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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amazing week & New free printables!

Hey everyone! I have had one crazy amazing week over here. This past year my art has really taken off. In the past week I sold 2 large paintings and 3 fine art charm bracelets! I also got some great news that Spooky Time Jingles wants me to be one of their artists! Getting an invite from them is so exciting since they advertise their artists as the best in the USA and Canada!
So I have been working my buns off this week and after I post this I need to finish up a few paintings and work on new charm bracelets since they all sold out! I have some beautiful charm settings arriving soon. I can't wait to get my art applied to them! As soon as I have the new bracelets finished I will post some photos for you. I don't know if folks know this but if you go to my home page or anywhere with photos of my work and you see something you like you can just email me for a custom order. Folks really like picking out their favorite characters for the charms. So far Grimmy, Sir Boo alot, My owls are the top picks. Running pretty darn close are skelley and The Vampire Nostrocuteness! I also finally have my net email up and running. It is

So I better get going but here are some photos of some things I sold this week and something new!
I added a new page to my website that has some FREE printable graphics on it. There are some scrabble tile charm graphics, ouijia boards and I will be adding more weekly. You should really go check them out they are nice!

Oh and we also opened a tshirt shop! Now you can wear Grimmy, owls or the entire gang!

Have a great weekend everyone! More ghosty stories soon and also more updates on the Just about done HAUNTED DOLL HOUSE!!

Carmen aka Spooky Hollow

Shimmering Winter Painting SOLD

Skelley Clay Charm SOLD
Grimmy Aceo SOLD!
Hand Made Fine Art Charm SOLD!
Large Spooky Hollow Painting SOLD!

Altered Art Fine art charm bracelet SOLD!


theohiogirl said...

I LOVE everything you have Thank You for the Printable I LOVE OWLS`!~!!!!! If you get a chance hop over to my BLOG i have a CUPCAKE giveaway going on :) AND a few more giveaways SOON. I have Interviews and all sorts on there
let mek now if you would like me to do an Interview sometime I would LOVE to~!

Ali said...

That charm bracelet is gorgeous! I'm so pleased to hear you're business is doing well. You certainly deserve the recognition!

And thanks for the printables!

Ali @ Holiday Hollow

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Ness that would be fun! I would love to! Thank you for the nice words btw and Ali TY! You are so welcome. I hope to add more free printables weekly! I am addicted to printing stuff lol!

Marie Patterson Studio said...

Love,love,LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Welcome aboard to STJ!!!