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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yay! Ebay Group and Halloween

I am so excited! I joined Halloween and was accepted into the HA31 Ebay Group!
It feels really nice getting to know other Folks with the same interests! I work from home so I don'
t get out into the real world very often. It is nice to go check my pc for emails and Hellos from new friends! 

 Halloween artists had me up and running the very same day I found them!
Check out my page here:

You can even click Gallery and see some of my fave paintings.

Today I am so so so so tired. My little boy had a night of bad dreams. All I have energy for today is finishing a painting.
Then last night after my little boy woke me up like 30 times my insane cat decides to lightly tap on my face for 30 minutes. She does this EVERY MORNING AT 4 am! It is like she is a person or something. Same time daily she gets right in my face, meows and taps me on the face lol.
She also does this when my alarm goes off. Now when my phone rings which is also my alarm clock she meows at me and pounds me on the face lol! 

Hey I want your opinion....

My husband and oldest son said my cat looks like an owl lol.

She is not a normal cat at all. If she isn't tapping me on the face she is jumping on my craft table and stealing anything small. A glass bead, a cell phone strap you name it she puts it in her mouth and runs off with it. I spent the most of my day yesterday looking for a scrabble tile charm I finished. We finally found it in her secret stash of stolen items.

Another thing she does is, I have a kinda bad habbit. A few times a week I eat Lucky charms dry while watching a movie. I Can't stay away from it's sugary goodness!
Anyway when I have my treat nights Nutmeg...the owl cat likes to stick her head in the box and take one. Yah she eats it. She will also steal my M & Ms. I never had a cat before that would eat M & Ms!

She is still a very young cat not a year old yet and she finally learned how to get UNDER ALL the covers. She will spend hours attacking my feet and chomping on my toes. It hurts btw...
I would wrap all the blankets around me so I wouldn't feel the stabbing pain of her needle claws.
Now she just wiggles Under all the blankets for a better attack.

She is nuts. She never stops doing psycho cat things. I need to film her for your guys lol.

Ok I just did something that I am well known for...Mindless jabbering! 

I am going to drag my self over to my painting table and get my new Grimmy Reaper painting done. 
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
I keep my myspace open all day and I need friends lol!
Come friend me...sniff....sobb.....

Don't forget Friday is the end of the Charm Bracelet contest! Scroll down for the contest topic!

BYE YA! ( scroll down for pics including my owl cat )


Sarah said...

LOL hon - she is darling - looks like she has a bit of the spunk in her!! Maybe she was a packrat in a past life - lol!
Whoo hoo on The Halloween Artists - I'm working on that myself today. Good to see you in HA31 - it's a great group!!
Am sending you an email...Sarah

Jeanne said...

Oh My! Your Kitty is too cute! I have one that could be her sister! Enjoyed my visit! Happy Haunting!