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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HURRY CONTEST & Face not me heh

( Giving my blog a face lift and working on a new banner to match..sorry about the big black blotch at the top lol )

( I would love to read your feedback on what you think of my clay work and hear suggestions of things you would like Spooky Hollow to Come up with! )

HI HI HI!!! 2 weeks have past and I am ready to pick a contest winner! If anyone else would like to enter please just leave a quick post of follow! The prizes are listed in the post below this one! I even have a sneaky surprise snowman for the second place peep! I made it from paper clay and I don't want to show him just yet! He needs a bit more glitter on his cold bald head....
I AM SO in the Christmas SPirit! We had our first snow yesterday. I have been working like crazy making new Clay pieces. I am officially addicted to making paper mache, clay and paper clay art. I Love it! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Im waiting on some news.....some really good news I hope and when I hear I will sooo send you guys a quick post. I am bursting to tell someone but can't yet.

I do have a funny story I can tell you though! A few nights ago my son lost his front tooth. It must have fallen out while he was sleeping because we can't find it anywhere. We are pretty sure he swallowed it...Well my son is on a tooth watch ...erm....He is hoping to POOP it out!!!
If he does I'm not going in for it? Any takers on that one?? hehe...
So what I did was tell him that when a person swallows the tooth the tooth fairy waits a few days and if you still dont find it she will go ahead and leave money under his pillow on the third day.
So this morning when I got my son up for school I stuffed a five in his shirt real quick and acted like I just found it. He has been carrying around that five dollars all day lol.
You know what he told me??? He said that he wants to use it to buy his brothers and sister Christmas presents! Then he asked me why we give each other presents on Christmas. He said, Shouldnt we buy Jesus presents? HOW sweet and innocent was that!!!! oMG osh I could just eat him up lol.

So anyway...cross your fingers I don't get screamed for next time he uses the bathroom...ewww.

Now that I have you all grossed out LOOK at my new Christmas goodies hehe!

Here are some photos of some of the new creations I have finished. Some are listing in my ETSY shop and some Ebay. Some I still need to hurry up and list! So here are the pics and I hope each and everyone of you have a magical, beautiful Christmas! ( Ohhhh...Gonna pick a winner late tomorrow so enter sooooon! )

You can find the tiny angel orny here. ETSY My Etsy shop has FREE SHIPPING on most Christmas Goodies! Adding more almost daily! The little santa was made by my friend Robert. Isnt it sweet!!

The large Santa sold....Mary and Jesus are in my Etsy shop!
This little mouse is a miniature Christmas tree Topper. He will be in my for 9 dollars.

This is I feel my best paper mache piece yet. Of course it is GRIMMY My fave Spooky Hollow character. He is dressed up as an elf and has a pumpkin lantern. His shoes are curly tipped and covered in shimmering red glitter. He is over 13 inches tall and stands on a wooden base 5 inches wide covered in German glass glitter. You can find him in my Ebay Store!

This is a paper clay Christmas Ornament I made. The base of the orny is a vintage ornament. She is a good size about 7 inches long. She is covered in ultra fine glitter and mica. I even crocheted her little hat! You can find her in my Ebay store

The snow girl above is made of clay and she sits on a vintage Coats and Clark Spool with pink lace. She is covered in ultra fine glitter and holds a little vintage bottle brush tree in one hand and a blue bird on the other. Her bottom is trimmed with pink Eyelash yarn. In the picture she has an extra ring of tinsel on her head. I forgot to take it off lol! She is in my Etsy shop with free shipping! I really try to make all my original pieces affordable. I know how tight things are at my house. Super tight!
This is a new Creepy cute Christmas Guy. He is actually Skelley Skeleton but as a snowman. He is made of clay and sits on a vintage Coats and Clark spool. He looks as though he is sitting on melting snow. I really liked how he turned out. Especially his eyes! He is in my Etsy shop with Free Shipping!

Ok this is Santa Dude! I like Santa dude lol. He is one of those my you are so ugly you are cute kinda creations. He is sitting on an old winnie the pooh block. A larger block btw. I added lots of ultra fine glitter. He also bobbles! I used an antique Rusty spring from our barn for very good wobbleage....erm is that word? IT IS NOW BAHAHHAAHHHAHAHAH
You can find Santa Dude in my Etsy shop with Free shipping!

This is my ultra tiny Grimmy Chenille Vintage style Orny! He fits on your finger tip. He comes with a set of 5 miniature Character ornies! The larger ones are so popular I thought tiny might be a cute idea! The tiny set is up for auction in my Ebay shop and the large set is for sale in my Ebay shop! I also still have the Halloween set listed and will all yr round.

I have lots more to list to please check back often! All of my bracelets sold out but I am making 2 more for Christmas. One Night mare before Christmas style and one done with Silver findings with tons of Santa charms and snowmen. Will post them when they are finished or if you are interested in grabbing one before I list it just email me. I ask 55 and free shipping!

Am I covering everything?? LOL. Wow this turned out to be a long blog post huh. Sorry about the novel!

Oh right now I have a larger piece that I am working on and might be done tomorrow. Cant wait to show that one. I think folks will be surprised! I try so hard to make my art different and unique. I hope you enjoy it and bless your heart for reading all this lol!

I was thinking about starting a newsletter. I used to write one for years for an old website I had and it was so fun. I mainly jabbered about stupid things in my life but folks seemed to like it.
So if you would be interested in joining a news letter please email me! If I get enough requests I will go ahead and start one up!

OK OK IM done now I promise but I will be back tomorrow WITH A WINNER SO ENTER NOW!

BYE YA!aka Spooky Hollow chic


Demon Doll Maker said...

I just love your grimmy and skelly guys so much :D The most cutest things ever

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

I always love seeing what you've made. You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

Just a little grossed out--lol!

Daisy said...


CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Grimmy is 'absolutely wonderful'!