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Friday, September 25, 2009

Todays Spooky Hollow SNEAK ATTACK WINNER IS.......

Congrats Katie! Please email me at with you
mailing address so I can send your Sneaky prize!

Folks, please watch my blog this weekend for another winner and pics of new paintings and goodies I have finished!

Oh and I got another sweet vintage Halloween blow mold I want to show you!
I also took some very creepy pictures of our old barn. It is just packed with old stuff and antiques!

So...who will our next sneak attack winner be?????

If you would like to be a Spooky HOllow Spookfest Sneak Attack contest winner all ya have to do is either follow or post to this blog!

Until the weekend then...


Oh and a ps...
My family will make fun of me for this post be I am really honestly wondering if we have a ghost in this house.
( Non ghost believers you can laugh ....NOW! ) heh
Here are a few things that are making me wonder and also when something happens I am going to keep track of it in this blog instead of a journal.
That way I can share it with you guys. that happened so far that make me wonder...

1. The Haunted Toilet? It was my first night alone in the house and I was unpacking. ( my 7 yr old was with me )
I had to use the bathroom and well....flushed lol.
I went into the kitchen and I thought I heard an old time radio show playing.
I was sure I turned something on in the bathroom causing the sound.
I went back into the bathroom and the toilet was still running but I could clearly hear a muffled mans he was on an old radio show.
I even searched for a radio and nothing.
I have a friend who is a paranormal investigater and he said that water can
make white noise that is said to help us hear spirit voices.
So did I hear a voice or the toilet running?? LOL.

2. Just minutes after that my little boy and I went into his room to unpack.
While up there we heard a LOUD bang. It sounded like someone hit a metal barrel hard.

There was nothing running that could have caused that noise. It sounded like it came from the basement. I couldnt find anything that fell or was out of place.
This happening after the Haunted Toilet actually made me feel a bit scared.

3. Our black puppy...he is about 5-6 months old? Will NOT go into the basement.
No matter what you do he will not follow not even for food or a toy.
Someone once told me that black pets are said to have a sense about spirits and things. How true this is I don't know.

4. The other night I went to bed upstairs. I was laying down for about 10 minutes and the door opened. I started calling out to my son thinking it was him being afraid of the old house. No one answered. I went downstairs and asked my husband and son if they came in the room and neither did. Ok how did the door open? When it closes it latches. Did I not close it all the way and it popped open>?

5. This has happened a few times. I swear I turn off the basement light..walk by the stair way and it is on.

6. The bangs! I hear these loud bangs that sound like they are coming from the basement and there is nothing down there to make the noise. Not the furnace, water heater, washer dryer..My son hears these too. I don't know what they are.

7. I didnt even tell my husband this one yet. Yesterday while being home alone I looked out the kitchen window towards the barn. For a brief second I thought I saw and older man standing there in a blue shirt...Checkered I think.

Bad eyes? My imagination?????
( Also right down the street is a very old cemetery)

It seems like something little happens daily. Usually after 11pm or early in the morning when it is still dark. A few mornings ago I heard a weird sound in the wall and the ceiling. It sounded like it was hailing outside but no hail.
A mouse?? squirrel?? But what go me was I heard it in the wall first and then the cat was even freaked out by it. It sounded like lots of things tapping not just one mouse or something. I can't explain that one either.

I am sure there is more but I can't think of them right now but everytime I experience something strange I will write it in the blog. I figured why not? Halloween is coming and it is kinda fun.

If we did have a ghost I would be thrilled. How strange am I ?LOL to you guys this weekend!!

Your insane blogger...hehe

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Kelly said...

I LOVE your stuff!!! I would love to win something!!!!

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

The hair on the back of my neck is standing up. Shudder!!!!! I don't know if you have a spirit or two, but I would call someone in to check it out!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Sycamore Moon do you really think? I think my friend is coming up this spring. He does want to take a look. We have the woods, greenhouses, barn and large garage..oh and house he can check out. The barn gives me a creepy feeling. I actually brought my digital recorder in there with me but I havent had time to listen yet!

Lirael said...

Congrats to Katie!

What wonderful things you make! It all looks so pretty :) The earrings... ooohhh make me drool LOL!
Unfortunately, in my country we don't have the tradition of Halloween. Some people decorate their homes with pumpkins and autum themed stuff, but no trick-or-treating and no true Nightmare-before-christmas-feeling :( I on the other hand watch that Burton movie every year at Halloween :D

Katie said...

LMAO! When I started reading your blog today, my jaw dropped...and I thought WHAT??? It's me?! Woo-who!! It's me! I am so honored to have won!! You have totally made my Day!!! :)

As for the ghosts....I'm a believer!! I grew up in Wales and had several experiences that have stayed with me! Just keep writing them down, and maybe oneday it will all make sense! Have you ever done a historical search on your house to see who all has lived there? Might come up with something interesting!!

Ok I'm off to email you!! Still can't tell you how freking happy I am:) Yeah!!!


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Katie so glad you are happy LOL!!! Will send your goodies off either tomorrow or monday morning. What you win is also a surprise so I am not tellin! I love your minis btw. I have a dollhouse mini addiction! Lirael..where are you from? Since you posted you are entered to win a sneak attack Halloween goodie! Keep watchin the blog!

Lirael said...

I'll keep watching, for sure! You have such a unique and lovely way of crafting, it's no punishment!
I'm from The Netherlands, you know the tulipcountry in Europe ;)

Beka 'n Kyle said...

I wonder what your EMF levels are around there? Also what minerals are there, any quartz, etc. The 1st house I lived in was haunted!

Tamara Dozier said...

Please add me to the list of hopefull wannawinbies. :)

Try putting a tape recorder in your basement to see if you can catch any voices or sounds. You might also ask your friend if they would be intersted in investgating your home.

I've always had spirits around me, many of the women in my family seem to as well. My poor hubbahubby still isn't use to seeing and hearing them from time to time.

Kelli Bear Haven said...

I grew up in a house that I think is haunted and nobody believes me either. Not even my mother and they same thing happened to us both. You will be laying in the bed sleeping and you hear what sounds like my dad's footsteps coming down the hall and they stop and you hollar,hey dad, are you home from work, but nobody replies. Then you open your eyes to see a tall man standing over you and then you blink and he is gone. This has happened to me and my mother but she said she must have been dreaming. My dad just laughs but I know deep down he believes me. I am like you I want to find an old victorian or civil war home that I can buy and fix up with lots of room for my husband and 2 children. I told my husband that I would not mind if we had a ghost either as long as he or she is a nice or a mischeivous ghost. My family and friends say I am so crazy but I don't care. Best Wishes and I look forward to some inside pics of your new house.