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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok! Here it is the winner of the win a Grimmy doll contest! We had over 400 entries!!! Thank you everyone for entering, sharing and joining my home page and newsletter! I also want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments. They mean a lot to Grimmy and me!  Alright here is Grimmy to announce the winner!

Hello minions and ghoul friends! There were so many houses to go to and so many spooktacular friends but only one person could win me! After putting all the names in my hoodie my human closed her eyes and picked the winner. Not only does the winner win me but my worms, bone collection and sometimes stinky smells. What can I say I'm gassy like that! I expect a nice cold coffin bed, worms fried, baked and or steamed and letting me have sleep overs with my other Spooky Hollow friends. We don't need to watch scary movies we ARE scary movies!!! I should be able to play ZOmbie slashers whenever I want and pick my toes in public. With all that said and agreed to the winner is.....


Nay please email my human at so she can get your address and custom Grimmy request! After my human makes me just right for you I will be shipped priority mail to your home.
Please remove me from the box very carefully because I don't want my body parts falling off again.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!! Congrats to Nay and watch for more contests in the future.
With monster hugs and monster luv..
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis