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Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Update and Christmas SNeak PeEk!

Christmas Sneak Peek Vintage Snowman Pendant!

Sneak peek snowman and Vintage Santa Pendants!

Ugly Christmas Guy and Ugly ( sold ) Pumpkin guy...can't believe he got 9 bids lol!

I am sorry I didnt have time to make a real blog yet these past few days! Things have been just nuts at home. I am really really busy making custom orders, shipping, listing new goodies and working on Christmas. I havent even had time for my groups lately and I do feel bad about it! I just wanted to post a fast hello and to let you guys know that I do have a really fun blog post I am going to make here very soon! I have so many goodies to show you and more winners to announce! So please keep watching! One way to really know what I am up to is to follow me on facebook. I have it on everyday and post a lot! I love facebook lol! for a FUN blog from me not this hurried stuff! I also wanted to thank a lot of my crafty friends for your concern and support for my little boy. He is having some learning issues in Language and being evaluated for autism. This has been a roller coaster battle with schools and teachers since he entered into KG. Frankly I'm tired lol...So again..I so appreciate all the nice emails you guys send. They do help!!! I just love that little guy so very much and I want him to have the best of everything in life. Putting him back a yr to 1st grade about broke my heart but he is doing very well and seems happy. to ship some goodies and please keep watching for fun stuffs!!!
Carmen E. Folk artist aka Ghost host.. lol

Lots of new goodies in my Ebay store!

Including the Haunted Doll House Auction..pssst...the reserve is almost there! Don't give up lol

I also made some chenille ornies and I have new canvas prints in! Wait until you see the goodies I have coming for Christmas!!!

Sneak Peek Christmas Charm Bracelets...I will make them in silver, gold and antiqued brass loaded with charms!

Ugly Christmas guy still needs to be finished!

I LOVE THIS ORNIE I won from Dani at SPOOKY TIME! Look for my Spooky HOllow banner there and check out my goodies!

My spooky Hollow gang as Vintage ornies. I used real vintage Chenille!

Now come back and see us ya hear?! HEH!
C. Ellis

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haunted Halloween Doll House Auction!

I finally have the Haunted Doll HOuse up for auction on Ebay! Please give it a looksie I put a lot of work into it! It will come loaded with lights, spooks, artist made 00ak Spooky miniatures, custom wallpaper, carpets...some special features, a coffin with a vintage dead guy lol...artist made BOOK OF THE DEAD..SO COOL just like the book in the Evil dead! An Artist made OOAK Fairy...she is beautiful! Artist made crystal Ball with little taro cards..artist made spell and potion bottles, tons of furniture....Candles...victorian creepy feel! It took me 8 months to make this thing from scratch! So if you were wanting to maybe buy it you might get it for a steal on ebay! In the next day or 2 I am posting 2 more winners! Wanna win????? Post to this blog or follow!!! Scroll down a pit to see ALL the prizes! LOTS OF EM!

Have a boootiful day and please please share this blog post with your friends! Please Facebook it, twitter it and email it to folks! I would really appreciate people helping me get the word out! Thank you! Carmen aka Spooky Hollow ghost host!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Spooky Time Jingles New Update and HUGE surprise Guest Artist!

The guest artist this month is said to be AMAZING! I don't even know who it is yet lol!

Can you guess by the photo above??

Spooky Time Jingles Updates every 13th of the month! Incase you haven't heard of Spooky Time Jingles it is a group of some of the BEST Halloween/Christmas/holiday artists around!
I am very honored to be one of their artists! Check out my updated page and all of the amazing artists goodies!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Present 3 new winners!

Sir Boo A lot as the Ghost of Christmas Present!

