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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank you, Sale & Spooky News!

Hey all you spooks out there! I am having a sale in my Etsy shop to help my daughter with some medical bills. I listed a Halloween charm necklace, Halloween beaded eye glass holder and a set of 3 Spooky Hollow character clay feather tree ornaments. The prices are very low. You can also buy a print and get one free! Just email me your freebie choice after purchase!  As many of you know my daughter Nicole has been going through some tough medical tests. We finally found out that she has a small tumor on her pituitary gland. I am having a sale to help her out with the cost of her new medicine. I also wanted thank all of you for your good thoughts and prayers. They worked! She does not need surgery as long as it doesn't get any bigger. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! There will be links to my shops after I am done jabbering! 

I also wanted to let my members know that I have taken a licensing job. I was approached by 2 companies and signed with one of them.  Soon there will be some Spooky Hollow reproductions that I will include in my shops! I'm very excited about it and they have been keeping me VERY busy lol! I can't wait to see the reproductions. EEEK! Lots of Grimmy's! 
That might not be a good thing!

ALSO... There is still time for a custom piece of art before Halloween so if you would like one please email me soon. I can only do so many. Watch for a new email next week! Hugs and haunts, Carmen and Grimmy Ellis!

Oh on a fun note don't forget to watch AMC Fright fest! All scary movies from now until Halloween!

Here are the store links

ETSY SHOP Buy one print get one free and new goodies at LOW prices! Click the link below

3 piece set only 25 dollars!!!

Charm necklace only 18 dollars!

Eye glass holder only 15 dollars!
Find all these and more at my Etsy link above!

Pumpkin is my son's kitten! This is the best cat photo I have ever taken lol!
He's smiling!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spooky Hollow goes animated & Contest!

The wait is over! The Spooky animated website makeover is complete! If you want to have some fun and even play with my spooks go to SPOOKYHOLLOW.NET and check out the gang! Make sure your speakers are on! When you are done playing click the enter button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the home page where you will see the word register at the top right of the page. Click it and fill in your info to subscribe. Everyone who registers will be entered to win the grand prize, their own Vincent ornament and a canvas paper Spooky Hollow print of their choice!

 The ornament with the print is 1st prize.

 Second prize is a free Skelly ornament

 and 3rd prize is a free Spooky Hollow print of your choice

First prize is Vincent and a print

second prize is a skelly ornament!

Third prize is a print of your choice from my Etsy shop!

Repost this on your blog for an extra entry.
Share it on facebook for an extra entry
Post it on twitter for an extra entry!

The winner will be announced October 1st!
The prizes will go out the same week.
Next week I am revealing new Halloween art!
Watch my blog for details!

From now until Halloween everything in my Etsy shop is on sale!
Use the coupon code HALLO30 at check out.
Make sure the letters are all caps.

I have a lot of Halloween surprises coming up so register for my newsletters to see them first!
Grimmy is like all excited so I had to cut out all sugar and caffeine.
Now go play!

Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 Spooky Ebay auctions including Skelly with coffin!

It's time! Time to start shopping for your favorite Halloween art and Spooky Hollow folk art by Carmen Ellis has all kinds of spooks to tickle your Halloween fancy!
You can find my Spooky cute characters in clay, paintings, prints and illustrations! This year I have ornaments with Spooky Hollow gift boxes in all shapes and sizes! You can browse my Etsy shop for many of them and then go visit my weekly Ebay auctions!
My Etsy link will be at the bottom of this blog post.
I am adding new art weekly!

In just a few weeks I will show you the new Spooky Hollow home page! I have a lot of Spooky fun changes coming up and I can't wait for you to see them when they are finished!

I also have a great Halloween contest that I am posting this week so keep watching my blog and emails.
To sign up for my emails just go to and click register at the top right of the page!

This week I have 3 ebay auctions! The large auction is the skelly doll with his matching coffin! The doll is hand sculpted from clay and the coffin is paper mache hand painted with my Halloween Spooky Hollow charcter. Each measure about 7 inches high.

My other ebay auction is one of my black cat ornaments with a hand painted box. Each are made by hand.

