machine!! WHOOP WHOOP!
Oh and the Box is hand painted on all sides of course!
Grim in the box has 3 silver jingle bells on his hat and a red glittered crepe paper collar!

I aged the box just a bit and painted curtains on 2 sides of the box mimicking Jack in the boxes of days gone by.

The hand painted grim has 3 pretty golden rhinestones for more glitz and shimmer. Spooky Hollow may have lots of cute dead critters lol...but we love GLITTER and shine! ( I like shiny things! ) Kinda like crows do....and weasels...weasels like shiny stuff right?? :)

As I said before...A face only his MUMMY could love heheheh!

You didn't know he was best buds with Yule Brinner did you???

This is my new Grimmy reaper....son of Grim Piece! He has a new friend that I included for my son. It is his worm Wormy! My little boy has had an imaginary worm friend since he could talk so I decided to bring wormy to life!

I knew all those scrabble tiles would come in handY!!!
Did I mention Grimmy and Wormy are about 10 inches tall and made of paper clay and paper mache??? If so I just did again hehehhehhehheheheh

OH OH OH! These are my watercolor paintings turned handmade cards! FUN FUN! they have lace, eyelash yarn, rhinestones, buttons, snowflakes and just oodles of detail! They even come with envelopes!!! yah Im hearing the oooowwwws and ahhhhhs now !!! Giggle!

I loved how this one turned out. I used textured paint for the snow and of course zig zag sewed the post card to the card! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh sorry got carried away....
Both cards will be in my Ebay or Etsy shops I haven't made up my mind yet lol If I use ebay more people see my work but it costs a fortune. If I use Etsy I might get 10 folks to see it and it is cheap...more then you needed to know huh?

This card is a PRINT of the watercolor card I made...I decided to make it a bit 3 d-ish!
Grimmy just pops out at cha especially if you are drunk this new years eve!!!

You can even open it duh and play with plastic!!! Bubbles and snowflakes...lift it bubbles or snowflakes...put it down..bubbles snow...oh ...I got carried away again...
Yes I have even discovered different paper punches including mice hehehehe I LOVE MICE!
not real ones just cute artsy ones....:)

This is the original...meaning not a print...HEHE! Oh Dear Lord I have been so stressed I am losin it!

Before I go....
I have made some really close and wonderful friends online in the art world. So I wanted to share with my friends that our family is going through a really tough time this year. This has been the hardest Christmas we have ever gone through as a family and by the Grace of God my children did have a nice Christmas. I am a complete ball of stress and I have one tiny frazzled nerve left lol. For other folks going through the stress of the bad are in my prayers. Keep us in yours ok?

Hugs and thanks!
Carmen of Spooky Hollow Folk art.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Are you ready???

Are you ready for the 2 New Large Creepy yet Cute Grimmy Holiday Pieces Reveal?? Watch later today for Photos of the only 2 large Grimmy pieces available before Christmas! Each one is totally OOAK hand sculpted and signed as limited editions by the! They will ship out priority to their lucky new owners! So are you ready or are you scared??? MUHAHAHHAHAHA!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Clay Peeks including 2 new large Grimmies!

HELLLLO!!! Oh I have been a busy bee this week! Last night I was working on 2 new large Grimmies and was totally covered in clay. Normally I do everything in my studio room buy my son wanted me to watch all the cool old Christmas specials like Rudolph, Santa Clause is coming to town and all the rest. It was non stop puppet tv and very inspiring lol! My favorite characters form those old specials are...1. Heat miser....Ok it is like this. My mom came from Germany and has a really heavy German accent. My mom also used to have red hair. Well when my brothers and I were growing up and Heat Miser would come on we would laugh and yell because in some strange way he respembled my mom LOL!!! No I am not picking on my mom she was totally beautiful! But with the Red hair and German Temper...Heat Miser hehe! She even laughs about it. My other favorite Character is The snow monster in Rudolph and The Wizard in Santa Clause is Coming to town. They just don't make shows like that anymore. Yah I saw the Miser Brothers Christmas and they changed things to much. I don't like change hehe! Don't you just love the tiny Heat misers that come dancing around!!! BAHAHAHHAHA! Another thing about those shows...most everyone was German! So when The Burger Meister Meister Burger falls on the toy...My German side of the family just died laughing! So now you know..I am half German. Must be why I love Vintage Christmas because Germans Know Christmas ART LOL!
Ok didn't mean to go off on a I love Heat Miser tangent...( I might try to make a little Heat miser this week..wish me luck...WIll borrow some red hair from mom..hehe

OK!! Sneak Peeeeeks! Some pics of a new Snowman and Reindeer Piece I have DONE and will list any day now and some new large Grimmies. The Grimmy Pieces are naked...He is shy don't say anything ok???

One of the Grimmies is a special request for a nice lady who was sad that she missed the auction!

Have an amazing sunday and I am off to paint some Naked Grimmies and get boxes packed for the post man tomorrow! So much to do so little time!

Oh Yah,
( Im my best German Accent ) AUFEEEEDERZAINE!!!!!! How did you like the spelling there looool....

Ok how about this one..

Iche Liebe Christmas!!!!
Carmen Ellis Spooky HOllow .net

2 Water color aceo's not finished with my messy doodle pad on the bottom...can you see Artic Puffin from ELF??

Sold 13 inch Elf 14 inch Grimmy and New Santa Grimmy in the works 15-16 inches!

The snowman piece will be listed in my Ebay store this week! It is over a foot tall with 3 Reindeer and the snowman hugging Rudolph at that top. They are set upon an old wooden candle stick and the work is totally by hand. No molds. I used vintage mercury glass ornaments on each deer and the sign at the bottom says Hug A Deer Day!

Bye ya again!