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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good news and Some Aceo pics!

First off GOOD NEWS! I think the timing is very weird. If you read my blog post about my son,
well we Got that Miracle From God as quoted by his teacher who is on medical leave...grrr..

I found out yesterday that my little boy is going to advance to 2nd GRADE! He is wonderful at math but reading is hard for him so they will put him in a special reading class and we will pick up the Tudor for him again. So Thank you GOD and Thank you goes to his NEW TEACHER who could see his gifts.

I told you the next post would be fun and scary so here are some finished ACEOS I so need to list.
My plan is to get up early tomorrow morning and list them in my ebay store.

Then I need to list some minis I made in my Etsy shop!

There is no new progress on the Haunted Doll House this week. I have been to busy with the family. Just last night Jake has his very first sleepover.

So here are some pics and God bless your Weekend!!!

All the mini candles above will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow..sunday Click here for the shop!

All the Aceo's will be listed in my Ebay Shop This Sunday! Click here for my Ebay Store!
Also all aceo's were painting with Antique German Water Colors that belonged to my Grandfather or Opa.

This one is For my Friend BOB at Planet Paranormal because he is THE GHOST OWL!

This one is done with antique German Watercolors and on watercolor Highest quality paper post card size


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! New owls! Love them Carmen!
Congrats with your Son. When did it become odd for a child to have "trouble" in a subject? I thought every child had a subject that was difficult for them. Too much is expected of kids nowadays at too early of an age. If I was growing up now, I would probably be told I had ADD. Back in the 60's they just called me a daydreamer. (actually I think I was BORED)

Codys Keepsakes said...

Wow thats great about your son....My is 17 and still has problems in certain subjects and she is pretty smart so I think every kid has a problem with at least one the artwork and keep your head always gets better. Have a fun weekend!!!