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Friday, April 10, 2009

Some sneaky peekies and mindless jabbering!

Hey first I would like to say a huge Thank you to Sarah from Cottage Garden for helping me give my blog a nice face lift! See what a little botox can do? HEH!
When I tried to fix my blog up I lost all my widgets! Now I just need it wider...taking blog baby steps!
Just for a minute I would like to talk about angry soccer moms. ( Not all soccer moms are angry btw just the ones at my son's school )
Yesterday I was in this great mood until I went to pick up my son from school. My youngest is in first grade and I take him and pick him up daily. I love the time I have interacting with the kids. I get along best with children and animals lol.
Anywho....My little boy and I get into the car and slowly start to leave like usual...
There is this little parking lot to the side of the school and I was jabbering to my son listening to him telling me he has no idea what he ate for lunch and can't remember what he learned...and so on when suddenly I hear a very loud honking noise. I looked to my right and it is the ANGRY SOCCER MOM Waving her hands and a certain finger at me. This is the situation....I had the right away and was going very slow. She on the other hand was barreling around the corner of the school and did not obey the YieLD sign. SO why is this woman honking at me like I was a drunk driver? Why would this mom with the giant soccer ball sticker on the back window of her decked out van with I am sure at least 2 dvd players give me the finger? Ok I was ticked for a bit but I get over things pretty quickly...but then....
This woman followed me at least 7 miles to my home! I would see the red glaring eyes of this Angry SOCCER MOM in my rear view mirror. Every turn, every stop sign there she was just glaring at me and getting quite close to my bumper. I finally get to my driveway and like an idiot I pulled in lol. Now this psycho NUT JOB knows where I live! What does she do when I pull into my driveway with my little boy in the back seat. She honks again and flips me off!
So I wanted to post this just to WARN YOU OF THE ANGRY RED EYED DEMON SPAWN SOCCER MOMS that may be lurking in your area. Even if the traffic violation is not your fault they will follow you home. Beware friends......and be afraid very afraid of the EVIL SOCCER MOM FROM HELL!

Ok! Ahh I feel better now! HEH!

On to the sneak peek of Spooky Hollow 22 and 23? I am losing count lol!
One is an started painting and the other is just a weird background I came up with lol. It is so ugly red and black I LIKE IT!
I don't want to tell the PLOT of the red one yet! My little boy gave me a lot of imput on it and ideas. He cracks me up so lets just hope I can pull it off!  My little guy paints my characters better then me by now! His teachers must think that I am demented. Because of me my son loves The Disney haunted mansion and Spooky Hollow Classic creaters as I call them. He draws Halloween stuff a lot in school lol. Btw he is my surprise late in life child and he blesses my day every day! 
Oh and the photo at the top of this post is a painting I made for a sale we had. See I don't always paint Creepy Cute Spooky Hollow guys! 

So, I hope you all have a wonderful day......I hope you stay very far away from Angry Evil Obsessed soccer moms from hell and Don't forget about our new contest! just scroll down to enter and guess how many candy corn and pumpkin beads are in the jar! Tell your friends ok!



Sarah said...

Your very welcome hon - it was a joy chatting with you!!! Oooooohh this happened to my sister in LA the other day - some crazy biker dude. I think I would have gotten her license and called the cops on her - that's really scary!!!!

Creepy_Creations said...

Sorry to hear about the red eyed soccer mom! I have been very lucky to avoid those so far. My daughter (also 1st grader) draws Halloween pics at school all the time too. I'm waiting for her teacher to say something to me. I love your paintings so far, can't wait to see them when they are done! Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

Ya I for sure would have gotten her plate fact I STILL would keep and eye out for her to get the plate and THIS time have your video camera with you!! I'd like to see the look on her face as you swing the camera on her van..or have your hubbie ride shot gun!!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Oh Where do you live You can HAVE THE KITTEN LOL! I like the camera idea btw!!