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Monday, June 28, 2010

Praying for our Country

I have a wonderful friend that many of you know or have heard of, Flora Thompson of Bone Head Studios.
She is putting together a prayer group with the main purpose of praying for our country. I told her that I would love to help find people who would like to participate. The post below was written by Flora. She is a wonderful woman wanting wonderful things for our country and I am proud to help pass this on. Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless you!

Below is the message from Flora,

"I am anxious to do this, to get this going, so I will send out emails today
informing those that emailed in private and am now posting for those that commented here and on FaceBook.
I am setting the time for July 1st at about 7:00 pm for our moment of prayer,each day for a week. This is Central time, so make sure to set your clocks accordingly for those of you who are on different time zones.
A very kind, new FaceBook friend of mine figured out the times zones for everyone, how sweet was that?!!!!So here they are below

If it is 7pm central time, it will be 8pm eastern time, 3pm pacific time, and 5pm mountain time.
Thank you Leslie!!!!

We can state our intentions prior to saying our prayers, which is for America's healing and to guide our leaders to make the right decisions for the good of it's people.

To my Christian friends I am suggesting to use " The Lords Prayer" if you are familiar with it.
Because I have many friends, not all of whom are Christians, who have stated that they would still like to participate. I think that as long as your prayers are of good will and healing please use them.
This was also suggested by a friend of mine ,for the conclusion of our prayers

May the lord bless you and keep you and may his light shine on you always,Amen

So I am going to offer it to y'all too,
Maybe we could even do this one week every month...or add this intention to our daily/nightly prayers too?
Please email me with any suggestions you might have, we do have time to add something extra, so if the spirit moves you please let me know about it so that
I can offer it? "

This is a link to Flora's Blog

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