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Monday, April 20, 2009


Here it is and here is the description I listed with it in Ebay and Etsy....

Up for your consideration is this OOAK Uniquely strange GHOST IN A BOTTLE! 
This is what you will get....
One plastic bottle measuring a little over 7 inches high and 2 inches across. The cork on top of the bottle is sealed with red wax therefore containing the ghost inside....Cough..
You will notice the label is a small print of my Spooky Hollow artwork..painting number 19. The print features Sir Boo A lot, Skelley Skeleton and Nostrocuteness 3 too cute to spook...spooks! PLEASE HEED THE WARNING ON THE BOTTLE!!
( DO NOT OPEN!) We have tightly sealed this bottle to keep the entity inside. Please see the green ectoplasm at the very bottom of this bottle. When we trapped the ghost inside he ( a male spirit..could be the ghost of Elvis..we heard in an evp, Hunk a Hunk A burnin love...
after we trapped the spirit inside he became more then a little upset and ectoplasmed himself.

The bottle as we stated is sealed and we also added a black lace ribbon. That reminds the spirit of Elvis of his x wife.

You will also get a printed certificate of non- authenticity tied with a bow.

How many people do you know own a ghost in a bottle? 

We have a very limitied supply due to the difficulty of capturing these specters!
The procedure consists of a vacuum cleaner, duct tape, verbal taunting and a stick of Non stick Freedent gum. (with the wrapper)

It is not a pretty sight. 

Each bottle will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions please email me!

btw....<---tiny small print..this is for entertainment only :)~ This item is not a toy and should not be given to children to play with. Adults only please. This item will be shipped priority mail so the ghost inside won't be jiggled around for more then 3 days.

So that is our silly surprise..A ghost in a bottle!
And I'll tell ya what...when a ghost ectoplasms himself boy does that stink!


Skeleton In My Closet said...

LOL Carmen, what a hoot (and a great idea)!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

LOL thanks! I am working on grungy real glass bottles with scary labels too! My son and I just laughed while making these lol! You are the best btw!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea Carmen!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Very cool! I want a ghost in a bottle! LOL

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Love these Carmen! What a wonderful idea. I think the grungy bottles will be great too.

Anonymous said...

That is great! :)