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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first 2 ACEO's and my sons lol!

Ok here are my very first ACEO's. I had so much fun making them. I have one more almost done with the Hoot Owl twins..yah I have to name everybody I paint lol.
I used 140 weight water color artist paper,  water colors, ink and acrylic paints. I painted a new little Grimmy Reaper and Sir Boo A Lot the Ghost with Salem the cat. I am now addicted to making these! I also am making some postcard size paintings. My little boy does everything I do when it comes to art and I promised him that I would also show his work! On one other note..I think this cold is killing me lol. My son feels much better. I am a walking zombie...!
I listed these little paintings in Ebay and will get some in Etsy too.
Have a bootieful day!
Oh I also pictured some scrabble tile pendants I am listing.

My son Jake's Skelley Skeleton

Jake's black cat and skeleton...See Jake I TOLD YA I'DE Put this up!
Sir Boo A lot and Grimmy


Georgina said...

Me want all!!!! The little guy looks like he's a chop off the ol' block!


Sarah said...

OMG they are darling - me want them tooooooo....
Love your son's too - giggle - he is his mama's boy!! Tell him I looove them!!! I put Fox's up sometimes too!!!
Were are they listed girl???

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Georgina LOL! Thank you! Sarah thank you too You guys are funny! yes Sarah I listed them in Ebay. Here is my store link and you can find them in the Halloween or painting catagory.

You might have to copy and paste that.
I looked at other ACEO original listings and I think I started it out fair. I saw some folks listing them for .99! work too hard on paintings to sell them for nothing! We will see if they sell or not!

Sarah said...

LOL - already am a watcher... am lurking..... will bid.... soon.....

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Sarah LOOL! If you win you get freebies lol!

Lance said...

those are great, love you work!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so unique! I see the talent is being handed down too.

Ali @ A Cosy Life