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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey all you creep lovers out there! So far Edgar is the only character with Flesh lol.

Edgar is a grumpy little fellow who's best friend in the world is Grimmy Reaper! Actually Grimmy likes to hang out with poor Edgar so much Edgar gets a bit peeved. I thought I should also tell you that Grimmy now has a boat load of cousins ranging from tiny to very tiny...

Grimmies tend to multiply like rabbits!

so I am posting a few new illustrations I came up of Edgar, Grimmy and the regular Spooky Hollow gang and the new smaller and younger Spooky Hollow characters...

The Spoo-kins!

Spoo-kins are like baby versions of old Spooky Hollow gang and do they get themselves in trouble! Keep watching my blog, Ebay and facebook for new Spooky Hollow/ Spoo-kins art! Right now I am on a post card kick lol.

When I draw out my guys I only use the best of the best inks and papers. I also will be doing a few on ACEO sized illustration board.

Right now if you go to my Ebay Store I have 2 postcards listed and one Painting.

One postcard is totally done in Sepia ink made in Italy. I used a quill pen and love how it turned out!
Because of that post card listing I have a new commission piece I am working on! When the piece is finished it will be part of a wonderful book. More about that later though!

Now about the contest! The key to winning is spreading the word around about Spoo-kins and Edgar!

Post right here at the blog and get one entry.

share this post via facebook or Twitter and get 2 entries!

Post about my guys in your blog and you get another entry.

the more you share the more chances to win....
What do you win?
why you will win the illustration shown in color with the brick background and a clay Edgar that I am working on today!

So whoever wins will get the very first Edgar in clay and the VERY first Spoo-kins Illustration ever made!

If you have any questions about how to enter just email me at
So here are the new guys and I seriously would love to hear your comments!

Oh and this week I am trying to list a new item To my Ebay store daily....This weekend will be the big New Grimmy/moon and cat piece!!!! Don't miss that one!

Meet Edgar Spoo-Kins above!

You could call him a grump butt!

This post card was done ONLY with sepia ink!

You can bid on it by clicking the link above!

Later Prints will be made of all the illustrations shown here so if you want go grab the originals!~

Tiny annoying Grimmy cousin! Spoo-kin Grimmy!

You can bid on it

You can find this original ink and watercolor postcard in my ebay store!

The illustration above is part of the prize! It is the very first Spoo-kins I made!
The fuzzy part was a smudge on the camera lense loool!

I'm crazy happy about how many watchers i have already!

Oh and I hope you do go visit my auctions because a lot of love was put into the template and music!

One way to easily find my auctions is type PFATT in the Ebay search box...I will be mingled in there with some amazing artists!

( I love this group they are so nice and I feel so welcome there! )

Ok start sharing this post and post a comment if you would like to be entered to win SPOO-KINS and Edgar! ....

I am going to go finish up Clay Edgar for you guys and post a pic of all the finished clay spoo-kins as soon as they are done! I also need to make a mummy huh?

Have a booooooo ti ful day!

( btw tiny print...all images and photos are copyright protected and sole property of

hate putting that there but lately an artist needs too!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Howling bunny Just for fun!

You have to watch this lol.....I am so interested in claymation and when I watched this cute video I had to share it!
God bless your day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Grimmy & Spoo-kins!

Oh I have so much to show you! Lately I have been working my buns off on photos and graphics. I am finding it so fun editing my photos and spending way too much time on it lol! Today I have some finished pieces I want to show you and some new ones I am working on. I also wanted to take a mintute and talk about copyright. Lately it seems like all I read online is how some artists are taking ideas and copying from other artists. I see it everywhere I go this week. I thought I would share what I know about protecting your original work.

First off...If you created some art and posted it to the net like I do you really are already protected somewhat but I think it is better to have a back up plan. We decided to go through legal zoom awhile back and it was fast, inexpensive and painless. There is also a sight I just learned about via facebook called Copyright deposit. You pay a very small fee, upload photos and descriptions of your work and the very next day you get a copyright number. This is a great way to back up your work and new pieces! Super Grimmy and my other new goodies were backed up that way last night.

Here is the link and I strongly recommend it these days.


Most folks are good people who don't steal work, ideas or even graphics but I am finding out that there are lots of not so good people who don't think twice about taking work that does not belong to them and claiming it as their own. Ok that was my 2 cents on that subject now on to the next!

Recently I was asked by the sweetest lady to be a guest blogger and she wanted me to write about what my art means to me.

First off I never planned to be a folk artist. I fell into it I guess. In school I did a lot of cartooning and illustrating but put that part of my life aside when I got married and had children. Through a series of events I picked it back up and got brave one day posting my Spooky Hollow guys to ebay...

It sold. I fainted....I painted more....They sold...I fainted more.....

So now I get to work from home doing what I love and I am so thankful to God for that.

But the question was what does my art mean to me?

More then I ever thought it would. Because of my luck with some of my painting and clay sales...

My older children are proud of what I do. My little surprise Child Jake, and just about my best friend thinks what I do is totally cool and he tries everything I do. I am smiling while writing this.

