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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Meet Punkin the Nodder & sale!

HAPPY 4th of July everyone!! I wanted to let everyone know that I have 2 ebay auctions ending soon. One is for Little Bit Creepy rag doll 2 and the other is for my dedication piece to Salem my kitty who has passed on.

The photos will be below! You can bid on each by going to my store.

Click here for my Ebay shop!
I am also having a big 4th of July sale so check out my goodies in Ebay!

THis week's ebay auction is Little bit Creepy Punkin Nodder! I love how he turned out! He is a big piece measuring 6 inches wide and 14 inches high! I strongly scented him with cinnamon and vanilla and he is totally OOAK and made by hand! He is signed and dated. He sits on a rusty spring from our farm spring patch hehe!
They grow in our woods!! :)~

He is also avaiable as a buy now. If I scheduled him right ..which I am having probles with he will start this afternoon around 2 pm..

Here is his link and if for some reason it does not work just go to my ebay shop link above or type in pfatt in the search at Ebay!

Click here for PUNKIN NOdder!

I am also adding some sneak peek photos of art that will be listed soon!
If you are interested in them please email me at

Oh and if I can find the time I want to add some gently used toys for Christmas shopping. I am thinking I might sell these right from my home page.
I have so many dolls and toys it is nuts so watch for my gently used toy shoppe!

Last but not least don't forget our HUGE contest! You could win a full size Grimmy art doll, 25 dollars off any item or your choice of an 8 by 10 canvas paper print!

To enter just go to my home page and on the upper right hand side it says register.
Click that and fill in the info and you are home free.
There are other ways to get more entries so please check out the post right before this one! Scroll down.

I hope all of you have a happy and safe 4th of July and GOD BLESS!!

Photos of new auction, "Little bit Creepy Punkin Nodder".

Sneak peeks of works in progress!

Auctions ending very soon!

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Anonymous said...

All are very cute!
Happy 4th :)