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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wonderland & who's payng attention? LOL

Hello Blogger friends! Oh my gosh I got so much done this week and today! I just listed 5 new art goodies in my Ebay shop! If you go look there is one new Larger painting that I honestly love called Wonderland. I did it with lots of different inks and my Opa's ( grandpas ) antique Russian Watercolors. I wish you could see it in person! I also got a little Grimmy Owl lover ACEO finished up and listed. The clay - paper mache Grimmy owl lover is all done and he is about 14 inches high! If you follow me or Grimmy Reaper on facebook you will recognize him because he married Alan Cunningham's beautiful Doll house doll he sent Grimmy as a gift and bride lol! There is also a clay Grimmy who is quoting Hamlet...he even holds poor Yorick in his little boney hands! Then you will find 2 ornaments in ONE auction! It is ghosty and her babies. Ghosty is a clay ornie nodder! Her neck is an antique spring from our barn. The babies and pumpkin are on a tiny wooden wagon. I think there is more but right now my brain is fried! When I wasn't finishing up art, shipping out art, making new art I was taking care of a sick child and pulling weeds until the cows come home. I HATE WEEDS! I think I lost 10 lbs just from pulling weeds! TRy it it works lol!
I also want to see who really reads my blog posts....So...
If you are reading this...make a little post about anything you like. Next Sunday I will pick one person and send them a free Spooky HOllow gift!
( very possibly a tshirt....unless I dont get them on time lol! )
Other then that there are some fun new things you can do at my website
There are free Spooky Hollow Ecards! If for some reason they don't load for you PLEASE TELL ME! There is also free Spooky Hollow wallpaper you can grab! ( to be used on your pc only not for reproduction in any way...) Fine print lol..
So basically what i am saying is...
Please use it as wallpaper not a pattern BHAHAHAHAHHAA!
Omgosh I'm tired!
While I am rambling due to tiredness....
I hope my groups are reading this..I feel so bad. I am horrible at posting to my groups. Especially since the garden was tilled lol.
I belong to PFATT, AHQU and MHA...So group friends please be patient with me!
I just stink at networking. Facebook is fun and easy for me but for some reason I get all confused with the Ebay groups. I find the posts confusing but then again in the 80's I used to bleach my hair a lot and I think it seeped into my brain.
Funny I just bought some bleach highlight stuff..maybe I shouldn't use it!
Ok..gonna shut up now, post some pictures of new work that is listed and then fall over!
God bless everyone!
Carmen Ellis

You can find many of these goodies in my EBAY and ETSY SHOPS! The links are to the right of this post somewhere lol!


Im up for auction in Ebay! Search PFATT!

For sale in my Ebay shoP!

This is the free illustration that goes with Hamlet Grimmy!

This will be in my Etsy shop it is 3d done on canvas with clay and paint!
All framed art are originals and for sale

Mama Nodder orny and babies! ( this is a set forsale in my Ebay shop )

ACEO in my Ebay shop!

Large 15 by 11 painting in my Ebay shop!
You can find my shops, fun stuff and loads of pics at my home page
Please visit and join my site!


Robert said...

Carman I so love you art! I don't deserve to win anything but I do read your blog now and then. The ones here are just as awesome as all the rest!

Malissa said...

I LOVE your last pic Alice in Wonderland!! Is that the one you used your Opa's watercolors on? As usual, great work! I'm terrible about being a blog lurker!!!

Creepy_Creations said...

Oh my you have been busy! Love the Alice in Wonderland and that is very cool that you have screen savers and ecards!! It is very motivating coming over here to your blog!!


Moriah (MLB Studios) said...

I always read your posts! You're not going to get anything by me! lol A chance to win some Spooky Hollow Schtuff?? Rock on, icing on the cake! Oh and the freebies are just so awesome, thank you!

Elysian Field Originals said...

I am so loving your little characters. That 11 x 15 painting rocks and I too bleached the poop out of my hair when I was younger so I can commiserate with you there. Happy weeding! Lol.

Diana said...

I just get the biggest kick out of you and your creations..You are inspiring me to get out my clay and try something new and whimsical myself..

Gerushia's New World said...

We're friends on facebook, so I thought I would pop in and have a look at your blog as well. I gotta tell have one of the most distinctive styles I've ever seen. I just love all of your art!!

Gerushia's New World

Katie said...

Oh, I like the new Alice in Wonderland set! Just watched the new one the othe rday for the first time and had to watch it a few times....So many ideas and So much inspiration could come from there, huh!!


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Oh you are reading my posts lol! WEEEEEEE!!! Everyone who posted is entered to win HOpefully the tshirt but if it doesn't get here in Time I have a very good idea for you!!!