If I paint a Grimmy that boy is painting a Grimmy. If I make a new guy called Spoo-Kins..we even have some Spook-lettes coming....he is making one right along with me. When I got really lucky and sold some work to some ghost hunters...My little boy thinks I'm famous looool!

My art has created this amazing bond I have with my youngest child. ( the others are grown up and moved out - sigh) I never expected any of this out of life.

So what does my art mean to me? "The world."

I hope I get to do this until the day I become a spooky Hollow Ghost lol!

I also have a lot of dreams I hope to accomplish with my art...One day at a time...


I got a little mushy there but something made me want to share this. I love making SPooky Hollow art, I love my little boy for loving it...

I am so blessed.

( blows nose lol)

Now I would like to show you the finished piece......SUPER GRIMMY!

Super Grimmy is a larger Piece that you can actually take apart.

The moon is on top with the siggy Spooky Hollow smile, Super Grimmy is flying under the moon while Salem the cat is desperately holding on to Super Grimmy's leg! The base is a vintage block with Spooky Hollow & Vintage Halloween prints.

The black cat can be removed, The moon easily removes from Grimmy's back. I did it this way because I had no idea how to ship it if it were all one piece.

So this is art but you can also PLAY WITH IT LOOL ( adults only please not safe for little children of course )

I also got my little scared girl finsihed up and I will be listing these in my Ebay store over the weekend...finally lol.

I also added a few photos for you of the spoo-kins and a Vampire I am working on. Nostrocuteness of course the vegitarian vampire!

So please enjoy the pics, give me some feedback cause I love that lol and watch for a really really cool contest!

I am now going to go make a samich!!!

Boo to all!

Carmen Ellis


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAPPY Valentines day & bed head!

I just wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Valentine's Day! May you eat lots of chocolate...get pretty flowers or just spend the day with the people you love most!

God bless your Day and may it be a happy one!
With love and hugs from Grimmy and the Spooky Hollow gang!
Oh and from me too!
Carmen Ellis

a very spooky thing happned to me on Facebook! I went to upload a picture and my video camera turned on! I have bed head and totally panicked loooool!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Case of the Missing book & pickles!

Have I lost my mind? Am I seeing things that are not there.....hehe...

You tell me what happened. Yesterday I was taking some photos of the little clay girl I am working on and in the first photos she had a little ghost story book I made tucked under her arm. In a photo taken just minutes later but with a black background the book vanished...

scary music playing...) I have been spending most of my day trying to learn some photo editing and little bits of animation. I did come up with a little blinking banner showing you...

THE CASE OF THE MISSING BOOK! ( more scary music )

SEE FOR YOURSELF! book...then no book!

( I must be like really bored today huh? LOL )


See I made a blinky banner!!!! I know big deal but for me it is hehe... book....
Wonder If I can do that with some pics I have of Grimmy. Let's try shall we????



Ok now that you have a really bad headache I'm gonna tell you the story of the missing pickles!

Seriously scroll down so dancing Grimmy doesn't fry your brain. Mine is already gone it is too late for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ok THE CASE of the missing Pickles!

THis has been going on for like 3 weeks now. I go to the fridge to make a samitch...go to grab the pickle jar and I find it empty. Just pickle juice.

The day before that Jar was FULL...

The first time this happened my husband had dropped the pickle jar on the floor...he put the empty bottle of juice back in the, lol..

Then a few days after that I bring home a brand spankin new jar of my favorite tiny dill pickles....THE next day I open the fridge and All there is once again is a jar of pickle juice.

This time I am my husband is a klutz lol!

So...I go to Walmart and get the super sized jar of baby gerkins..."Is that how you spell Gerkins? " ANywho..

The very next day I go for my favorite pickle treat....Once again a jar of pickle juice. Now my husband can't be that clumsy so I am thinking he is playing an evil trick on me.

He gets home from work and I confront him about the pickles in question. He has no idea what I am talking about. I am totally stumped. When my daughter lived at home she would Drink the pickle juice from that jar and leave little dried up pickles. BLAH, but she moved out. So...

husband didnt do it, daughter didn't do other son lives in OH he didn't do it...

My step son hates pickles..he didnt do it.....

My 7 yr old?

But I asked my little boy the day before if he ate the pickles and he said no. He would NEVER lie he is so cute and innocent!....

So either our ghost did it or Jake my little boy.

I ask my son....


Did you eat mommy's special baby dill pickles?

With big eyes he looks up at me and says... Yes am I in trouble?

I couldn't believe it! How does a 7 year old eat an entire jar of pickles in one evening and where was i when he was doing it lol??!

He waits until I go to bed then he sneaks into the kitchen and sits there eating the entire jar!

NO WONDER he had stomach aches last week! OMG!!!

So the case of the missing pickles was solved.

Jake did it in the study with a candle stick!

The case of the missing book has not been solved yet...

It didn't walk away ..OR DID IT????


Please enjoy pics.....and I will TRY to finally get my paintings and finished goodies listed ....I am so slow at that lol!

OH OHOH and don't forget there is only one more day until the Penny Feather tree auction!!!

