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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hey all you creep lovers out there! So far Edgar is the only character with Flesh lol.

Edgar is a grumpy little fellow who's best friend in the world is Grimmy Reaper! Actually Grimmy likes to hang out with poor Edgar so much Edgar gets a bit peeved. I thought I should also tell you that Grimmy now has a boat load of cousins ranging from tiny to very tiny...

Grimmies tend to multiply like rabbits!

so I am posting a few new illustrations I came up of Edgar, Grimmy and the regular Spooky Hollow gang and the new smaller and younger Spooky Hollow characters...

The Spoo-kins!

Spoo-kins are like baby versions of old Spooky Hollow gang and do they get themselves in trouble! Keep watching my blog, Ebay and facebook for new Spooky Hollow/ Spoo-kins art! Right now I am on a post card kick lol.

When I draw out my guys I only use the best of the best inks and papers. I also will be doing a few on ACEO sized illustration board.

Right now if you go to my Ebay Store I have 2 postcards listed and one Painting.

One postcard is totally done in Sepia ink made in Italy. I used a quill pen and love how it turned out!
Because of that post card listing I have a new commission piece I am working on! When the piece is finished it will be part of a wonderful book. More about that later though!

Now about the contest! The key to winning is spreading the word around about Spoo-kins and Edgar!

Post right here at the blog and get one entry.

share this post via facebook or Twitter and get 2 entries!

Post about my guys in your blog and you get another entry.

the more you share the more chances to win....
What do you win?
why you will win the illustration shown in color with the brick background and a clay Edgar that I am working on today!

So whoever wins will get the very first Edgar in clay and the VERY first Spoo-kins Illustration ever made!

If you have any questions about how to enter just email me at
So here are the new guys and I seriously would love to hear your comments!

Oh and this week I am trying to list a new item To my Ebay store daily....This weekend will be the big New Grimmy/moon and cat piece!!!! Don't miss that one!

Meet Edgar Spoo-Kins above!

You could call him a grump butt!

This post card was done ONLY with sepia ink!

You can bid on it by clicking the link above!

Later Prints will be made of all the illustrations shown here so if you want go grab the originals!~

Tiny annoying Grimmy cousin! Spoo-kin Grimmy!

You can bid on it

You can find this original ink and watercolor postcard in my ebay store!

The illustration above is part of the prize! It is the very first Spoo-kins I made!
The fuzzy part was a smudge on the camera lense loool!

I'm crazy happy about how many watchers i have already!

Oh and I hope you do go visit my auctions because a lot of love was put into the template and music!

One way to easily find my auctions is type PFATT in the Ebay search box...I will be mingled in there with some amazing artists!

( I love this group they are so nice and I feel so welcome there! )

Ok start sharing this post and post a comment if you would like to be entered to win SPOO-KINS and Edgar! ....

I am going to go finish up Clay Edgar for you guys and post a pic of all the finished clay spoo-kins as soon as they are done! I also need to make a mummy huh?

Have a booooooo ti ful day!

( btw tiny print...all images and photos are copyright protected and sole property of

hate putting that there but lately an artist needs too!


Julia Finucane said...

I absolutely love those little characters. I am a huge fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a huge fan of all your art . I'm so disappointed that I did not win the little girl but I'm hoping to adopt another one of your cute critters.
Thank You,
Michelle Kruse.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Carmen, I love this Snow Day painting. Completely awesome.