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Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Update and Christmas SNeak PeEk!

Christmas Sneak Peek Vintage Snowman Pendant!

Sneak peek snowman and Vintage Santa Pendants!

Ugly Christmas Guy and Ugly ( sold ) Pumpkin guy...can't believe he got 9 bids lol!

I am sorry I didnt have time to make a real blog yet these past few days! Things have been just nuts at home. I am really really busy making custom orders, shipping, listing new goodies and working on Christmas. I havent even had time for my groups lately and I do feel bad about it! I just wanted to post a fast hello and to let you guys know that I do have a really fun blog post I am going to make here very soon! I have so many goodies to show you and more winners to announce! So please keep watching! One way to really know what I am up to is to follow me on facebook. I have it on everyday and post a lot! I love facebook lol! for a FUN blog from me not this hurried stuff! I also wanted to thank a lot of my crafty friends for your concern and support for my little boy. He is having some learning issues in Language and being evaluated for autism. This has been a roller coaster battle with schools and teachers since he entered into KG. Frankly I'm tired lol...So again..I so appreciate all the nice emails you guys send. They do help!!! I just love that little guy so very much and I want him to have the best of everything in life. Putting him back a yr to 1st grade about broke my heart but he is doing very well and seems happy. to ship some goodies and please keep watching for fun stuffs!!!
Carmen E. Folk artist aka Ghost host.. lol

Lots of new goodies in my Ebay store!

Including the Haunted Doll House Auction..pssst...the reserve is almost there! Don't give up lol

I also made some chenille ornies and I have new canvas prints in! Wait until you see the goodies I have coming for Christmas!!!

Sneak Peek Christmas Charm Bracelets...I will make them in silver, gold and antiqued brass loaded with charms!

Ugly Christmas guy still needs to be finished!

I LOVE THIS ORNIE I won from Dani at SPOOKY TIME! Look for my Spooky HOllow banner there and check out my goodies!

My spooky Hollow gang as Vintage ornies. I used real vintage Chenille!

Now come back and see us ya hear?! HEH!
C. Ellis


Beka 'n Kyle said...

I think I *need* the vintage snowman pendant. I have a collection of vintage dog Valentine's Day cards. Dogs only. OMG, I'm smitten!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Beka lol! Just let me know! I havent listed it yet!

Debb said...

i love the ugly christmas guytto OLve everything.

Anonymous said...

Your work is wonderful, as always.


Tracy M. said...

I love your snowman! Super cute.
Take care,
Tracy M.

Anonymous said...

Sending good and positive thoughts your way! :)

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Your art is too wonderful. I am enjoying reading your blog. I am reading back dates now.

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Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

You must be so busy this time of year. I have been looking for a new blog entry but you must have your hands full. Love your blog! I bought a bracelet and print from you off ebay and had it shipped to a relative in the states ( I live in Canada)- can't wait to pick it up! Any other winners?- You mentioned there would be more so I was just looking. BTW. The comment between my two blog comments is a complete advertisement that takes you off your blog- time to remove it!