Just scroll down after this post and Please visit the PFATT blog website for more info!


Right now my toes and nose are ice!

Carmen ELlis the pickleless artist,

My little clay girl who is not finished yet but as you ghost story book sigh

My daughers super old cat who never leaves this box lol

Isn't this purty?!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

PFATT Penny Feather Tree auction in 3 days!

Just 3 days until the start of The Penny Feather Tree Auction on eBay! Help fight Luekemia!

I am a very new member of PFATT but I had to share this post with everyone. You HAVE to go see the Penny Feather Tree Photos over at the PFATT blog! The ornies are amazing, the tree is gorgeous and I am so proud to be a part of it. I sent a little mouse ornament in I just hope it makes it there on time! So run over to PFATT and see the The tree and all the goodies that will go up for auction!!!

Carmen Ellis

above is my little mouse ornie I sent in. Cross your fingers it gets there ontime!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creepy 100 yr old Barn video & Ghosts?

This watercolor OOAK card/ painting will be listed in my Ebay store!

Here is the video I made last week of our creepy old barn. I so wish you could see it in person. The people who lived her before loved to collect stuff. The barn is full of stuff lol! Some things you can't see in the video are all the upper levels to the barn including the hayloft in front and levels that almost reach the barn ceiling. It is a big old barn. Some things in there I find just fascinating are the old pieces of furniture...So many chairs and lamps! There is this little trailer thing. I think It was used at the fair to sell elephant ears. Its gray with a door and had wooden elephant ears on the front. I just love that thing! Then there is a big wooden looks almost like a mantel for a fireplace but it is actually some kind of maching. I have no idea what it was used for. It says Buffalo near the top and u s standard near the bottom. It almost looks steam punk~
So if you like come follow me around the barn~! Tomorrow I will post the greenhouse creepy tour...Kinda boring but if you like OLD stuff that looks creepy you might just love my little videos.
I had a few requests of me making a video of how I make a grimmy art doll. Once I figure out how to do it I will so try lol!
OH OH OH and we are having like a blizzard today! My son is home from school all snug in his bed and they are saying it is going to snow most of the day and really pick up tonight. We just had a snow storm and already have about 6 inches...! COOL! LOL
So Happy snow day and here is yer creepy barn video!
Below are some pics of finished paintings and stuff!

Need to get these listed in my shops asap!


The photo above had caused some controversy. Many folks think I caught a ghost or 2. If you look behind the weird squiggly thing it looks like a face profile of a man with a mustache and sideburns. There are 2 other face like things..can you find them? Ghosts or light stuff lol...U decide! I vote ghosts...

I have lots to get done today so God bless your day and stay warm!
Going to go list some goodies and finish some clay pieces...
Carmen Ellis

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Happy JOY JOY!!!

this new finished painting will be listed in my Ebay store asap!

Cupid Grimmy is for sale in my Ebay store!

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! No more computer issues!!! My poor husband tried to fix my old pc so many times it just just ridiculous! Thank goodness it finally pooped out cause I got a shiny new laptop lol! Now I have lots of catching up to do! I have new graphics in the works, lots of new goodies to list in Ebay and Etsy and so so many surprises coming up!! I do want to thank the wonderful artists of PFATT for asking me to join their wonderful Ebay group. They are so nice, so fun and sooooo talented! Check out the Penny Tree auction banner below! So cool. I got in a little late but did send a little mouse ornament today.

Oh I also emailed the winners of the name the spook contest I had before the old pc kicked the bucket. I picked them by sort of tossing all the names in a hat of the folks who sent me ideas. I got some posted here, a lot on facebook and even some in email. The names I love and WILL USE are so far....OOKY for the big green monster, DE COMPOSE for the little guy in a long night shirt. Those names made me Laugh out loud so I had to use them!~ I still have a few spooks to name so I will get back to you on that one lol

Now my job is to play catch up online and finish up 2 new clay guys. Well actually one is a clay girl inspired by vintage Halloween postcards. The other is a Grimmy of course but this time he is sort a super Grimmy flying with Salem the cat hanging on for dear life! I liked how Salem turned out so much I am making a similar version of each popular Spooky Hollow Character.

So breaking the news down....

New graphics are a comin!

Animation is coming.....Muhahahhahahahha!!!

New goodies will be listed in my Ebay and Etsy shops very very soon!

ALmost done with the 2 new clay art dolls and....

I'm still doing back flips cause I have a new laptop! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! It even smells new!

I vow to never browse without virus protection again! It set me back like 3 months lol!

Oky DOKY here are some pics for ya and tomorrow I'm going to post a video of our creepy barn tour. Folks on facebook saw it but I thought you guys might want to see how spooky that place is. I also made a video of the creepy Greenhouse. With love and care maybe just maybe it won't be so creepy this fall....wish me luck on that I don't have much of a green thumb.

I killed an aloe plant. NO ONE KILLS AN ALOE PLANT!

Talk at cha tomorrow!!!

( Going to share photos of a new painting , kittens of course and some misc fun stuff! )

Carmen Ellis of SPooky