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Saturday, September 26, 2009

ANother Winner New Paintings Ghost stories!

First off I would like to show you a new painting I finished called, "000ps my head fell off." I did it on a stretched canvas frame using acrylics, Russian opaque water colors & ink.

This painting will be for sale sometime this weekend! I will post the link when I am done listing it..

I also wanted to let folks know that yesterdays blog post turned into some darn good ghost stories.
As I said in yesterdays post I am going to write things down as they happen in this house that may or may not be paranormal. It does seem like something little happens daily..
Nothing yet today but we are having some work done to the house this weekend and if there is something here maybe it will stir em up!
( Look at me I want a ghost lol )
So please scroll down to yesterdays blog post to read about stuff that has happened in our house and stuff other readers posted about spooks and such!

I posted lots of creepy pictures to my facebook yesterday and today! I took lots of photos of our 100 yr old barn...inside and out.
It was really dark in there when I took the pics and the camera flash was really the only light I had in some places. I also took my digital recorder hoping to get an evp...I WISH! I havent had time to listen yet so who knows....

I got lots of photos with orby looking things in them but a friend on facebook told me they are more then likely dust balls...sigh. If you would like to see the pics you can go here

Would love to read your comments!

Below is one pic of the inside of the barn. I call it the wall O hatchets! There are hundreds of them! How creepy is that?

Now for the Spooky Hollow Spooktacular Sneak Attack Winner of the day!!!

( I pick a winner by closing my eyes and placing my finger on the pc screen where folks have posted lol....)

So Let me close my eyes and do that now hehehehehehehe....brb....

{elevator music playing......Muskrat, Muskrat candle light...doin a jig and doin it right....Something like that....)

AND THE WINNER IS.....( the first time I picked my post looool )

Theresa Whitt Whitmore OF

Theresa Please email me at with your mailing addy!

I am feeling really generous this weekend so I just might pick another winner tomorrow!

For new folks how do you enter to win?

Just post a comment or Follow this blog!!!

Ok I think I covered everything....

Oh and don't forget to check out some ebay auctions of mine that are ending like today!

Have a great day!

Carmen E. You Ghost host........or something like that..


Codys Keepsakes said... lucky dog....don't forget to come on over and enter my giveaway. She would fit right in with all your ghosties....don't you just love living in an old house....I do.

Anonymous said...

That painting is amazing. I want it! I have really got to save up and buy one of your originals sometime. They would fit perfectly in our home! Maybe I can convince my fiance to get one for our wedding gift (getting married on Halloween this year)... :D

Micki said...

The painting is gorgeous, I love the guy with the blue robe and hat!!!

Micki x

dlabell said...

Hello Carmen, I would love to be entered into your Sneak Attack Giveaway!! Congrats on the new house. I always love your artwork, keep them coming.


Lirael said...

I went an had a look at your ebay auctions... but I couldn't choose LOL!
I'm a catperson and an earringaddict, so I thought I'd made my pick when I saw the black cat earrings... but then I saw the Hello kitty glass earrings and the santakitty earrings... Oh how hard life can be LOL!

Demon Doll Maker said...

This painting is to cute for words. I love it :)

Anonymous said...

I will have to come visit your place one day, it looks cool!
Oh, and if you need a new winner that would be me!!!!!! hehe :)


Stopping by to let you know I have an award at my blog for you and also your art is amazing!

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

i am now a follower!