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Friday, July 30, 2010

Messing w pics!

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Feel free to use as wallpaper....For personal use only all art and designs are property of Carmen Ellis
SPooky Hollow Folk art
Have a Boo-ti-ful Day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Featured in 365 mag & new Spooks!

I am sooo happy to tell folks that some of my work is featured in the summer issue of Celebrate 365 magazine!
Here is the home page and you can purchase them there!

I was just tickled pink when I found out! Some photos will are above!
I also wanted to show you some of the new Halloween ornaments I have finished and will be listing in my Etsy and Ebay shops. Both Etsy and Ebay shops are to the right of this post on my blog.

I made new block head Grimmies, block head Sir Boo A lots and so much more. Most can be hung on a feather tree.

I am also working on a new pumpkin nodder fabric doll and that will be done very soon!
I will have new updates about the contest this weekend so you still have time to win a big Grimmy!

Other then that my hot pocket blew up today and I think I have a ghost opening all my cabnits lol!

Have an amazing day everyone and BOO to you!
Carmen Ellis

Monday, July 26, 2010

New Boos!

Just a quick post to show you guys the new Boo's! We have Nostrocuteness the Vegetarian Vampire, A commission piece Halloween Piggy and a cemetery scene with 2 ghosties a vulture and a clay cemetery! The cemetery and Vampire will be listed soon! Btw the vampire is about 15 inches high
Have a Boo-ti-ful day!
Carmen Ellis
Folk artist

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a fast New Grimmy post. I have 2 new Pieces....Flying Grimmy and a Grimmy candy container guy!
Both will be listed in my Etsy store soon! You can also email me if you are interested.
Have a wonderful day and try to stay cool. It is over 100 degrees here!

Carmen Ellis
Folk artist

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Haunted Pumpkin Farm & Halloween Doll

Hey everyone! I finally finished my painting called, The Haunted Pumpkin Farm!" It is a big 16 by 20 on a canvas board ready to frame. You have the haunted house, pumpkins spooky trees and 2 sweet little mice playing in the pumpkin patch. I listed it in my Etsy shop and I hope you like it!

SPooky Hollow Etsy Shop Painting link Click here

Also how about this blog make over?!!! I just love it and I hope you do too! If you scroll to the very bottom you will see my little clay Halloween mouse and below that a link to the fabulous lady who designed this for me!!!

Contest news! I am only running the win a full size Grimmy contest for one more week so if you haven't joined my website you have 7 days lol.
You go to my home page and on the upper right hand side it will say register. Just fill that out!

PFATT Tuesday News! The Pfatt tuesday challange was Miss Halloween. I listed a Halloween art doll called Irked Ursula. If you would like to see her please go to her
Ebay auction here! Click here!

If you look at the Right side of this blog you will find my Ebay shop and etsy shop links with all kinds of new goodies in both!

Candles and Fixins!
I listed some in both shops and have cute jar candles in 4 oz 6 oz and 8 oz. I still need to get these listed but most folks are just emailing me making custom orders like fixins with a wax scoop, tarts and jar candles. If you are interested you can email me at

I think I covered just about everything! Right now I am working on a new painting, a new Grimmy Clay piece and a new Pumpkin NOdder guy like the one pictured on the left side of this blog.

If you ever want to goof with me on Facebook My user name is Spookyhollow Folk art of course!
today I posted a pic of my monster cucumber I found in the garden. he bites!

everyone have a boo-ti-ful day!
Carmen Ellis
Folk artist

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grim Fixins Tarts & stuffs!

Many moons ago I had a candle shop. Well...I got BURNED OUT! Ouch..sorry!
Lately though I have been in a clean my house and make it smell good mode so..I dusted off my tart stuff and ordered new supplies.
I will be adding some fixins and tarts to my Ebay shop over the weekend.
I call them GRIM fixins and Terrifying tarts!
The scents I will have are...
French Vanilla
Apple Jack
Apple Spice
Moon light path
Witches Brew
Boo berry Cheese cake
Sugar Cookie
Maple toddy
Pumpkin Spice

I will also have a few Christmas scents coming in soon.
I am going to offer some tarts,
and pre made fixins.

My son and I are having so much fun making them!

So watch for them sometime this weekend in my Ebay shop and on my home page.

I also have Little Bit Creepy Doll 3 almost complete and a new
pumpkin nodder cloth doll very close to being done.

DOnt forget that this weekend I will have a painting Auction and A Grimmy art doll auction finishing up!

Just go to my Ebay store and you will find them!


ALso DOn't forget the PUmpkin Clay candy container I have at the Halloween Queen's Boo-Tique!


You can also join me and other artists during PFATT Tuedsay July 20-27 and the theme is HALLOWEEN! Just go to and type in PFATT in the search box!

One last thing...
My blog IS FINALLY getting an amazing Make over!
Not only my blog but all my web shops will match!
When the make over goes live I will post it and tell you about the TALENTED lady who created it for me!

