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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ghost Feather Tree ornie- nodder

I so forgot to show you guys this ghosty listing. You get 2...TWo! OOAK hand sculpted feather tree ornies. One is 3 baby ghosts peeking out of a pumpkin on a little wooden wagon. The other ornie is mom with a rusty spring ( from our barn ) nodder type neck. Both ornies are made of paper clay and have antique brass findings so you can hang them on a tree or sit them on a shelf. They are sweet and one of a kind!
I listed them as a buy now in my Ebay shop and here is the linky dinky doo!

Ebay 2 ornie listing click here

There are lots of other goodies in my ebay shop so if you like look around!
It seems this week folks are having fun buying prints!
Also the secret contest still goes...if you read this blog you will be entered to win a spookyhollow tshirt! I hope they get there this week but when I get them the winner will get one. It will be white and size large.

Hey if anyone out there is really good with photo shop I need new banners and things!
Please email me if you have HIGH banner making skills loL! at ya very soon!
Carmen Ellis FOlk artist

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