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Friday, April 17, 2009

Hopefully Getting these items listed today! Updated

Updated comments --->Since my little boy is home sick with this cold thing he asked me to make clay stuff and paint with him so.....It looks like I will get this stuff listed either late tonight or tomorrow early..
Also...I found this and uploaded a few pics...Rate my stuff. Kinda cool site for artists!

And what I posted this morning is below this pic!

You know that song...OH WHAT A NIGHT!!!...Well,  OH WHAT A NIGHT LOL. My poor little boy had a bad dream last night so he came sneaking into my bed around 1 am. Yesterday my little boy and I got hit by a bad cold. Last night every hour on the hour he would cry in his sleep. He does this whenever he has a stuffy nose. I think he gets frustrated. I finally gave up on the idea of sleep battling my own stuffy nose at 4 am this morning. It is going to be a long day. Hopefully I will have enough energy to get  some stuff done. Below are some photos of some of my prints I framed. I repainted and sanded the frames to make them look nice, old and creepy. I also added some little skulls and old vintage jewelry that got a black paint job. So I have these things done and will be listing so much over the weekend. I have a painting to list, a little water color postcard I painted and I am even going to be starting to do some ACEO'S this coming week. I have the heavy weight matte water color paper and even the protective sleeves for them. So, I have lots and lots to do in between nose blows lol.
I hope you all have a wonderful day and Please don't forget about my guess how many corn and pumpkin beads are in the jar contest....just scroll down this page and my Ebay Clearance sale on non spooky jewelry items. 
I am also getting my new bonanzle booth up and going. Here is my list of to dos lol..

LIST in Etsy, Bonazle, Ebay

Finish 2 shadow boxes

Finish Phantom of the Opera painting

Make a new charm bracelet with cute altered art charms of my guys

Ship stuff off today to customers

Finish up some owl charms

Blow nose

Wipe son's nose

Blow nose again...

Wipe son's nose again...

Pick up a play station net work card for my oldest sons birthday lol.

That about covers it I think...

Btw all these prints will be for sale over the weeked or today. Each is a wonderful clear matte print aged frame and glass included. It was hard for me to get a really good photo of the prints under the glass.

The framed print to the right is a 2 sided frame! Flip it over and you will have a print of Spooky Hollow 20 with all the guys and little skulls in the corner. It is a 2 for one lol!

This little Framed owl print comes with the easel!
So does this one! Very small I think 2 and a  half by 2 and a half
This is an oval 5 b7 7 with a little owl bubble charm at the top the frame is gold

The print on the right is the Flip flop of the first photo...this is the frame that you turn over for a new print! The 2 for one!

Flip this one over and get.....
This one above!

Hand made cat tags will be for sale in my Etsy shop 


merelyadream said...


Those all look great! I love your studio area too, you should do very well listing those, you did great on the frames too :)

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Cat thank you so much! I worked hard on them. I still have about 5 frames done but one will be for a new painting and one is another double sided frame. I love those! I can put 2 prints in it for folks. Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

I will be checking out those owls!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Cindy anytime you want an owl you just hollar lol. I have the framed ones..tiny canvas ones with easels..pendants charms oh so many things I can do with my owls! HEH! Thank you so much!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Boy you have been a buzy little Bee...Love everything! Have a beautiful and creative weekend. I'm heading over to check out your update!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

You are so nice and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! My son and I just looked out the window and our big old crab apple tree totally bloomed over night! Gonna take a pic for you guys lol! yah more pics!

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh.... I loooove them - all of them!! The owls - oh the owls - sooooo cute!!! The frames are wonderful! Your studio is darling - love the coocoo clocks!!
Hope your feeling better soon hon!! Your son too - ackkkkkk!!
Hugs, Sarah

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Sarah I smile as soon as I see your name posted and then read your post. Thank you soooo much! My owls love you too lol! Btw I don't have a studio sigh...That is a corner of my living room lol! My kitchen table is filled with clay and beads. If my daughter moves out after she graduates her room will be a studio lol...but I hope she stays!
You folks really make my day. I am so glad I started this blog. Thank you, sincerely. Carmen