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Sunday, June 14, 2009

True Ghost Story, " The House on Crawfordsville RD"

This morning I wrote a friend a very long letter about some of my true ghost experiences. This is part of that letter...edited some.

This is my story of "The House on Crawfordsville rd". I hope to write a more detailed version in my spare time with details I have left out so hopefully folks might want to read more. This is all true. No reason to lie..

The house we lived in before this one, "the home we bought" , I could honestly write a book about. I am going to write about it my blog soon.

We had everything there. I saw a man with a flannel shirt and a red base ball cap. I was looking up from the basement stair way and saw this man moving in a choppy weird way that is very hard to describe. It was very breif and he was gone. This is the first full blown apparition I have seen as a grown up.

My daughter was only about 9 or 10 then and she came running down the stairs horrified and sobbing saying something touched her on the leg. Then a week or so later she came crying again saying that there was a notebook just floating in her room. She said it lifted up..hovered and dropped. That day she moved out of the loft and into the spare bedroom. What is strange is that now she doesnt remember any of this happening. I wonder if she blocked it out.

One night I went to check on my son who was just about 1 or 2 then. We had a hallway( very skinny passage) that led from our bedroom to his. In the middle I did a dead halt. I honest to God felt that something was right in front me. I couldn't see it but I NEVER walked through that tiny passage again. Instead I filled it with junk lol.. That experience terrified me. I FELT someone there. In my face they were so close but I could see nothing. I will never forget that feeling. EVER.

My baby would point at the ceiling..One specific corner and look so scared. he would hide his face in our shoulders. This happened all the time. It was always the same corner of the livingroom. He would point at a high beam near the ceiling. We saw nothing but he definately was seeing something there terrified the little guy.

In the bedroom I could roll a small ball and it would roll, turn and come back and the floor was pretty level right there. We could not explain it.

We would get a horrible smell that smelled like a dead animal.
Then it would just go away.

In the kitchen of that home there was a big old well. ( The house used to be a barn )We had a sheet of marble on top of it so the kids couldnt get hurt.
The house used to be a barn of all things. I loved that house other then the scary things happening. The kitchen floor was all red bricks and rocks, the original barn floor. The well area gave me the creeps. I didnt even want to look inside it. I was happy to leave it covered.

The people who lived there before us called it the Haunted House. I didnt know this until about a month after we moved in. I asked the woman who lived there before us if anything strange happened to her there and she told me a few stories and also told me how uncomfortable she felt in the down stairs bathroom.

I got the same feeling in there. It wasnt small but you felt clostrophobic <--I know I had to spell that wrong. My daughter even had a spy kit with 3 motion detectors. One would always go off in that bathroom. We even switched them around to be sure it wasnt a defect in the toy. One night my husband woke up and said he saw his son who was spending the weekend with us walk into the bathroom. He thought it was him because of the height. He went to check on his son. No one was in the bathroom and his son was sound asleep. My husband is a huge skeptic and he still talks about that night.

One night I thought my oldest son was in the babys room.I thought I saw him just standing there looking into the crib. I was looking through that passage or hallway.
I went around to check on the baby and Casey was no where near that room. ( Notice I went around and avoided that passage. )

My friend Bob said that if he comes to Indy next year he wants us to go check it out. I know that folks who own
it so they would probably let us. We rented then and hoped to buy it ( before we realized it was haunted ) but the owners decided to hold on to the property incase they could sell it for a lot of money to folks buiding businesses.

You know what never made sense to me? The owners of the house had lived there. For some REASON they bought a SMALLER home just around the corner and moved in there and started renting this larger home with a huge beautiful yard and creek.
Makes you wonder why they would do that huh? When I asked her one day if she thought the house could be haunted she just gave me a smile and said, oh don't be silly and abruptly left ! I think they moved out because they were scared. I can't come up with any other reason to buy a smaller home just a block away with NO yard! Her husband would come to the house daily because in the back of the property he had a garage where he worked on cars. Why would he leave all that? My answer...because that House was Freaking Haunted thats why lol!

My feeling of that house was that something really bad was there. Something Demonic.
Even the bathroom in the basement gave us the creeps. For some reason ONLY THAT window would have tons of dead flys. No other window in the house had that.

I think the thing that scared me the most was the day I got this beautiful wall rosary from Italy. It is huge and it hangs in my bedroom now.

The day I got it I hung it up. Later I was sitting at my pc. My husband was sitting at his. We both heard this strange crackling sound but neither one of us commented on it.
I got up and went to my husbands computer and sat on his lap.

The minute I sat down this huge light globe crashed right where I was.
We took pics right away and there were some strange misty things in the photos. One woman said she saw a mans face.
( these pics are somewhere on my hard drive)

The really weird thing was the globe had slowly cracked all the way around in a circle. Almost like some used an exact o knife or something. The screws where still in.

Om gosh I almost forgot. My little boy had a teddy bear that recorded your voice. One day I pushed the hand and heard the scariest low growl demonic sounding voice. My husband put fresh batteries in it and it had that same voice.

It bothered me so bad I taped over it. I so regret doing that now. I also wish I would have gotten some evps there.

I need to write a book about that house. I am just not very good at writing as you can probably tell.

Do you know when I told BOB that I saw a man in that old house he asked me, " Did he have on a flannel shirt? " I was like OMG yes he did! Bob said that he doesnt know why but there are a lot of demonic cases where people see someone in a flannel shirt. That totally gave me goosebumps.
Honest To Dear God there was something bad in that house.

All I know about the home was that it was once an old horse stable or barn. It did have a fire and a dog died.
I am thinking a woman also died but not sure. I will have to do some research on that.

Now my family lives just a few miles away from that home. I passed it the other day and it was up for rent...again!

So much happened in that home...some scary things I am saving for later.

So that is just one of my true ghost stories and only part of it.

I have honestly had paranormal experiences off and on all my life. I am seriously thinking about writing them all down in a book. The problem with that Is I do not know how to write a book or even where to start.

If any of you have a true ghost story I would love to post it.

Thanks for reading and have a spooky day,

Ps...I am seriously thinking of joining a local ghost hunting group here in Indy. Just part time. If I do I will share any experiences with you that may happen.


Ali said...

I love that story! I'm not a "believer" myself, but my hubby is and he's told me about the one or two of his experiences.


halloweenspirit01 said...

Sounds Haunted to me girl! be glad you moved!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I've never had any 'encounters'...but my husband had a I'm a 'believer'.

Anonymous said...

that is just cool can i see the photos please because i know a lot about ghost. no lie

Anonymous said...

creepy i would hate to live in a house like that im so glad you moved