OHHHHH this month has been so busy! I also have a lot going on with my little boy so October is not going as planned. I thought I would be so organized lol! NOT! I did get some new projects done that I would like to show you. The ghost of Christmas past is a new paper mache paper clay project i just finished and you will be able to purchase him on my Spooky Time Jingles page when they update on the 13th! I have a Halloween page filled with goodies there and a Christmas page which I got finished last night. I think I am going to go ahead and list my Haunted Doll house on Ebay this weekend. When I get it listed as an auction I will go ahead and post the link! That house is loaded and took over 8 months to complete. It has lights, OOAK artist miniatures and is totally custom! It will also come with 2 vintage Dolls. One is antique Bisque Porcelain and the other is a Vintage German Doll I made into a white witch. Oh yah there is a 3rd vintage German Dad doll that I turned into a corpse looool! He is in the coffin in the living room! HEHE... <---sick hehehehe OK...3 More winners of the Spooky Hollow Sneak Attack CONTESTS! If you see your name please email me at I am mailing all the prizes out the same day so if you haven't gotten your yet and you sent me your address no worries! THE WINNERS ARE...........1. LAURIE OF MONKEY CAT STUDIO!!!! ( I love her work! ) 2. Ali of Holiday Hollow!!! 3. Haunted Swamp Designs!!! ( Sorry I don't know your name!!! ) CONGRATS!!! I still have some prizes left so keep up with my blog posts! All you have to do to enter is post at my blog or follow! Ok on to the photos! Oh and Human Hunters a new painting is finally done and will be listed in my Ebay shop this weekend!

My Grimmy Reapers. The larger one is for sale in my Ebay shop!

Smeadly the painting meets Smeadly the Bedtime Ghost Clay Figurine! He is forsale in my Etsy shop!

This is a Halloween Altered Art box I need to finish. It will have all my spooky hollow guys on it and the photo is a real antique Tin portrait! The little clown on top is a German Antique

A shot of Human Hunters! This painting will be listed in an auction this weekend at my ebay shop. I still need to add a bit of sparkle and some wording then done!

The grey area at the bottom with Say Happy Halloween in spooky Font!

Some of my Creations!

The ghost of Christmas Present and an old fashioned snow man in the works!

My old fashioned snowman and a moon orny I am working on

The Ghost of Christmas Present starring Sir Boo A lot! He is almost 10 inches high, paper mache and paper clay with layered spooky fabric....chain of course and cute snowman, snowflake and crystal cute glass beads. The focal is a vintage snowman bubble cab charm that you can take off and wear!
Sir boo A lot in a painting and clay!

Everyone have an amazing Spooky Weekend. There is great tv stuff this weekend like the 30 nights of Halloween and so on! Check your tv guides for Monster fest too!

Carmen Ellis

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween owl & guys Another Winner!

Hellooooo and I hope everyone is having a beautiful day! I finally got a few of my Halloween paper mache guys done so here they are! I will have them listed sometime this week for sale at my Etsy shop and My Spooky Time Jingles page. Oh before I show you the pics todays Spooky Hollow Scarefest Sneak Attack Winner is...........

Raven Faes Creations!

Please email me at with your mailing addy!!!!

Wanna win one of our OOAK SPooky Prizes? Just leave a comment or follow this blog! So far we have 4 winners and oodles more to go!!!

Oky doky here are some finished Spooky Hollow guys and a sneak peak at some new creations!
( I pictured my favorite creations first though....My kids!! Well I did have some help huh?? HEH! BTW My oldest boy lives out of state but here are 3 of them hamming it up last night!)

For some reason they were all sitting on the kitchen counter last night and it felt like a Kodak Moment lol!

This is a new guy I am making for Christmas believe it or not!

I just thought this pic was cute lol

Grimmy Reaper son of Grim Clay Figure!

Hoot Owl Paper mache!

See he is not juicy anymore!

Butt Ugly Pumpkin Guy all painted up!

Pumpkin Guy is so ugly .....he is cute???!!!

Ok I have so much to get done today...especially for the mailman tomorrow so yall have a great day and please check back at my blog soon for another update and new winner peoples!!!

Have a Bootiful day!
C. Ellis