I hope everyone has a boo-tiful weekend and watch for posts when I get my new items listed!

BTW...THE CONTEST IS STILL GOING ON! Scroll down my blog for more info!!!

Carmen Ellis

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meet Punkin the Nodder & sale!

HAPPY 4th of July everyone!! I wanted to let everyone know that I have 2 ebay auctions ending soon. One is for Little Bit Creepy rag doll 2 and the other is for my dedication piece to Salem my kitty who has passed on.

The photos will be below! You can bid on each by going to my store.

Click here for my Ebay shop!
I am also having a big 4th of July sale so check out my goodies in Ebay!

THis week's ebay auction is Little bit Creepy Punkin Nodder! I love how he turned out! He is a big piece measuring 6 inches wide and 14 inches high! I strongly scented him with cinnamon and vanilla and he is totally OOAK and made by hand! He is signed and dated. He sits on a rusty spring from our farm spring patch hehe!
They grow in our woods!! :)~

He is also avaiable as a buy now. If I scheduled him right ..which I am having probles with he will start this afternoon around 2 pm..

Here is his link and if for some reason it does not work just go to my ebay shop link above or type in pfatt in the search at Ebay!

Click here for PUNKIN NOdder!

I am also adding some sneak peek photos of art that will be listed soon!
If you are interested in them please email me at

Oh and if I can find the time I want to add some gently used toys for Christmas shopping. I am thinking I might sell these right from my home page.
I have so many dolls and toys it is nuts so watch for my gently used toy shoppe!

Last but not least don't forget our HUGE contest! You could win a full size Grimmy art doll, 25 dollars off any item or your choice of an 8 by 10 canvas paper print!

To enter just go to my home page and on the upper right hand side it says register.
Click that and fill in the info and you are home free.
There are other ways to get more entries so please check out the post right before this one! Scroll down.

I hope all of you have a happy and safe 4th of July and GOD BLESS!!

Photos of new auction, "Little bit Creepy Punkin Nodder".

Sneak peeks of works in progress!

Auctions ending very soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Win a BIG Grimmy Art DOLL!

This is the first and ONLY time I will offer a Grimmy art doll as a contest prize! The reason for this contest is to get folks to join my website If you join you get perks. One perk is I am able to send Email Blasts ( News letters ) to my members! My members are the very first folks to see new art, learn about new contests and read my jabber emails. I share silly things about life, spooks and whatever else my deranged mind comes up with! There are 3 ways to enter.

1. Go to my home page SPOOKY and at the very top of the page on the right is a join button! Just join! When you join you have a little avatar that will show up on my home page! You pick your picture of course! I will see all the folks who join and enter! Members can even chat with each other on my home page!

2. You get one entry FOR EACH PERSON YOU GET TO JOIN! Just email me the persons name after they join and I can verify it right at my site! My email is or use the contact form at my website!

First prize will be an OOAK clay sculpt Grimmy art doll usually measuring about 10-13 inches High! I sell these for 75.00 in most cases!

Second prize is a 25.00 Gift coupon to use on any of my shops or The Halloween Queen Bootique!

Third place is an 8 by 10 print of your choice!

This is the biggest contest I have ever ran and again the purpose is to build my newsletter!

Not only will you get chances to win cool stuff but you will be helping me tell more folks about my art!

3. Post this at your blog for even another entry!!!

I so hope to see new members joining and thanks ahead of time to anyone who enters and spreads the word!

I am posting an example of a Grimmy that you can win. Since I make these by hand no 2 are ever alike but very similar!

I also listed an new OOAK Painting today! It is Called SAY CHEESY..The guys just wouldn't behave! I did it on an 8 by 10 canvas frame and use a variety of paints and inks to get that SPooky Hollow look!

Here is the link!


And don't forget I have 2 auctions ending this SUNDAY in my Ebay shop!

CLick here!

And just for giggles My son and I have been working on a Spooky Hollow theme song!
So far we think it is hilarious and catchy!
When we get it done if I can figure the guitar chords out for it we will record and post it!

here is a peek at the chorus!

The Spooky Hollow Shuffle...BOO BOO
The SPooky Hollow Shuffle...BOO BOO

The spooky hollow shuffle is a dance from beyond
So listen very carefully to this silly song....

Grimmy tries so hard to make oh so scary faces
but the poor little guy can't even tie his shoe laces
Skelley falls apart in the funniest places
In Spooky Hollow
even the worms have faces!

that's all you get until we complete it lol!

Ok go join and tell your friends please!!!


Carmen Ellis
Spooky Hollow Folk art

ebay auction goodies below and a Pic of a Grimmy! YOu could win one similar!

Dedication to Salem Kitty black Cat Ebay Auction

Click here

Little Bit Creepy 2! This time she is all dressed up for Halloween!

Click here for the Ebay Auction!

New OOAK Painting Say Cheesy!

CLICK HERE for the Buy now!

and above is an example of a Grimmy YOU CAN WIN!!!!