Skelly feather tree ornament. These always sell out!

My Etsy shop with oh so many Halloween goodies!

I have Halloween fever and I know many of you do also!
So come play at my pages and shops!
I have more Halloween tricks up my sleeve!

Have a boo-ti-ful day!

Carmen Ellis

Friday, August 12, 2011

Skelly & Black cat auction reminder ends soon!

Just a reminder that the Salem the Black Cat doll auction ends tomorrow Saturday morning! Here is the link

Skelly the ornament auction ends on Sunday!

And what do we have up for auction this Sunday?????

These guys the entire set and a surprise New Spooky Hollow Clay piece! Stay tuned hehe!

Now Pumpkin says Bye Bye!

Pumpkin is my son's kitten! This is the best cat photo I have ever taken lol!
He's smiling!

Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Halloween ornament gift sets new for 2011

Halloween OOAK ornament gift sets!!!! New for 2011

Halloween Ornament Gift sets!

I am so happy to be able to offer more then one of these new gift sets!
The original set is in my Ebay shop.
This set is totally hand sculpted, painted and signed. It comes in a sweet hand painted gift box.

Other set are made from molds and hand painted and signed. Right now these are made to order. You can purchase a set and I will finish it in 4 days and mail it out.
All sets come with a hand painted gift box with the Spooky Hollow logo. Even the box is cute!

If you would like a made to order set just email me at

You can also purchase these ornaments separately. Just send me an email!

I have lots of new art just about finished so keep watching my blog or facebook page!

The facebook link will be at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post and peek at my little ornaments!
Have a boo-ti-ful day!

SpookyHollow Folkart | Create Your Badge

This weeks Ebay auction! One of a kind large black cat art doll! Sells for 125 and starting bid is 49.99~

Black cat auction link Click here!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

OOAK Halloween art doll auction!

This is the first Ebay auction of 2011! It is for my original Black cat art doll. He is 8 inches tall and hand sculpted from clay. He is signed and dated on the bottom and will come wrapped in black Halloween tissue. This is the only black cat doll I have and it starts at a low bidding price. I love my auction template lol and there is sound. Come peek! I also have an antique toy sewing machine for sale on ebay! Watch for weekly ebay auctions for this upcoming Halloween season!
Have a boo-ti-ful day!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Halloween Queen's Boo-tique new art!

Come see all the new Halloween art for sale at the Halloween Queen's Boo-tique! The Boo-tique is filled with amazingly talented Halloween artists and I am very proud to be a part of it! I have a new original piece of art for sale on my Boo-tique page and the ornament page! Come check it out and play. Find my art by scrolling down on the home page and clicking on Grimmy! Later this week watch for a Grimmy surprise that I will post right here at my blog!
Have a boo-ti-ful day!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Halloween art plus free shipping!

I have been working like crazy creating new art for the upcoming Halloween season! New Halloween art will be added weekly to my Etsy shop and starting on Sunday I will do one Ebay auction per week! The photo above shows some of my owl ornaments and a large black cat ornament. I will post more pictures soon but I want some items to be a surprise! I totally have the Halloween bug and can't stop playing in clay! I also have a painting that is almost finished. Please keep watching my blog or my face book for new art and an upcoming fun contest.
Check out the photo below...when completed he will be an ebay auction.
Have a boo-ti-ful day!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis
Etsy shop

SpookyHollow Folkart | Create Your Badge

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Spooky Hollow has been over run by evil little toe biting spooks that like to hang out on feather trees! HELP ME I don't have much time left! Grimmy is coming at me with a butter knife!

Halloween ornaments 2011!
Grimmy and his buddies are all over the place and taking over Spooky Hollow! I am hiding under my desk with my laptop writing this blog....! It is complete chaos! Evil spooks are flying by making tiny evil growls and freaky high pitched laughs! They are hanging off my hair, ears and nose! ONE WENT IN MY NOSE!
 Oh the humanity!!!

