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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a little a sick little boy

That is a pic my husband took off our tv while watching Scrubbs lol!

Hi! I justed wanted folks to know that I have a sick little boy at home with me today so I haven't had time to post in groups or anything yet. I did paint 3 little aceo paintings yesterday and should have them pictured and listed tomorrow sometime. Since I have my favorite guy home with me we are gonna do some haunted house work when he is not laying down. He has a terrible cough today.
So I am alive just busy!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring day! Will post some pics of my tiny paintings tomorrow..One is a new Hoot owl painting that so far I am really happy with!
Ps here are just some home pics for ya! People said that they liked my studio but I dont have one ll. It is just a corner of my livingroom.

Some Antique German Instruments

The thing on top is called a FINGER HOOTEN LOL! German thingy

really Old Mandolin belonged to my Opa..grandpa

Ghost of a small girl in the corner....bahahhahahhah!

My Guitar pants lol!

Our Guitar Collection!

Messy Livingroom with my studio corner lol!

My husband...being shy and Tom The dad cat ( will show ya a better pic of me and the hubby soon..he is a handsome guy!

My little boy after the Easter sugar Crash! Jake fell off the blow up mattress heh!


Sarah said...

Ohhhh - so sorry hon. I was gonn email you today -was getting worried I had not seen you about! Will email you anyway!! Huge hugs. Sarah

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

That picture with the cat in the mouth...hysterical! Love the guitars! Have a great weekend!