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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Grimmy & Spoo-kins!

Oh I have so much to show you! Lately I have been working my buns off on photos and graphics. I am finding it so fun editing my photos and spending way too much time on it lol! Today I have some finished pieces I want to show you and some new ones I am working on. I also wanted to take a mintute and talk about copyright. Lately it seems like all I read online is how some artists are taking ideas and copying from other artists. I see it everywhere I go this week. I thought I would share what I know about protecting your original work.

First off...If you created some art and posted it to the net like I do you really are already protected somewhat but I think it is better to have a back up plan. We decided to go through legal zoom awhile back and it was fast, inexpensive and painless. There is also a sight I just learned about via facebook called Copyright deposit. You pay a very small fee, upload photos and descriptions of your work and the very next day you get a copyright number. This is a great way to back up your work and new pieces! Super Grimmy and my other new goodies were backed up that way last night.

Here is the link and I strongly recommend it these days.


Most folks are good people who don't steal work, ideas or even graphics but I am finding out that there are lots of not so good people who don't think twice about taking work that does not belong to them and claiming it as their own. Ok that was my 2 cents on that subject now on to the next!

Recently I was asked by the sweetest lady to be a guest blogger and she wanted me to write about what my art means to me.

First off I never planned to be a folk artist. I fell into it I guess. In school I did a lot of cartooning and illustrating but put that part of my life aside when I got married and had children. Through a series of events I picked it back up and got brave one day posting my Spooky Hollow guys to ebay...

It sold. I fainted....I painted more....They sold...I fainted more.....

So now I get to work from home doing what I love and I am so thankful to God for that.

But the question was what does my art mean to me?

More then I ever thought it would. Because of my luck with some of my painting and clay sales...

My older children are proud of what I do. My little surprise Child Jake, and just about my best friend thinks what I do is totally cool and he tries everything I do. I am smiling while writing this.

If I paint a Grimmy that boy is painting a Grimmy. If I make a new guy called Spoo-Kins..we even have some Spook-lettes coming....he is making one right along with me. When I got really lucky and sold some work to some ghost hunters...My little boy thinks I'm famous looool!

My art has created this amazing bond I have with my youngest child. ( the others are grown up and moved out - sigh) I never expected any of this out of life.

So what does my art mean to me? "The world."

I hope I get to do this until the day I become a spooky Hollow Ghost lol!

I also have a lot of dreams I hope to accomplish with my art...One day at a time...


I got a little mushy there but something made me want to share this. I love making SPooky Hollow art, I love my little boy for loving it...

I am so blessed.

( blows nose lol)

Now I would like to show you the finished piece......SUPER GRIMMY!

Super Grimmy is a larger Piece that you can actually take apart.

The moon is on top with the siggy Spooky Hollow smile, Super Grimmy is flying under the moon while Salem the cat is desperately holding on to Super Grimmy's leg! The base is a vintage block with Spooky Hollow & Vintage Halloween prints.

The black cat can be removed, The moon easily removes from Grimmy's back. I did it this way because I had no idea how to ship it if it were all one piece.

So this is art but you can also PLAY WITH IT LOOL ( adults only please not safe for little children of course )

I also got my little scared girl finsihed up and I will be listing these in my Ebay store over the weekend...finally lol.

I also added a few photos for you of the spoo-kins and a Vampire I am working on. Nostrocuteness of course the vegitarian vampire!

So please enjoy the pics, give me some feedback cause I love that lol and watch for a really really cool contest!

I am now going to go make a samich!!!

Boo to all!

Carmen Ellis


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Pandora said...

Definitely spooky! But I like it. Great blog.

Fabi said...

Tus trabajos fantasticos !!!!,me encanta mucho !!!!. Eres gran artista !!!