 Art pens are being tossed through the air! Monster paint foot prints are everywhere! Even my dogs are hiding because Grimmy snuck up on one and tried to ride him like a horse! When they're not trying to bite my toes they are hanging from my ceiling lamp trying to electrocute each other!!! I think I'm next! Grimmy found my doll collection and is popping off the heads, tossing them to skelley who is eating them! OH NO! They found the glue gun! I don't know how long I can stay safe so I need your help!

I listed each one of these evil boogers in my Etsy shop! There are block head ornaments, clay and chenille ornaments and even new monster dolls. All of which are trying to drag me from under my desk as I type! These ornament spooks are multiplying like rabbits so there is a great selection of little insane minions in my Etsy shop.

Visit my Etsy shop

Mini Grimmies!

Mini pumpkin guys...only 2 left!

My famous Block head ornaments!

See, they are looking you in the eye...beware!

Don't let the cuteness fool you!

Even the lollipop dude is plotting!

Before  they chew my foot off I need to tell you that there will be more and more of these man eating ornaments and dolls listed weekly in my Etsy shop. Each ornament is sold separately so if you see one you want you might want to grab him up. Each one is hand sculpted so there are never two a like.
If you want a custom ornament or doll just email me at  If you contact me wanting a custom piece of art I will send you my business phone number so we can talk in detail.

So keep watching my shop for..........................


"We have the human!!!"

 Send worms, bugs, anything dirty to p. o. box Grimmy Reaper
I ate the human street
Spooky HOllow USA."

Grimmy Ellis evilenator builder

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok! Here it is the winner of the win a Grimmy doll contest! We had over 400 entries!!! Thank you everyone for entering, sharing and joining my home page and newsletter! I also want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments. They mean a lot to Grimmy and me!  Alright here is Grimmy to announce the winner!

Hello minions and ghoul friends! There were so many houses to go to and so many spooktacular friends but only one person could win me! After putting all the names in my hoodie my human closed her eyes and picked the winner. Not only does the winner win me but my worms, bone collection and sometimes stinky smells. What can I say I'm gassy like that! I expect a nice cold coffin bed, worms fried, baked and or steamed and letting me have sleep overs with my other Spooky Hollow friends. We don't need to watch scary movies we ARE scary movies!!! I should be able to play ZOmbie slashers whenever I want and pick my toes in public. With all that said and agreed to the winner is.....


Nay please email my human at so she can get your address and custom Grimmy request! After my human makes me just right for you I will be shipped priority mail to your home.
Please remove me from the box very carefully because I don't want my body parts falling off again.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!! Congrats to Nay and watch for more contests in the future.
With monster hugs and monster luv..
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Monday, May 30, 2011

Grimmy doll contest 2 days to enter!!!

Grimmy made a boom boom but on to the blog!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that I will be announcing the winner of the OOAK Grimmy doll contest on June 1st!!! You still have today and tomorrow to enter! I upped the contest some! If you go to my home page and click register at the top right of the page that will sign you up for my newsletter! 5 entries for that one people! Post right here 1 entry. Share on Facebook 3 more entries! I am actually really organized about this lol! So join, post, share whatever you would like to do today and tomorrow. I NEVER DO THIS so enter now!

The lucky winner will be announced on JUNE 1st so you might want to follow my blog!
 I hope your Memorial day is wonderful and God bless all those who served and are serving now!
Also God bless all of the new friends I have met online. You always bring a smile or a giggle to my day!
Gotta go change Grimmy's monster pants now...ick! Oh wait, he doesn't wear pants! Double ICK!

Giant monster hugs,
Grimmy Reaper and
Carmen Ellis

Friday, May 20, 2011

Win a Grimmy doll reminder!

Hey hey hey! I thought I would send a reminder that June 1st the winner of the Grimmy doll contest will be posted! You still have time!

 All you need to do is post a comment right here at the blog. If you share this on facebook you get 2 extra entries!
Go to my home page and click register at the top right of the page to sign up for my newsletters and get 3 extra entries!!

The winner of the contest will win a totally original Grimmy art doll! What is cool about this is the winner can request something special about their doll. A custom Grimmy so to speak! I never ever give away an art doll so take advantage of this contest! Now start posting and sharing! Watch for the winner on June 1st! Have a spootacular day!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So you wanna illustrate!

