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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Case of the Missing book & pickles!

Have I lost my mind? Am I seeing things that are not there.....hehe...

You tell me what happened. Yesterday I was taking some photos of the little clay girl I am working on and in the first photos she had a little ghost story book I made tucked under her arm. In a photo taken just minutes later but with a black background the book vanished...

scary music playing...) I have been spending most of my day trying to learn some photo editing and little bits of animation. I did come up with a little blinking banner showing you...

THE CASE OF THE MISSING BOOK! ( more scary music )

SEE FOR YOURSELF! book...then no book!

( I must be like really bored today huh? LOL )


See I made a blinky banner!!!! I know big deal but for me it is hehe... book....
Wonder If I can do that with some pics I have of Grimmy. Let's try shall we????



Ok now that you have a really bad headache I'm gonna tell you the story of the missing pickles!

Seriously scroll down so dancing Grimmy doesn't fry your brain. Mine is already gone it is too late for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Ok THE CASE of the missing Pickles!

THis has been going on for like 3 weeks now. I go to the fridge to make a samitch...go to grab the pickle jar and I find it empty. Just pickle juice.

The day before that Jar was FULL...

The first time this happened my husband had dropped the pickle jar on the floor...he put the empty bottle of juice back in the, lol..

Then a few days after that I bring home a brand spankin new jar of my favorite tiny dill pickles....THE next day I open the fridge and All there is once again is a jar of pickle juice.

This time I am my husband is a klutz lol!

So...I go to Walmart and get the super sized jar of baby gerkins..."Is that how you spell Gerkins? " ANywho..

The very next day I go for my favorite pickle treat....Once again a jar of pickle juice. Now my husband can't be that clumsy so I am thinking he is playing an evil trick on me.

He gets home from work and I confront him about the pickles in question. He has no idea what I am talking about. I am totally stumped. When my daughter lived at home she would Drink the pickle juice from that jar and leave little dried up pickles. BLAH, but she moved out. So...

husband didnt do it, daughter didn't do other son lives in OH he didn't do it...

My step son hates pickles..he didnt do it.....

My 7 yr old?

But I asked my little boy the day before if he ate the pickles and he said no. He would NEVER lie he is so cute and innocent!....

So either our ghost did it or Jake my little boy.

I ask my son....


Did you eat mommy's special baby dill pickles?

With big eyes he looks up at me and says... Yes am I in trouble?

I couldn't believe it! How does a 7 year old eat an entire jar of pickles in one evening and where was i when he was doing it lol??!

He waits until I go to bed then he sneaks into the kitchen and sits there eating the entire jar!

NO WONDER he had stomach aches last week! OMG!!!

So the case of the missing pickles was solved.

Jake did it in the study with a candle stick!

The case of the missing book has not been solved yet...

It didn't walk away ..OR DID IT????


Please enjoy pics.....and I will TRY to finally get my paintings and finished goodies listed ....I am so slow at that lol!

OH OHOH and don't forget there is only one more day until the Penny Feather tree auction!!!

Just scroll down after this post and Please visit the PFATT blog website for more info!


Right now my toes and nose are ice!

Carmen ELlis the pickleless artist,

My little clay girl who is not finished yet but as you ghost story book sigh

My daughers super old cat who never leaves this box lol

Isn't this purty?!!

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