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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Haunted Pumpkin Farm & Halloween Doll

Hey everyone! I finally finished my painting called, The Haunted Pumpkin Farm!" It is a big 16 by 20 on a canvas board ready to frame. You have the haunted house, pumpkins spooky trees and 2 sweet little mice playing in the pumpkin patch. I listed it in my Etsy shop and I hope you like it!

SPooky Hollow Etsy Shop Painting link Click here

Also how about this blog make over?!!! I just love it and I hope you do too! If you scroll to the very bottom you will see my little clay Halloween mouse and below that a link to the fabulous lady who designed this for me!!!

Contest news! I am only running the win a full size Grimmy contest for one more week so if you haven't joined my website you have 7 days lol.
You go to my home page and on the upper right hand side it will say register. Just fill that out!

PFATT Tuesday News! The Pfatt tuesday challange was Miss Halloween. I listed a Halloween art doll called Irked Ursula. If you would like to see her please go to her
Ebay auction here! Click here!

If you look at the Right side of this blog you will find my Ebay shop and etsy shop links with all kinds of new goodies in both!

Candles and Fixins!
I listed some in both shops and have cute jar candles in 4 oz 6 oz and 8 oz. I still need to get these listed but most folks are just emailing me making custom orders like fixins with a wax scoop, tarts and jar candles. If you are interested you can email me at

I think I covered just about everything! Right now I am working on a new painting, a new Grimmy Clay piece and a new Pumpkin NOdder guy like the one pictured on the left side of this blog.

If you ever want to goof with me on Facebook My user name is Spookyhollow Folk art of course!
today I posted a pic of my monster cucumber I found in the garden. he bites!

everyone have a boo-ti-ful day!
Carmen Ellis
Folk artist

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Ali said...

This is the first time I've been on your new blog site. I love it! Your work is amazing, as always. Who can't wait til Halloween then?