I made a post on facebook of the picture above telling folks to practice their art! Then I thought, Hey why not blog about it so here I am!
Just some ideas and items I use to create my characters.
OK, some things that really help

Say you make a character and it turned out awesome. You might not be able to create him the exact way you did before. Place the paper with your character on the light box...put the new paper on top and trace!

If you like you can trace a completed illustration so if you sell one you still basically have it if you want to recreate it. There are tons of uses for a light box. Google it for lots of other ideas.

Never EVER copy someone else's work. That is just simple ethics. Protect your work! Get a copyright and I also upload every art piece to copyright deposit. It was the best money I ever spent.   I even have the name Grimmy protected! I do lol!

Good lighting! I use like 3 lamps at once lol. I need really good light when I draw. I have my eye on a wonderful artist lamp. If you can afford it go to Walmart and buy and art desk. You can adjust it so it tips just right when you draw.


An art friend told me about Pigma Micron pens. BUY SOME! They are ultra fine archival ink. Permanent and never bleed. You can buy them online or Walmart even carries some!
I have them in all colors and sizes. I also use vintage and even antique quill and fountain pens with good old fashioned ink. These are really fun to work with once you know how to keep them from smearing. I use India Ink.


The best pencils to use are your basic number 2 lead pencils. Very easy to erase leaving no annoying pencil lines.


I use gummy erasers. They are my fave but Hi polymer erasers are just a good. They are usually white in color. I use these because they leave no smudge marks. All very cheap!


My faves are Faber Castell and pigma. I use these for cartoons more the illustrations. You will be spending a bit of money on these but they are worth it.


My fave is thick Strathmore watercolor paper. Great for ink and watercolor illustrations.

I use Velum paper for the use of pigma markers and of course you need some tracing paper.

If I am making a new character I get a piece of watercolor paper. Doodle him in pencil and then trace the doodle in ink. Erase the pencil and color him in. It's fun and addicting try it lol. Some people really get exact with this. They draw the image on regular paper. Put it on the light box. Trace it using tracing paper and then put the tracing paper under the new paper and trace again. This is way too much work for me!

When done get your camera and put it on the macro setting. Take a pic and there ya go! Great for prints!

Come up with your own unique style. Something only you can do! If you want to get a book published trust me they want totally original work.
Pick up some how to books. There are tons out there and I found mine on Amazon and ebay.
You can even buy some videos with instructions and techniques. Never stop learning!

Practice at least once a week. Pick up some old children's book and really study techniques.
If you are not sure how to draw a body position like someone waving use google images. Find a similar position for reference. Another trick is to hide the character behind something. Let's say you can't make feet. Hide him behind a bush lol!

Keep a library of ideas and references. Magazine photos, things like that. Let's say you want to draw a frog but you can't seem to do it from memory. Trust me not many people can! Find a page with a frog..cut it out and keep it in a folder.

These are just a few Ideas I have about illustration.
I am self taught with some art classes under my belt so I am sure there are may tips and tricks I don't even know about, but when it comes to basics...

sketch book

There ya go now go draw something!!!
Carmen Ellis

Please excuse any typos you may find. I can't find my glasses lol!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Easter sale!

I am having a huge Easter sale in my Etsy shop! 3 Easter art dolls are marked down 30 percent! Grimmy bunny, sheep and goat! They will have the word sale in the title. You can also buy one print and get one free! Just message me and tell me what free print you would like when checking out! The proceeds from all sales are helping my son's school fundraiser! Come play at our Etsy Easter sale!!!

Click here for my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buy one get one free print sale!

Hey everyone!

Today April 19th - 21
You can buy one print and get one free! That is an 18 dollar savings
Go to my Etsy shop

The proceeds go to my son's school fundraiser!

Purchase your print and in the comment box let me know what print you would like for your free print. Post the url if you can or just email me your choice at

Also while you are there check out the new Halloween art.

So take a peek and shop below!

Etsy shop!

I hope you are having a beautiful Spring day!
Little monster hugs,

Carmen and Grimmy Ellis

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Halloween Charm bracelet! 40 charms!

