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Monday, May 31, 2010

Spooky Hollow Free Ecards & Membership!

I have been working on my home page most of the morning and wanted to let you know about some fun goodies I added! First off you can go to my home page and send free Spooky Hollow Ecards! You can pick for 20 different photos of my art and choose backgrounds, occasions you name it!

ALso if you go to my home page you can become a Spooky Hollow Member! Members get to see new art pieces FIRST...get special email updates...contest chances and some discounts! To become a member go to my home page here,,,

Look at the upper right hand of the page and you will see Log in with facebook or register.

If you have a facebook account all you can join that way! I think that is a really cool feature. I also added chat at the very bottom of my pages. I plan on adding more fun stuff so keep checking.

Right now at the home page I made a free desktop wallpaper for you!
This week I will be bringing back the Cafe Press store so you can buy Spooky Hollow Tshirts and things!

Some please come play at my homepage and Have a happy special Memorial day!

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