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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 new Charm bracelets Listed! These took forever lol

Hi! Yesterday I got 2 new Spooky Hollow Character Charm bracelets done. I am making one or 2 more today. I put so much work into these you wouldnt believe. The charms alone took about a week to make. I included clay altered art pic charms and beautiful bubble cab charms in old silver and antiqued brass.
Each charm bracelet weighs about a pound lol!
You can see the listings in my Etsy Shop here

If you would like to meet the Spooky Hollow Characters please go here!

If anyone would like a custom charm braclet that would look like the ones I have pictured just give me a hollar

My email is

Oh and I also have some clay/paper mache guys I need to work on..

I have included some pics of the drying stage!

Have a great day!

The charms on this one are a big 20 mm! It is done in an aged silver and has an antique chain!

The little green ghost is Bertha lol

This bracelet is packed with lampwork beads and crystal cut glass beads, swavorski crystals!

This one is done in antiqued Brass. The main 3 charms are beautiful oxidized brass! These are really popular and I have a wonderful setting set with filigrees on the way!

I also loaded this bracelet with Clay hand made charms of my characters. The other vintage Halloween clay Charms were made by an amazing artist Cindy!

Ok this is a new Spooky Hollow Character. His name is Smeadly and he is a bed time ghost!
He is made of a light weight clay and will be hand painted and glazed.

This is a new little Spooky Hollow Character also. I don't have a name for him yet but for some reason I just had to make him a bootay! LOL! I don't know why!
He is made of paper mache and paper clay

This is salem The Vintage Halloween Kitty also made of Paper Mache and Paper clay...I need to paint and add Vintage halloween Hat and goodies!


Ali said...

Those bracelets are gorgeous. I love how whimisical they are. Your characters are characters alright!


Whimsyfolkartist said...

Ali thank you! Did I go to far with the ghost bum? lol

Ali said...

LOL! Oh no you didn't!


theohiogirl said...

WOW the braceletes are AWESOME~! and the paper guys will be sooo cute when your done~! I LOVEE your work you are way talented~!

Whimsyfolkartist said...

Ali and Ness TY so much! Ali son gave me the hardest time about the clay butt lol! He said it was rated R and he is only 7 LOL! Ness are those your little girls in your icon? SOOO CUTE!