I just finished a new Halloween Spooky Hollow character charm bracelet! The focal is Ooky the monster. The bracelet is done in antiqued brass findings and has beautiful lamp work beads. The orange beads are shimmering Czech fire polished beads! It is loaded with charms and there are some little coin charms that are hard to see in the photo. It measures 8 inches long and is adjustable.  I plan on listing it in Etsy but if anyone would like to purchase it before I do email me at The price is 48.00 and if you compare the price to other bracelets with less charms that is a wonderful deal for hand made art!
Thanks for peeking! Happy Sunday!
Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pc Killer Virus Help!

Save your computer tip!

Last year while do a search for a knitting pattern in yahoo I was hit with a horrible virus that basically killed my pc.

I bought a laptop which I love but I lost all of my personal photos on my old pc. Even some art print photos. When I opened the page that I thought was a knitting pattern it launched this fake anti virus scan and it scans really fast asking you to click yes or no to continue. I thought it really was my anti virus program and clicked a fake pop up that said cancel scan. That was the end of my pc.

 Yesterday like a dummy I searched for a printable sign for my son's birthday party. The oh so familiar fake virus scan started again. This time I realized it was fake and quickly turned off my laptop. When I restarted it and opened windows the page with the fake virus scan came up but this time there was no scanning. I went to my end task menu and got the page to close. I did a real virus scan and thankful by shutting off the pc fast and then ending the page with my task manager I am virus free. I thought my experience might help others who stumble upon this pc killer virus. When it hit last year not even Norton could get rid of it. It is the worst pc virus around.

So, if you happen to click on a web page and suddenly there is a virus's a virus. Turn off you pc and restart fast. Don't click anything!. If the window pops up with the fake scan go to your task manager and a safe window will pop up. ( the task manager is in your start menu ) There will be list of everything running on your pc including all the web pages that you have open. Find the page with the virus and end task. This will close the evil page! Do a full virus scan after and you will beat the virus. I wish I would have known this last year. I hope this helps and I explained it in a way that you can understand.
I am not very good at explaining lol. If you do have a question please email me at

Now I back up my pc by using a little thumb drive. they are small and you can insert them into your computers usb drive. ( the place where you plug in your mouse and printers ) I move all my photos and files to this little thumb drive. You can also back up your computer online. ) Please do this!!!

Happy no virus!

Big hugs

Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

Monday, April 4, 2011

Grimmy bunny & Eggburt!

New Grimmy bunny Easter art doll!

This is my new Grimmy Bunny! He is 8 inches tall, signed and dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
I have found  a new way of sealing my dolls that looks amazing!

 The picture doesn't do justice to my bunny!

Grimmy bunny is hand sculpted and an original work of art.
He is holding a very worried Easter Egg named Eggburt. I think he is worried about being eaten or dropped! Either that or Grimmy has morning breath!

You can find him at my Etsy shop!

I hope you are having a beautiful Spring day!

Little monster hugs,
Carmen and Grimmy Ellis

 ( Spooky Hollow members are always alerted of new art first! If you would like to become a member go to my home page and click register at the top right of the page. You can also login with facebook! )

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One More Grimmy Piggy!

A few weeks ago I had a buyer ask me to make a Grimmy Piggy. Well I did and after I completed him I posted  him on Facebook.

I had such an amazing response I decided to make one more. When he is completed my Spooky Hollow members will be alerted first on how to purchase him.
If you are not a member go to my home page
and at the top right of the page it will say register. Just click!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday!
I'm sitting here painting a monster and watching my birds eat at their feeders.

Little monster hugs,
Carmen and Grimmy Ellis

Friday, April 1, 2011

Halloween Queen's Spooky Hollow art!

Hey everyone!
Today is the day you can visit the Halloween Queens Boo-tique to see new Spooky Hollow art for sale!
The pictures above are the new items!
Easter Grimmy Egg
Boo boo Halloween nut cup ornament
and a Spooky Hollow character Charm Bracelet
If you wan to buy one of these items visit the boo-tique and email me!
Easy Peasy!
Happy April Fools Day!
No prankin here but my family better watch out!
Have a great day!
Carmen and Grimmy Ellis