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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pc Killer Virus Help!

Save your computer tip!

Last year while do a search for a knitting pattern in yahoo I was hit with a horrible virus that basically killed my pc.

I bought a laptop which I love but I lost all of my personal photos on my old pc. Even some art print photos. When I opened the page that I thought was a knitting pattern it launched this fake anti virus scan and it scans really fast asking you to click yes or no to continue. I thought it really was my anti virus program and clicked a fake pop up that said cancel scan. That was the end of my pc.

 Yesterday like a dummy I searched for a printable sign for my son's birthday party. The oh so familiar fake virus scan started again. This time I realized it was fake and quickly turned off my laptop. When I restarted it and opened windows the page with the fake virus scan came up but this time there was no scanning. I went to my end task menu and got the page to close. I did a real virus scan and thankful by shutting off the pc fast and then ending the page with my task manager I am virus free. I thought my experience might help others who stumble upon this pc killer virus. When it hit last year not even Norton could get rid of it. It is the worst pc virus around.

So, if you happen to click on a web page and suddenly there is a virus's a virus. Turn off you pc and restart fast. Don't click anything!. If the window pops up with the fake scan go to your task manager and a safe window will pop up. ( the task manager is in your start menu ) There will be list of everything running on your pc including all the web pages that you have open. Find the page with the virus and end task. This will close the evil page! Do a full virus scan after and you will beat the virus. I wish I would have known this last year. I hope this helps and I explained it in a way that you can understand.
I am not very good at explaining lol. If you do have a question please email me at

Now I back up my pc by using a little thumb drive. they are small and you can insert them into your computers usb drive. ( the place where you plug in your mouse and printers ) I move all my photos and files to this little thumb drive. You can also back up your computer online. ) Please do this!!!

Happy no virus!

Big hugs

Grimmy and Carmen Ellis

1 comment:

Georgina said...

Sounds like the same virus that attacked me in '09. Lost everything too.

I was doing research on Christmas traditions in other countries for a story I was creating to send to my grandchildren. I made little ornaments and I thought a story would be fun to send along with these little critters.

It happened so fast, I didn't know what hit anti-virus came up with all kinds of warnings as did Windows. I was using Trend Micro at the time, but it was too much for that too. All of a sudden the blue screen popped up and the 'puter was fried!!

I also learned my lesson and use those little flash drives to back up or CD's or DVD's all depending what I'm backing up. This is a horrible virus and I just don't understand why people have to create these nasty bugs...for what purpose?? On conspiracy theorist once thought it was contrived by the computer companies in order for people to purchase new computers...hmmm, sounds plausible, but really??? LOL

Thanks for the heads up...seems that little bug hasn't finished it's destructive ways in the last couple of years.