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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some mini Clay dudes and Haunted House!

Oh my gosh you guys. I am running on no coffee today. I was out this morning and I am a zombie. I did pick up some at the gas station on the way home from picking up my son but it has not kicked in yet. Someone SLAP ME! LOL

I wanted thank everyone who posted about my ghost story! In the next few days I am going write a little story about a house we lived and I swear it was haunted. Not only did I experience strange things but My husband, daughter, son and the people who lived there before us! It is a good story and Completely Utterly true.

Oh Jerry the kitten just climbed up into my lap again lol! <-this is becoming a daily thing for this little guy!

Today I want to finally show you some clay work I have finished. I am going list each little figurine seperately in Ebay I think.  I am honestly so happy with how they turned out. I took them to my sons school and his art teacher and other students just seemed to love them.
Six grade art students said it looked like the were from a store lol.  They are so much cuter in person and man are they tiny. They are just about an inch high. The cat is only half an inch.
I pictured them beside my Only WEE FOLK MOUSE to show you how tiny they are.

The photos make them look big but nope..About the size of a quarter.

The main characters I made from my Spooky Hollow series are Salem kitty, Haggatha the big witch, Nostrocuteness the Vampire, Grimmy Reaper and Sir boo a lot the ghost.

I am also showing some just for fun ghosts I made and all of these characters glow in the dark. The ghost more so then the witch, grimmy and vampire.

My haunted house is also complete! I think this will be on Ebay too not sure yet.

So remember these Clay guys are tiny, hand made and hand painted.

The Haunted House is Haunted on all 4 sides with creepy spooky all over the place. They are peeking from Windows and hanging around!

You will find tombstones, owls, GHOSTS, witches, black cats, pumpkins and who knows what else so BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to the pics and then my next blog will by my True Ghost story The House On Crawfordsville Rd.

Thank you for looking! I haVe so much I need to get done! Have a BOO TI FUL DAY! Will post soon with my Ghost story!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Ghost Story just a Sunday Read

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday. Here in Indiana the weather is just perfect! Everyone in the house is still asleep and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and fresh air because I have the patio door open.

Today I am working on some clay minitures and a Painting on 100 yr old barnwood of some owls.

I thought this might be a good day to share a ghost story. A true ghost story that happened to me when I was just a very little girl.

I shared this story with a friend the other day and he didnt think I was nuts so why not share it with you?!

( Oh now I have Jerry the kitten on my lap. He is trying to type something to you guys...nnnnn <--that was Jerry lol On to my ghost story... When I was very little I was staying with my German grandparents. I was living with my Oma and Opa in Iowa in an old farm house. One night I heard my door open and My Opa came in. He never did that. He looked really happy and there was a man with him. BOth of them were in some kind of warm light. I can't explain it. I remember Opa Kissed me on the head. He told me he loved me and the man behind him just smiled at me and touched my forehead. The man with Opa don't laugh please.. Looked like Jesus. He had long hair and a beard and a white robe. I even remember the tassels on it. After he placed his hand on my forehead my Opa and the man just faded out. That is the only way I can describe it. I wasn't scared at all.
( I think that during a rough time in my childhood God chose a form I was familiar with to comfort me )

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs. My Oma ( grandma) was sitting by a bunch of men in black suits and crying.

I was only 4 but I knew why. I knew Opa died. No one told me.

When I got my teens Oma sat me down and asked me about the night I saw Opa. I told her about it when I was little I guess.
I told her what I just told you.
She said mousikind...she called me mouse child as a pet name lol..
Opa died that afternoon while taking a nap in bed.

When Opa and the man tucked me in it was dark and late at night.

She said she was sure that I saw Opa's spirit and either Jesus or an angel.

But I knew that.

She just verified it for me.

She told me when Opa died he died from a heart attack in his sleep that afternoon but he had a SMILE on his face.

A smile!

Later in my 20's my Oma passed away. My mom called me and I got to her home asap.
I saw my Oma dead in her bed.
Her face was not peaceful at all. It was wrinkled up in pain.
I will never forget that. NEVER

It left a huge impact on me...Like how can such a nice wonderful woman die in so much agony. Why would God do that?

When I was 19 I lived in Oma's house for awhile before it was sold. It was just me and my little boy at the time. He was not even 2 yet. His dad left us and I was a mess.

I broke down crying and physically needed a hug was like a hug craving..I wish I could write in words the feelings I had. I needed to be held and nothing else.

I was sitting on the bed my Oma died in, I was praying so hard almost begging God for help and a hug

 ...and guys, I got that hug.

I swear to you Someone Held me. I couldn't see it but I felt the calming warmth of it.

I had also just lost my best friend Heather. She died in a car train wreck. I was only 19 yrs old.

So..that is my story...
I do have a few other things that happened in my life that I can't explain and if I have not bored you to death with this story I could tell you those sometime.

Above is a photo of my Opa.
He was an artist too. He is my hero and my inspiration. I would watch him paint and he would pat me on the head and give me a sugar cube lol!
Germans and their sugar!

There you have it believe it or not believe it. This is the Main reason I am so infatuated with the paranormal. ( when I say paranormal I mean ghosts, ghost hunting, angels and so on. )

God Bless your day!
Carmen aka Spooky Hollow

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a note about BONANZLE...ERM...UH...ERM

I have been working on and Messing with Bonanzle Today...I don't quite get it yet but I did notice something. Actually My husband pointed it out to me and died laughing. If you go to my booth or store or thingy...and if I am online it will show on the upper right hand of the page a little box with my tiny owls icon. It also says who I am under my owls. It says....WHO IS IN THIS BOOTH...
get this.....R U READY???.................................................Drum roll please.....


Apparently Spooky Hollow just has too many letters in it so they shortened it to Spooky HO.

......................................................BLANK LOOK...twirling hair...........................................................

Have a wonderful night and please watch tomorrow for a new Blog post from your......

Btw...Sarah is getting a big kick out of this llllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Spooky Ho Signing off!

( that is an older pic of me and the ...the spooky ho.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first 2 ACEO's and my sons lol!

Ok here are my very first ACEO's. I had so much fun making them. I have one more almost done with the Hoot Owl twins..yah I have to name everybody I paint lol.
I used 140 weight water color artist paper,  water colors, ink and acrylic paints. I painted a new little Grimmy Reaper and Sir Boo A Lot the Ghost with Salem the cat. I am now addicted to making these! I also am making some postcard size paintings. My little boy does everything I do when it comes to art and I promised him that I would also show his work! On one other note..I think this cold is killing me lol. My son feels much better. I am a walking zombie...!
I listed these little paintings in Ebay and will get some in Etsy too.
Have a bootieful day!
Oh I also pictured some scrabble tile pendants I am listing.

My son Jake's Skelley Skeleton

Jake's black cat and skeleton...See Jake I TOLD YA I'DE Put this up!
Sir Boo A lot and Grimmy