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Friday, July 9, 2010

Grim Fixins Tarts & stuffs!

Many moons ago I had a candle shop. Well...I got BURNED OUT! Ouch..sorry!
Lately though I have been in a clean my house and make it smell good mode so..I dusted off my tart stuff and ordered new supplies.
I will be adding some fixins and tarts to my Ebay shop over the weekend.
I call them GRIM fixins and Terrifying tarts!
The scents I will have are...
French Vanilla
Apple Jack
Apple Spice
Moon light path
Witches Brew
Boo berry Cheese cake
Sugar Cookie
Maple toddy
Pumpkin Spice

I will also have a few Christmas scents coming in soon.
I am going to offer some tarts,
and pre made fixins.

My son and I are having so much fun making them!

So watch for them sometime this weekend in my Ebay shop and on my home page.

I also have Little Bit Creepy Doll 3 almost complete and a new
pumpkin nodder cloth doll very close to being done.

DOnt forget that this weekend I will have a painting Auction and A Grimmy art doll auction finishing up!

Just go to my Ebay store and you will find them!


ALso DOn't forget the PUmpkin Clay candy container I have at the Halloween Queen's Boo-Tique!


You can also join me and other artists during PFATT Tuedsay July 20-27 and the theme is HALLOWEEN! Just go to and type in PFATT in the search box!

One last thing...
My blog IS FINALLY getting an amazing Make over!
Not only my blog but all my web shops will match!
When the make over goes live I will post it and tell you about the TALENTED lady who created it for me!

I hope everyone has a boo-tiful weekend and watch for posts when I get my new items listed!

BTW...THE CONTEST IS STILL GOING ON! Scroll down my blog for more info!!!

Carmen Ellis


Southern Fried Art said...

These look so yummy !! Will become a favorite I bet Love the tart fixins !

Back In Tyme Primitives said...

I just love your tarts and those ghost are adorable...let me know when you start to sell them...I would love to get them....I love halloween it's my favorite...