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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creepy 100 yr old Barn video & Ghosts?

This watercolor OOAK card/ painting will be listed in my Ebay store!

Here is the video I made last week of our creepy old barn. I so wish you could see it in person. The people who lived her before loved to collect stuff. The barn is full of stuff lol! Some things you can't see in the video are all the upper levels to the barn including the hayloft in front and levels that almost reach the barn ceiling. It is a big old barn. Some things in there I find just fascinating are the old pieces of furniture...So many chairs and lamps! There is this little trailer thing. I think It was used at the fair to sell elephant ears. Its gray with a door and had wooden elephant ears on the front. I just love that thing! Then there is a big wooden looks almost like a mantel for a fireplace but it is actually some kind of maching. I have no idea what it was used for. It says Buffalo near the top and u s standard near the bottom. It almost looks steam punk~
So if you like come follow me around the barn~! Tomorrow I will post the greenhouse creepy tour...Kinda boring but if you like OLD stuff that looks creepy you might just love my little videos.
I had a few requests of me making a video of how I make a grimmy art doll. Once I figure out how to do it I will so try lol!
OH OH OH and we are having like a blizzard today! My son is home from school all snug in his bed and they are saying it is going to snow most of the day and really pick up tonight. We just had a snow storm and already have about 6 inches...! COOL! LOL
So Happy snow day and here is yer creepy barn video!
Below are some pics of finished paintings and stuff!

Need to get these listed in my shops asap!


The photo above had caused some controversy. Many folks think I caught a ghost or 2. If you look behind the weird squiggly thing it looks like a face profile of a man with a mustache and sideburns. There are 2 other face like things..can you find them? Ghosts or light stuff lol...U decide! I vote ghosts...

I have lots to get done today so God bless your day and stay warm!
Going to go list some goodies and finish some clay pieces...
Carmen Ellis


LLA Creations said...

The new work is great and old barns are so interesting! Hope your having fun in your new home!

Anonymous said...

Love the band!