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Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Ghost Story just a Sunday Read

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday. Here in Indiana the weather is just perfect! Everyone in the house is still asleep and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and fresh air because I have the patio door open.

Today I am working on some clay minitures and a Painting on 100 yr old barnwood of some owls.

I thought this might be a good day to share a ghost story. A true ghost story that happened to me when I was just a very little girl.

I shared this story with a friend the other day and he didnt think I was nuts so why not share it with you?!

( Oh now I have Jerry the kitten on my lap. He is trying to type something to you guys...nnnnn <--that was Jerry lol On to my ghost story... When I was very little I was staying with my German grandparents. I was living with my Oma and Opa in Iowa in an old farm house. One night I heard my door open and My Opa came in. He never did that. He looked really happy and there was a man with him. BOth of them were in some kind of warm light. I can't explain it. I remember Opa Kissed me on the head. He told me he loved me and the man behind him just smiled at me and touched my forehead. The man with Opa don't laugh please.. Looked like Jesus. He had long hair and a beard and a white robe. I even remember the tassels on it. After he placed his hand on my forehead my Opa and the man just faded out. That is the only way I can describe it. I wasn't scared at all.
( I think that during a rough time in my childhood God chose a form I was familiar with to comfort me )

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs. My Oma ( grandma) was sitting by a bunch of men in black suits and crying.

I was only 4 but I knew why. I knew Opa died. No one told me.

When I got my teens Oma sat me down and asked me about the night I saw Opa. I told her about it when I was little I guess.
I told her what I just told you.
She said mousikind...she called me mouse child as a pet name lol..
Opa died that afternoon while taking a nap in bed.

When Opa and the man tucked me in it was dark and late at night.

She said she was sure that I saw Opa's spirit and either Jesus or an angel.

But I knew that.

She just verified it for me.

She told me when Opa died he died from a heart attack in his sleep that afternoon but he had a SMILE on his face.

A smile!

Later in my 20's my Oma passed away. My mom called me and I got to her home asap.
I saw my Oma dead in her bed.
Her face was not peaceful at all. It was wrinkled up in pain.
I will never forget that. NEVER

It left a huge impact on me...Like how can such a nice wonderful woman die in so much agony. Why would God do that?

When I was 19 I lived in Oma's house for awhile before it was sold. It was just me and my little boy at the time. He was not even 2 yet. His dad left us and I was a mess.

I broke down crying and physically needed a hug was like a hug craving..I wish I could write in words the feelings I had. I needed to be held and nothing else.

I was sitting on the bed my Oma died in, I was praying so hard almost begging God for help and a hug

 ...and guys, I got that hug.

I swear to you Someone Held me. I couldn't see it but I felt the calming warmth of it.

I had also just lost my best friend Heather. She died in a car train wreck. I was only 19 yrs old.

So..that is my story...
I do have a few other things that happened in my life that I can't explain and if I have not bored you to death with this story I could tell you those sometime.

Above is a photo of my Opa.
He was an artist too. He is my hero and my inspiration. I would watch him paint and he would pat me on the head and give me a sugar cube lol!
Germans and their sugar!

There you have it believe it or not believe it. This is the Main reason I am so infatuated with the paranormal. ( when I say paranormal I mean ghosts, ghost hunting, angels and so on. )

God Bless your day!
Carmen aka Spooky Hollow


Jeanne said...

What a wonderful read! Your Opa and Oma loved you very much. And are no doubt watching over you to this day.

Spooky Ho... {{ *giggles* }}

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Jeanne LOOL!

Georgina said...

I don't think you're crazy at all. I too have felt my grandparents around me, now my Pop has joined them. I dream of him always, but he has yet to personally contact me in my dreams, as my grandparents have.

After my husband left me after 25 years of marriage, one night I was praying to my patron saint, St. Theresa, The Little Flower, and I swear, I smelled was beautiful. I knew she was there and letting me know she was taking care of me.

Have other stories, but will end now. Love your Opa and Oma wonderful.


Sparkle-Me! Designs said...

My grandparents were also known to me as Oma & Opa and like you, I am also heavily interested in the paranormal. I enjoyed reading your story and would like to read the other experiences you've had.

Anonymous said...

Great story Carmen! I believe it all, and would love to hear more! My Mom passed away at my house, after having cancer, and I have some stories too! There is much we do not know or understand. We aren't supposed to I guess.

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL Comments! I was a bit unsure of posting this but now I feel great about telling my other stories! Feel free to post your stories too please! I love reading them. Georgina that is a beautiful story! I do believe you! Cindy I would love to hear your story too!

Light and Shadow Studio said...

Hi Spooky H! I just read your story and very much believe you. I have had para normal things happen all my life except I have never seen anyone.I have had that assurance in a time of extreme grief. There is no way to explain the feeling and how intense it is unless you have experienced. Your Grandpa must have loved you very much and must have known that you would see him and remember. That must have been a great comfort to your grandmother.

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

I love this-More, more!