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Thursday, April 9, 2009

New contest!!!!

Hey first I wanted to tell you that I am a new member of the Dark Artists Guild! Weeeeee!!!
I'm so excited to meet other Artists there....but now......scroll down for....


Hi Peeps! Once again I am having  the busy day from heck. I have some custom hang tags to make, some paintings to work on and some pendants to finish...On top of that I seriously need to clean up around here. Didn't I just deep clean last week??? ERM.....I HATE DUST!

Here is the new contest. I am going to let it run for a few weeks. All you have to do is guess how many candy corn and pumpkin beads are in the jar. You can just post your guess! In a week or 2 I will see who either guessed it right or is the closest!  What do ya win???

A Kitten in a bowl!!!!

Ok just kidding. GRIN... You really will win,

A FREE Skelley the Skeleton hand made bead Orny! I made the head from clay and hand painted it! He has a tummy Coffin and you can either wear him as a pendant or hang him on  a spooky tree this Halloween!

Or if you win you could have a print of your choice!  You can see them in my Spooky Hollow Etsy Shop!
The owls will be listed as a print soon. I have so many things to take photos of and list! AHHH

Anywho back to work for me....Oh and I feel like I am neglecting my groups these past few days.
I am not always this busy I promise! 

God bless everyones Day!

Carmen aka Spooky Hollow Chic!

PS...Tomorrow sneak peek at Spooky Hollow 22! I think it is 22 lol! <---I suffer from brain clusters!  ( Crossing eyes and scratching ma head! )


Sarah said...

Hmmmmm - I'm gonna say about 247!
Awww but the kitty is soooo cute... really have one already - love the ornie - have the perfect plce for him!!! Hugs, Sarah


hello..I guess there are 365 pieces in the jar..the skeleton is it !!

greetz from moondaughter
and..have a happy easter

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Hey thanks Die Mondtocher! Sarah a special thanks to you for helping me pretty up my blog! (((( SARAH ))))

Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

I want the kitty in a bowl!!! I want the kitty in the bowl!!!!!!
I have always said.."There is room for one more." I have 3 kitties and 1 is a black one like your's.. I named him Binkey after Binks in the movie Hocas Pocas..and boy I can't spell that! I'm sending your labels out early next week.. I reduced them and boy are they CUTE!!! Hugs Rene

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me, oh I have to guess a number-haha! I say 328 and that is my final answer unless I'm wrong then I would like to change that number-lol :)